XIMB PGDM GDPI Experiences 2012-2014

Plz post your gd/pi experiences in the format given below. CAT/XAT Percentile: Call for: BM or HRM PROFILE: Acads: X XII Undergrad Major - GPA/%age Work-Ex (number of months): Sector : VENUE: GD Details:…

Plz post your gd/pi experiences in the format given below.

CAT/XAT Percentile:

Call for: BM or HRM

Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

Work-Ex (number of months):
Sector :


GD Details: (case based/general)
Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

PI Details:
Panel Number:
Panel Members Intro:
Any other relevant detail from your experience which you feel should be shared

Please Note that this thread will be used for posting of GDPI experiences for both BM and HRM shortlisted candidates

CAT Percentile: 98.41

X : 90.5
XII : 86.9
Undergrad Major - GPA : 8.08

Work-Ex (number of months): 4 + 18
Sector : IT + family business

VENUE: Kolkata

GD Details: (case based/general)
Topic: Totally abstract topic : in a white board there was a graph(same like heartbeat with having a straight line also . You have to discuss that
Number of Ppl present : 7 out of possible 8
Time: 4 pm
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: first 1 min to think, 5 min to discuss & 2-3 min to write. GD was good as almost everyone contributed some points & spoke at least once. No fish market.
Other Salient Details: As whether summary was asked to be written or not, Time given, and other stuff. : You have to summarize the whole topic within 2-3 min given time.

PI Details:
Slot: Same as previous
Panel Number: only 1 panel
Panel Members Intro: 3 people, don't know anything further

Panelists are P1, P2 & P3 & mine is M
P1: what is your name?
M: ...
P1: what is the meaning of that?
M: told it is the name of a tree
P1: tell me some specific things about that tree
M: told a couple of specific points.
P2 intervenes : so as per your name you are too specific. But B-schools are looking for general people. How do you justify that?
M: give some gyan
P1: if you have the option of changing your name, what it will be and why?
M: another round of bakar
P1: Are you from Orissa?
M: nop, I told WB
P1: how many districts are there in WB?
M: told
P1: are you sure?
M: yes
P1: do you know how the names north 24-parganas & south 24-parganas have come(I'm not from either of the states though)?
M: no sir I don't know
P2 was in the meantime checking my files, certificates, marksheets et al.
P1: so what are you doing?
M: family business
P1: your role?
M: told
P1: why did you left CTS early(as I worked in CTS for 4 months & then joined in family business)?
M: family problem & issues...told
P3: so in your business what are the things exactly happens?
M: told
P3: mode of transport of business goods & annual turnover over the whole?
M: told
P3: can you explain the various taxes one have to pay in different steps of business?
M: not having a clear idea on that issue, I told that
P3: so if truck is used to send goods, can you tell me what is the weight of a truck
M: no idea
P3: ok explain what is the difference between gross weight and net weight?
M: told somewhat
OK you can go now...thanks

ps :many people are asked if they have IIM calls why XIMB should take them. Also one of us is asked mathematics like derivative, limit, even-odd functions etc. He is asked one-or-two questions about sanskrit also . Some people are asked about the things they have said/written in the GD. Will add later if anything more pops up.

pps: don't forget to take one photocopy of any of the photo-id proof. U will have to submit that signed before the process starts. Also the whole process takes at max 2 hours.

ATB to everyone

some more experiences pls...


Are there only these many posts in the GD/PI experiences forum


all the best to everyone

This is the GD-PI experience of one of the candidates.Special thanks to him for providing us with the same.


7 people.Gave a skewed/zigzag graph on a board , and told us to discuss..

2 min to think.
5 mins to discuss.
2 mins to write synopsis..

I started,and then spoke two more times..GD was very gud


I was the second..Three guys P1,P2,P3..

P1- Man u have got a great smile..U look like an HR guy.Tell me about the last gal who complimented u on ur smile..

I-Sir so n so..

P1-Where is she from??


P2-Woww..U from Patna..she from North India..Great couple..

I-No no sir..she is engaged..

All of them started to laugh..

P1-Cmon..Engagements can b broken too..

P2-Ur marks in Engg not good..

I-was quiet,and smiled;then I reasoned..

P3-Tell me about Pagalguy??

I-told a little..

P1-Dont come to XIMB..We are a bad college..Go to XL..That is far better..

I-No sir..XIMB is also very gud..Gave reasons(here,there)..

P3-What is twin deficit?

I-dint know..

One/two more questions;then they asked me to leave..

INFERENCE - They may try to push u to a corner,but dont let them..Come up with good reasons and they will be happy..:)


XAT Percentile: 98

Call for: BM

X : 82.4
XII :74.8
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age : 70.6

Work-Ex (number of months): 14
Sector : IT


GD Details: (general)

Topic: Papa don't preach

Number of Ppl present : 7
Time: 11 am
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: we were given 2 min to think, 10 min to discuss and 5 min to write the summary. GD was good as there was no fish market and every one spoke atleast twice

PI Details:
Slot:6th out of 7
Panel Number:3(same as GD)
Panel Members Intro:3 people. don't know their names. the second panelist was silent throughout the interview.


Panelists are P1,P2 and P3
P3 : You have written an interesting summary in which you have written about electronic media. what do you mean by electronic media?
Me : told
P1 : But electronic media also means radio...
Me : No, I meant newer forms of electronic media like phones, tablets etc
P1 : But you have written electronic media not newer.
Me : Sorry, I made a mistake. I should have mentioned newer
P1 : How many mistakes did you make today?
Me : told
P1 : Who are the people who took part in today's strike(28th feb)?
Me : trade unions, CPI activists..
P1 : what is the symbol of CPI?
me : told
P3 : Do you believe in maoist ideology?
Me : told
P1 : who are maoists?
Me : told
P1 found my answer very funny and started laughing . he continued to laugh for the rest of my interview.
P3 : Tell me about your education profile
Me : told
P3 : Difference between electrical appliance and electronic appliance
Me : told
P3 : tell me about the working of a microwave oven
Me : couldn't explain clearly
P3 : how does a telephone work? what is it's principle?
Me : couldn't explain clearly
P3 : How many fans are there in this room?
Me : ???
P3 then told me to leave and made a curious remark. "Enjoy your life even after this". It's all in God's hands now.

MISC. : a few people in my group were also asked mathematical questions on differentiation, integration etc

VERDICT: Rejected


XAT Percentile: 98

P1 : who are maoists?
Me : told
P1 found my answer very funny and started laughing . he continued to laugh for the rest of my interview.

Would really love to hear the funny answer you gave

XAT Percentile: 94.07

Call for: BM

X : 90%
XII : 83.4%
Undergrad Major - 71.32%

Work-Ex (number of months): 14
Sector : IT

VENUE: Bangalore 29th Feb 2012

GD Details: general abstract
Topic: The picture in the rear-view mirror is clearer than in the windshield
Number of Ppl present: 8
Time: 9:00 AM
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: The overall GD was good. No fish market. Everybody had a chance to speak. I pitched in a little late, but spoke 2-3 points and finally gave the summarized.

PI Details:
Slot: 8th out of 8
Panel Number: 3(same as GD)
Panel Members Intro:
P1: Prof. S.K. Bishwal
P2: Prof. George Joseph SJ
P3: Another Professor, but don't remember him coz he was always busy on the phone

P2: Tell us about your background.
Me: Told my whole life in it....(he looked quite satisfied... P3 was looking away during the whole interview... never asked anything... talking on phone..).. told i was good at arts...

P2: Then why didn't you go for arts rather than engineering...
Me: Told...(He looked convinced):cheerio:

P1: Which is a better place Bangalore or your hometown?
Me: Answered(Gave examples to justify my answer... he looked satisfied):clap:
And that's it they thanked me and good bye
Don't know what to make of it.....:shocked::shocked:
They didn't as a single question on Acads and Current Affairs.... Nothing at all.... Even the wohle group was never asked a single question on acads...

I just don't know... Praying

Had my GD/PI today at BBSR, 29 Feb, 2:00 PM
XAT %ile :- 92.12 (Domicile)

X- 91.4%
XII - 88.3%
B.Tech - 8.76 CGPA (out of 10)
Work-Ex: 32 months in IT

We were group of 7 people, 5 guys (1 fresher, 4 work-ex), 2 gals (both freshers)

P.S.: Please carry your ID proof and a photocopy of it, you will asked to put your sign on the photocopy and submit it to the panel beforehand, who will cross-check it with your original ID.

GD Topic: If I was the Prime Minister
1 minute to think, 7 minutes to discuss, 1 minute to summarize

It went off well though at times 3,4 people were speaking at the same time. somehow felt that we were a bit short on time by the time we're asked to summarize.
I pitched in a bit late :banghead: spoke twice, made couple of points.

In the end, we were given a sheet in which we had to put in our name, XIMB ID and topic of GD and write a synopsis of the discussion.

P.S. :- guys please remember your XIMB Ids, it's not the same as XAT ID. I had to ask the professors to cross verify mine..you wouldn't wanna do that there.:nono:

PI details:

3 Professors,don't know their id, let's name them L (left), C (centre) and R (right).

My interview started and ended with R. It lasted around 10 mins.
L had moderated the whole GD process and was silent throughout, though he attended a call in between.
C was silent too but was keeping an eye on the proceedings.

Me: may I get myself in ?
R: yes, get yourself in Mr. Anshuman, sit down.
So how are you ?
Me: I'm fine sir, thank you.
R: you are fine, how come ? I'm not fine, the whole world is struggling with many issues and troubles, how come you are fine ?
Me: smiled and tried to explain
R: (not convinced) how do you maintain your fineness ?
Me: again smiled and tried to explain.
R: So tell me, who is the 1st President of India ?
Me: told
R: what is our national anthem ?
Me: Jana Gana Mana
R: who wrote it ?
Me: told (goofed up)
R: ok, then what is our national song ?
Me: (taken aback) national song ?
R: are your hearing about it for the first time ?
Me: (recollected) Vande Mataram
R: who wrote it ?
Me: goofed up again, couldn't recall....
R: which part of the country you are from ?
Me: odisha
R: how many chieft ministers Odisha has had ?
Me: (no clue whatsoever, kept mum) :splat:
R: How many districts are der in Odisha?
Me: 30
R: So you work in Infosys, then you must have heard about Nethawk, a small company here in BBSR ?
Me: yes sir
R: Tell me, if you want to set-up a company in the state and assume you have clients abroad, what will you do ?
Me: I will start with taking approval from the Govt for land
R: where ?
Me: The place where land is available cheaper and with tax exemption
R: what next will you consider?
Me: place has to support my Global Delivery Model (heard about that at Infy, TCS guys would recall too)
R: What is that ?
Me: some gyan
R: now you have successfully managed to divert me from the topic.
Me: sir, please let me explain
R: ok.. go ahead
Me: that place needs to have good connectivity, where my set-up can be operational
R: so connectivity is next thing.. what else ?
Me: (pause for abt 5 sec) then i would need technical manpower
R: if you take so long to decide what to do..somebody else will grab the piece of land
Me: smiled innocuously
Then C, who had been scribbling all along on a sheet, threw me a long hard look for about 10 seconds.. I smiled back
R: Ok Anshuman, you can go now, enjoy yourself
Me: thank you sir (made eye contact with all 3 for the last time and came out)

That's it guys, no qstns on work-ex, no Why MBA, nothing from undergrad acads, no short term-long term goals, no hobbies or interests
Verdict: overall don't know what to make of it.. fingers crossed!!

I am sure my PI experience is not going to be useful for anybody, but anyway, I thought it'd be fun to just write it down! :)

XAT Percentile : 95.83

Call for : BM

xth - 81.6%
XIIth - 84.6%
Undergraduation - MBBS (66.7%)

Work-Ex : Never worked full-time after my CRRI

VENUE: 28th February, Mount Carmel Institute of Management, Bangalore (Most of the autorickshaws in Bangalore kept off the roads on the 28th, so I was robbed blind trying to get to and fro from this place)

GD Details : General

Topic : 'Selling liquor in a Gandhian state is an anomaly'

Number of people : 5 (out of a possible eight)

Time : 1 minute for collecting our thoughts, followed by 10 minutes of discussion, followed by a 5 minute WAT (writing ability test) where we were asked to summarize the GD.

Snapshot of discussion : On the surface, it looked a very bland topic; but we could have discussed various related aspects and made it a very interesting GD. In my opinion, unfortunately, that did not happen. The discussion was along obvious lines, save for the last 2-3 minutes where one or two other aspects were looked into. As for my performance, it was really bad. I kept getting cut-off 10-15 seconds into speaking. Anyway, I made two or three brief entries late in the GD, but still wasn't allowed to complete my point. I have only myself to blame for that - I should have been aggresssive (because the other guys were. Haha, and to think if all 8 had turned up!).
My WAT piece was extremely mediocre too (I mean, not many points had been discussed in the GD, and I wasn't sure if we could add more on our own. Anyway, I added only one extra point.)

All in all, I was extremely disappointed with my performance in the GD and WAT.

PI Details:
Slot : 9 AM
Panel Number : There was just the one panel
Panel Members : Same three people as in the GD. One elderly professor(EP), one middle-aged professor(MP), and one (relatively) young professor (YP).

Interview Details : I am not going into too much of detail, as I am sure it will not be of any help to most of the people reading this.

The first question was, obviously, 'Why MBA after MBBS?'. I answered. None of them looked satisfied (this would be a recurring Expression on all of their faces throughout the interview!). The next few questions were all about how there was a scarcity of doctors in India (was he implying an excess of managers? Ha!), how the government had spent so much money in training me, how I would not be able to help people once I leave the profession, and why I was running away from my responsibility (as a newly-minted doctor, I suppose). I answered these to the best of my ability, but The Expression remained.

I was told that XIMB wouldn't teach me what I required (I had expressed an interest in public health and hospital administration). I tried to counter it.

I was asked who I thought would recruit me. I gave them examples of pharmaceutical firms which recruit from XIMB regularly. Was told they did not come looking for doctors. Told them I would probably have an advantage - anyway, my background wouldn't be a detriment!
Looked mildly satisfied (for a change!).

I was asked how I would cope with the quant-based topics of the MBA course. I answered (in hindsight, I could have answered this in a much better manner). I was asked to define a linear equation and a second-degree equation. I replied with what I thought were the answers, but The Expression stayed in place! (Later, I asked an engineer outside, and he thought my answers were more-or-less accurate. Anyway.)

And to end the interview, EP told me that my decision-making abilities were questionable. He told me that after 5&1/2 years of medical training, I had decided to shift fields - what would be the guarantee that I wouldn't do the same after 2 years at XIMB. I tried to convince them of my (honest!) intentions and motivation.

EP then asked me for my XAT score-card, looked at it and said, "Ahh, I was right. Your Quant skills are very bad, and your decision making ability is also not up to the mark" (Hey! You decided the cut-offs, not me!) I could think of nothing to say that I hadn't stated earlier. So, I kept silent.

There were no further questions, and I was given permission to leave the room. I thanked them all, and left.

I must say that they were really nice and gentle-toned throughout the interview, and tried to put me at ease. Probably as a result of that, I was composed throughout the length of the interview, and had a smile on my face most of the time, inspite of The Expression to most of my answers. All in all, the interview was a good learning experience for me, inspite of the disaster it turned out to be. (The last time I had so many teachers look so dissatisfied for so long at my answers was during my 2nd-year Parasitology viva-voce!)

My chances of converting this call are close to zero, but I am glad I attended! :)

All The Very Best to people yet to attend!

Hi Puys,

With the GD-PIs for admission into XIMB having begun in all the centers across India, I request you to post your GD-PI experiences here on this forum in the format specified in the first post. This will not only help you evaluate your own performance but will also help smoothen out the last minute jitters that the other aspirants might be having. This thread can be used for the BM and HRM GD-PIs.

I wish all of you, who have already had your GD-PIs, all the very best for the results and I hope to see you soon at XIMB! For those who are yet to have their GD-PIs, All the best to you too! We are here to help you out with any queries that you may still have. You can also contact your mentor for the same!


Abhilasha Gupta
(Media & PR Cell)

Well I told them that maoist's are people who believe in the communist ideology and belong to the communist party.:banghead: He must have thought that I was talking about CPI(Marxists) instead of CPI(Maoists).
In hindsight I should have been much more clearer and specific instead of being vague

CAT Percentile: 97.86

Call for: PGDM

X: 94.6
XII : 79.4
Undergrad Major - 8.63

Work-Ex (number of months): 17 months
Sector : IT services

The Stadel Hotel, Kolkata

GD Details:
Topic: [email protected] satisfaction
Number of Ppl present : 6 (2 dint turn up ) :clap:
Time: 9.00 a.m
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: the discussion was good according to me, chipped in thrice with decent points. GD seemed like a good start (the PI changed that feeling though)

PI Details:
Slot: 9.00 a.m
Panel Number: 3
Panel Members Intro: all three from XIMB (i guess)
Q. Oh my god ! again TCS. please we have had enuf of ppl from TCS already , y r so mny ppl desperate to leave that organisation
Before i cud answer , oh u hv dun ur engineering fom BPUT- '----' college
you have aleady spent 4 yrs f ur life in bbsr, y dun u go to some other place to study.. if you cum 2 bbsr agn, the jharkhand culture will get diluted (they burst into a big laugh after this :shocked:)
so, tell me . . have you studied anything in your college
asked a ques from 'Electro Magnetic Theory' , i was BLANK
PANEL : see i knew you had not studied anything during your college daz
what is the difference b/w the mobile keypad and comp.'s keyboard?
gave a lame answer : alpha-numeric and qwerty arrangement
panel : thank god ! u know something (grin)

you may leave now !
I think mine was a stress interview, for others yet to face their PI, please maintain your cool
good luck !

CAT Percentile: 97.86

Call for: PGDM

Do you mean to say it lasted for just 2-3 minutes? These three questions could not have taken more than 3 minutes.

It happens.. maybe the way u told all was to the point and the way the wanted it to be.. These guys are really very experienced and dont need much time to judge u..
If u were confident, i think it went very well :)
all the best..

They didn't as a single question on Acads and Current Affairs.... Nothing at all.... Even the wohle group was never asked a single question on acads...

I just don't know... Praying
It happens.. maybe the way u told all was to the point and the way the wanted it to be.. These guys are really very experienced and dont need much time to judge u..
If u were confident, i think it went very well :)
all the best..

For all those who are interested in knowing the placement status of XIMB...Here is the link for the official press release report: