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This group is for people who have converted xime kochi. Let’s have all our queries and discussions about xime kochi here

how many converts?

taking admission in kochi

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Hello everyone ! Based on my chat with some of the XIME Kochi alumni, I got to know the following things: 1. Avg salary is around 6.5-7 2. Campus is good with a lot of activities going on every now and then. 3. International trip is not included in fees. 4. Mainly known for Marketing and Finance. 5. The college culture is authoritarian with 100% attendance. I am yet to receive some more feedbacks. Will post them. I urge others also to share their reviews here.

Hi I converted XIME Kochi but not too keen to take the admission. XIME Kochi is the backup option. Can somebody tell me What's the refund policy of XIME kochi.

Anyone joining XIME Kochi? Please inbox or comment here.

how is XIME KOCHI for finance ?

Hi guys anybody joining??

Has anyone paid the initial amount of 20000?

Why is this kochi group so dull?

I've the following queries. 1- Is the 20,000 refundable if we chose not to take the admission? 2- my final under graduation results won't be coming till September. They will be delayed, is there any alternative or some procedure to deal with it?

I actually converted XIME KOCHI. So if i reject this call and dont pay the 20,000rs will I be waitlisted for BANGALORE campus??

Can somebody tell me what is the total fees for Xime Kochi?

Created XIME Kochi converts group on WhatsApp by a senior. Ping on 7981315410

what is the total fee for XIME kochi including acomodation ?

What is the strength of xime kochi

Please suggest me

  • Xime kochi
  • Welingkar bangalore
  • Imi bhuvaneshwar
  • Ibs Mumbai

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how can they teach good management skills when they themselves hold poor managerial skills in terms of admission and communication? this is the only college thread in pagalguy where no current student is interested to deal with the admission dept, neither any official is their to help. Such backdateds who only relies on phone calls (most of the times they won't pickup) to communicate in this modern day. Their admission process is neither transparent nor reliable, no proper pacement report, no proper batch profile, no transparent disclosures which could be used as a reference inspite of charging a bomb 14 lakhs. Students who r willing to step into this darkness, be cautious abt ur decision ( especially those who will be opting for a bank loan). This is not any propaganda, just the perception of middle class guy who got selected for the kochi campus but won't join.

Guys i am current student from XIME... Few people are trying to spread neagitivity about the college... Colg will always be transparent in admission procedure. For other colleges you can see agents working for them.. But xime doent do that bcoz they are not worried abt batch size but they need quality students so that batch size is very less... And this year everyone got interships through college nd avg placements increased from last year... Dont follow few people words If u have any queries contact 7981315410

Any one joining xime Kochi ?