XIME GDPI discussion

This group is for all the candidates who got shortlisted for GDPI process of XIME 2017-2019 session. Please join this group and we can have a discussion about the the trending topics of GD.

Joined.. Please lets share all possible Gd topics and Pi question.. so that i helps all..

Did anybody receive call letter?

Has anyone of you applied for IFMR Chennai?

Few topics on which we can start the discussion:- 1. Is India ready to go cashless? 2. Cauvery water dispute 3. Indus treaty 4.Jalikattu Ban 5. Is banning of Pakistani artists/sportsperson justified? 6. Uniform civil code

Lets start everyone

Topic 1- is india ready to go cashless??

Anyone can start

Just FYI, there's a good chance that some groups may get topics/questions based on the recent board room issues in Tata Sons and Infosys (Either in GD or PI), since they're very recent issues related to management. Do read up. For PI, read up about the basics of the subjects you like (Maye it be Marketing, Finance or any other). A basic question is Finance may be "What is a Repo Rate?" and a basic question in Marketing may be "What is Brand Recall?". All the best, everyone.

Hey guys.. Some of the topics which I would be preparing are : 

1. Brexit 2. Digitization 3. Surgical strikes 4. Budget 2017 5. Demonization 6. Trump effect 7. Education system 8. Jalikattu 9. Iron Sharmila 10. TN politics 11. Cashless economy 12. Capitalism Vs Socialism 13. JNU / Gurmehar Kaur incidents 14. GST effect

Due to job, I may not be able to participate but those who can please participate.. It will help us all !! 

Hydro Carbon Extraction Issue in Neduvasal, Tamilnadu (ONGC vs Farmers and Politicians). This hasn't become a National News yet, but it is on the verge of breaking into a mass state-wide protest like the Jallikattu one. Please follow the updates in NDTV.

anyone here attending the GDPI process in chennai on march 5th? 


An open letter

Dear Proffessor Philip,

Usually, one would write an Open Letter to someone, but as you know, at XIME, nothing is open. Everything is closed, locked up, and has a time-restriction.Allow me to introduce myself. I am one of your students in Batch 18 at XIME. I am not revealing my name because like most of the people here, I too am scared of what would happen to me if I spoke what was on my mind. So I am taking the coward’s way out by writing this letter anonymously to you.I am writing this letter because I am really fed up of the many impractical restrictions that we students face at XIME. One of the first things that you say in your brochure is that you want XIME to become one among the top 20 B-Schools in the country. Allow me to politely point out that this will never happen given the current lives students have at XIME. You might make any changes in the campus, you might build many more XIMEs in many more cities, but until you provide a pleasing environment to the students XIME will not be among those top 20 B-Schools. And please don’t point out those magazines in which XIME is already among the top 20 B-Schools. All of us know those ranks are completely unreliable and false. Leave alone being among the top 20, most people in India do not even know that XIME exists.Forgive my blunt and rough English; I am not so good at it. But I want to write some things that I am sure a lot of students in my batch want to tell you, but do not know how to tell you without risking themselves.But before I start my list, please let me point out that your dream is in the danger of crumbling. Some people are saying that the cut-off for new candidates this year is just 60 percentile. When I applied to XIME in 2015 for batch 17, I was not even shortlisted due to my low percentile. Then in 2016 you reduced the cut-off and I got in. Now the cut-off is getting even lower. Does this mean you are worried about not getting enough applications to fill batch 19? That is not a good sign for a B-School which aims to be in the top 20.OK now let me make a small list of some of the problems we are facing here.Please stop treating us as school kids! You have restrictions for everything here. Restrictions about attendence, restrictions about food, restrictions about internet, restrictions about going out, restrictions about grooming styles….why do you have so many restrictions?! Let me talk about some of the restrictions that make life tough for us here.1) First, the attendance. Why are you so adamant about students having 100% attendance? I know you will say they have attendance requirements at XLRI and some of the IIMs too. But nowhere is it so meaningless. It is highly embarassing to see an attendance sheet being passed around whenever there is a meeting or event. Did you see the chaotic atmosphere that happened during XAVION when students scrambled to get their attendance marked? Was this the kind of image you wanted to create in the minds of the visitors? That was a really low point for XIME.And coming to attendance in classes – I cannot blame XIME alone for the silly requirement of attendance. This is something that a lot of B-Schools do. Yes, no faculty would be interested in teaching to an empty class. But at a postgraduate level, having compulsory attendance is unnecessary. Classes dull the mind. It’s so plain and simple. And if you want to compare with other B-Schools, XLRI has only 75% attendance requirement. IIM Bangalore has made attending classes optional. The belief over there is that “At the post-graduate level, a student is mature enough to take a decision about attendance.” We students all know that we have paid lakhs of rupees to join this course. We know the importance of attending classes. But this 100% attendance is ruining the already dull classroom experience. I wouldn’t even dream that XIME would make attending classes optional, but I hope you would at least consider reducing the mandatory attendance requirement, at least to a sensible level like 70-75%. Somedays taking a rest from classes makes us fresher to face classes the next day. But the forced classes are dulling us down.I’m not done about classes yet. There’s this extremely silly rule about not being allowed into the class if one is late by even 5 minutes. Can you guarantee that you have attended all your classes on time? Expel me if I’m wrong, but you have always been late for your classes by 3-5 minutes. Your routine is hectic, and sometimes you get a little late, right? The same happens in our case too. It’s not as if we walk in late by 30 minutes! We have already learned the lesson that being punctual is important. But we have not paid XIME lakhs of rupees to be treated like schoolkids.2) Please stop scaring away the good faculty. It’s bad enough that the students do not like XIME. But why are you making it difficult for the faculty as well? In the past two terms alone we have seen Professors Rijo, Binu and Rajendra Desai leave XIME, and all of them left only because they were unhappy with the time they had at XIME. And if I’m not wrong this has been the continuous trend since many years. Attrition happens everywhere, but at XIME it is happening at an alarming rate. Worse, the faculty who get hired in their places are usually not up to the mark. They are experienced no doubt, but not everyone can be a good teacher.3) Please scrap the “mandatory” tag from the international tour. No one really wants to go on this tour, at least not at this point of time. An additional 90,000 rupees means a lot to most of us, and we would very much like it if you did not make this tour mandatory. A few of us who had hoped that they would be spared from the tour if they did not have passports, are now running around Bangalore with tense faces, missing classes, all in an attempt to get a passport. It is very, very irritating to get a passport in such a hurry. Please make the tour optional. All of us would be much happier to spend that time with our family and friends, in India itself. There is nothing special that we would be learning from the tour in just a week. And although you might feel good to see “International tour” listed as one of the specialities in the XIME brochure, in reality it is nothing but a big headache for us.4) Please conduct placements when companies are actually looking for people. Why do we have to become leftovers after the companies recruit everyone they want in September itself? I came to XIME with the hope that I will get a decent job. But you are having placements in January, which is too late. And why do you want to conduct placements so late? Is it because you feel an additional term will boost our CGPA? Is it because you feel we will lose focus on our studies if we get jobs in September? Both of these are very weak reasons, considering the fact that our careers are at stake here.When I first came here, I was blind, but now I see the truth. XIME and all the other B-Schools, even the IIMs, are only breeding grounds for aspiring students. B-Schools don’t have any special talent to train students or teach them something. Whatever the students do, they do themselves. The only thing that B-Schools do is to attract students of some intellect and put them together in the same place, with some good facilities. The rest of the stuff is done by students themselves. They learn to network with each other, they learn to compete with each other and improve upon their strengths and weaknesses. Whatever the college does – classes and exams – does not really help us at all. No one is going to care about our CGPAs a year from now. And a candidate with a high CGPA doesn’t necessarily have to be a good student, or vice versa. Take a look at the past academic record of our batch. You will be surprised to see students with low graduate scores having a high CGPA, and people with high graduate scores struggling to barely clear the minimum GPA requirement. CGPAs do not make any sense at all. Especially not during placements. We cannot argue with some companies’ requirements of having a particular CGPA as cut-off, but an additional term will actually hurt the CGPA of most people instead of helping it. For toppers, a high CGPA will be there if there is a term less. For average students, another term might push their CGPA lower instead of higher. So postponing placements for the sake of CGPA is hurting our careers. Please don’t do this to us! The market is not too strong as it is, and such late placements will hurt our chances a lot.5) Please remove the word “Entrepreneurship” from the college’s name. It is an insult to the word to have it XIME’s name. Please come and sit in our classes for a single day. You will hear the word “placements” more than a dozen times, but you will never hear anyone mention the word “entrepreneurship”. You’re even (re)introducing some courses like Research Methodology and Information Systems in a hope that it will improve our chances at placements. Yes, most of us are interested in placements only. We want a job first so that we can clear our education loans. But we don’t want to remain like this forever. Some of us are interested in learning more about entrepreneurship. But we never have any professor talk about the subjects from that point of view. Everything is curated keeping placements in mind.Sometimes it is sickening to hear remarks which taunt us, and such remarks always end with something like “if you’re like this you will never get a placement”. Getting a job is important but not getting one isn’t the end of the world! And without a single dedicated programme for entrepreneurship, it is really a shame that XIME still has the “E” in its name.6) Please stop treating the girls like prisoners. This rule of locking up the girls after 9PM is too much. If this wasn’t India XIME would have been shut down for such a rule. How could you treat your students like this? Agreed, Bangalore is not a very safe city at night, and it is not recommended for girls to go out late at night, but why do you have to lock them up and drive away the boys from the main campus at 9? It’s not as if the students will go out every single day of the week. Most of the time, all that the students want is to spend some time with their friends. And in any case, most girls never leave the campus without one or more bodyguards. Is it really that difficult to leave the hostel open and allow the boys and girls to remain in the main campus for as long as they want to? Don’t let any girls out of the campus gate, but at least don’t restrict them to the jail-like hostel after 9PM! The hostel internet is horrible. Why can’t we do our work in the computer lab for as long as we want? In any case you have your many cameras to keep an eye on us. Please consider letting us do our work in the evening. Work groups include both boys and girls. And sometimes the work cannot be done while we are separated after 9PM. This is both ridiculous and outrageous.7) Please don’t force us to dress as per your whims and fancies. If you see someone with a beard, you question them. If you see someone bald, you question them. If you see someone with long hair, you question them. No offense, but why do you want to control the way we live our lives? We’re idiots, we’re morons, we’re unprofessional, but we like being how we want to be. Why should someone miss a class just because they have a beard? In what way is the beard stopping the student from listening to the class?! It doesn’t make XIME students look unprofessional. Some of the greatest people in the world have some of the most hideous hairstyles. Please do not worry about how we will end up when we go to our jobs. We will worry about our appearance at that time. But why should you ruin our two years of college life by trying to control the way we dress and groom ourselves? As the ex-director of IIMB you might have seen some shaggily dressed students there. The students there dress even more casually. But just because they have the IIM tag, they can get away with anything. Now you are not the director of IIMB but the “President-emertius” of XIME, although no one knows what that really means. This is your college, but that doesn’t mean you enforce silly rules upon your students. At this point let me tell you something important. Some of the students in batch 17 are really sadistic. When they were interacting with us during our admission time, they never told us about these outrageous happenings at XIME. If we had known of these before, a lot of us would never have joined XIME. I for one, would gladly leave XIME right now if you refund the entire money I’ve paid so far. Since that’s not going to happen, the only thing I can do is to write this cowardly letter to you.Things are seriously wrong at XIME. You always ask for feedback from students about the faculty. But have you ever asked for feedback about the college in general? Have you asked for suggestions about improving the college? Have you ever included yourself in the list of faculty members to be critiqued? If you did all these things you would know that the students at XIME are a troubled lot. And one can’t really blame the seniors for being sadistic, because they’ve been through a lot worse than us during their first year, all thanks to Prof.Thyagraj. You do not know how gleeful the seniors were when they announced to us the return of Prof.Thyagraj. They were happy that we would also be subjected to the same horrors that they faced during their first year.If you do not believe a single word of what I’ve said, you only have to take a look at the recent Alumni meet. With more than a thousand alumni, why did less than 20% of people respond to the invitation? Not many people really want to be associated with XIME once they get out of here. We came here to get some jobs with the strength of the Xavier brand, but to get that we have to endure two years of horror. After that most of us never want to return to this place again. And most of us will never want to recommend this place to our peers.The fact that the cut-off for the next batch has been drastically reduced is proof of the fact that you are at least partially aware of the fact that the XIME brand isfailing. People are scared to join this college. They seem interested with the brand value, but after knowing of what they have to sacrifice to get that brand name, they are going away. And the name itself does not seem to be working. One look at the placement season this time will tell this.Sir, I’m only an average student. I know that I will not have a high chance of getting a good job. But I was one of the blind students who came here believing that the college will do something special to help students like me get a job. After coming here I realised that the college wont do anything special. XIME is just like any other college, which tries it best to admit good students, and then pray that these students perform at their best, so that the college can take the credit and advertise “100% placements” for their next admission season. Some of the things I said here may be stupid, and useless. But it is fact that something is not right at XIME. Students are not at all happy with the environment here. And please don’t use the tag of “discipline” to explain all of your rules. Let me repeat that we are not school kids. We know how to be disciplined. We may look for some fun but we do not cross the line. So please fix XIME before it crumbles down gradually.I know this is not at all the manner in which to talk to you. I’m sorry – it was only the frustration speaking.Yours sincerely, A scared and frustrated student.

Seriously Very Nervous regarding GDPI!! Please suggest some good topics for Gd. mine is on 8th of march in Delhi. 

Guy just did my gdpi today am sharing my exp here I went to chennai campus at 3 PM. For the first one hour we had our certificate checking. Be sure to take a photo copy of all your certificate including work exp call letters, reliving letter and salary slips. Both original and photocopy. At 4 PM they called for batch A For their GD. The top was simple " B-schools are more Hiped than reality ". First ten min we had to write about the topic given. Then we started the GD. For the first seven min every one was allowed to share some points. After that every one was asked to conclude the topic with a few points individually. Immediately after GD one by one was called for interview. Some of them had PI for more than ten min for some related to work exp and general things. And for few it was about their education or current news. Mine was only 5 min. For me they asked only about my college and my work exp. They mentioned my backlogs in college and the reason. Then they had a few discussion between themselves and thats it for me

We have to fill the checklist form and get it printed or after getting printout we have to fill it manually? 

Do we need to carry our resume at the time of GD/PI as it is not mentioned in the call letter

What does track A stands for in gd /pi call letter...

Can anybody tell me what quetions were posted to them in pi if they showed their intrest in international business...

I hady GDPI for XISS, Ranchi yesterday. It was a good experience overall. The topic for WAT was "a quitter never wins and a winner never quits". The topic for GD was "impact of electronic media on children". Personal interview was good, basic questions were about the introduction, past academics, roles and responsibilities about the work experience. It was an healthy discussion overall. Sharing it so that, we can prepare ourselves accordingly for XIME interview.

Any fresher appear for XIME till now..?...plzz share your experience ...it is very helpful and urgently required ....TIA..

kindly share your gdpi experience at xime puys!