"XIMB PGDM GD-PI Experiences 2013-2015: BM & HRM"

Plz post your gd/pi experiences in the format given below. CAT/XAT Percentile: Call for: BM or HRM PROFILE: Acads: X XII Undergrad Major - GPA/%age Work-Ex (number of months): Sector : VENUE: GD Details: (cā€¦

Plz post your gd/pi experiences in the format given below.

CAT/XAT Percentile:

Call for: BM or HRM

Undergrad Major - GPA/%age

Work-Ex (number of months):
Sector :


GD Details: (case based/general)
Number of Ppl present
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

PI Details:
Panel Number:
Panel Members Intro:
Any other relevant detail from your experience which you feel should be shared

Please Note that this thread will be used for posting of GDPI experiences for both BM and HRM shortlisted candidates

When is the process scheduled to start ? I mean which date

guys pls share ur experiences...who had it today....

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apart from Gd and PI, is there a WAT too to be conducted this year?

@filistine To say, WAT is not part of the process.But, we have to give a summary write up of the GD.

**Please post the general queries on the discussion page.

25th Feb 9AM batch
CAT Percentile: 95.2

X: 92
XII: 90.2
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age : 79.5%

Work-Ex (number of months): 14
Sector : Telecom

VENUE: Delhi

GD Details: (case based/general)
Topic: Rail Budget: The next leap forward
Number of Ppl present: around 8
Time: 10+5
Brief Snapshot of Discussion: It was a good discussion. Everyone got a chance to put forward their points. We were asked to write a summary in 5min. Well conducted.

PI Details:
Panel Members Intro: 3 panelists

Questions: Why not MS? When I answered P1 didn't give me a chance to finish...jumped on to next question
Difference between electrical and electronics? Again didn't let me answer and skipped to next question.
Discussion on semiconductors and Silicon in specific
What are the components of mobile? How does it work? (wasn't given a chance to explain properly)
Explain work ex and then follow up questions on that.
Speed of 3G and 4G
Panelists read through my family background and education details on my form. No personal or HR questions. No questions at all on current affairs or finance/eco.
Panelists were not letting me complete my answers and explain properly. They kept interrupting and jumping on to the next question the moment I started answering.
PI was extremely fast and a rushed process. It barely took 5-6min, not sufficient to judge a person at all.

Go through graduation subjects and domain of work-ex. My interview was completely technical, absolutely no focus on current affairs. Not much of a stress interview, panelists were not very friendly but not too strict either. Try to give short, crisp and to-the point answers because the interviews are very short and panelists didn't seem too interested in listening to answers.
Overall process got over within 2 hrs max.

All the best!

what all documents are required during the process??

@akankshachawla said:
what all documents are required during the process??
Refer this post. Please avoid general ques here šŸ˜ƒ
CAT/XAT Percentile:XAT- 85.xx (Domicile)

Call for: BM or HRM (BM)

X- 93.16
XII- 80.4
Undergrad Major - GPA/%age 7.56 (GPA)

Work-Ex (number of months): 6
Sector : Android Development

VENUE: XIMB Bhubaneswar

GD Details: (case based/general) : General
Anti Terriorism squalds should be taken away from the purview of the state governments and given to the central governments
Number of Ppl present: 7
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:

Good discussion, No fish market.

PI- I was the 5th candidate to be called. Three panelists were there. P1, P2, P3.

P1 and P3 asked all the questions. P2 remained quiet throughout.

P1- Why did you not go for IIT's after your 10th? You have good acads, you could have gone.

P1- Why did you not drop a year?

P1- Do you believe that your decisions in your 12th standard were wrong? Do you have ay regrets?

P2- What does your father do?

P2- So you grew up with your relatives?

P2- I believe you have no ambition in your life. You could have achieved IIT if you dropped a year, can crack IIMs if you drop a year. See, you will get 28 lakhs at IIM and only 12 at XIMB. Dont join us

P2-So how do you explian why XIMB is your choice?

A few more personal questions

Then was asked to leave.

I think mine was the most confusing interview of all. I was asked all personal questions and moral dilemma questions. Nothing was asked from my acads. Dunno what to make of it.

P.S. The WAT was a disaster as we were only given about 45 seconds to write in which we could write only 2 lines.

@spandanmishra do v need CV????did dey ask for it in ur case??
@gumrah nah...they didnt ask me for anything...they had everything with them

@spandanmishra Man...... you are one of those rare guys who faced "INTERESTING BUT NO ANSWER" questions..... Anyway all the best :)

CAT/XAT Percentile: CAT 95.86%
X: 88.40%
XII: 92.11%
B.Tech: 8.56 CGPA in Electronics and Telecommunication
Work-Ex (number of months): 51(34 in BSNL and 17 in TCS)
Date: 26.02.2013 9:00 AM
Venue: XIM Bhubaneswar

GD Details: (case based/general) General
Topic: MS Dhoni is a good batsman and wicket keeper but not a good captain.
Number of people present: 07
Time: 9 AM
Brief Snapshot of Discussion:There were 3 panelist and we were 07 people (1 lady). Most of us had work-ex. We're given 1 minute to think and then start. I started the discussion. It was a balanced discussion and everyone got ample opportunity to speak. It was not a fish market. Then the panelist gave a warning bell for the last minute and the lady summarized it very well. Then we're asked to summarize the topic in writing based on the discussion. Overall, everyone was satisfied with the performance.

PI Details:
Slot: 26th Feb, 9:00 AM
Panel Number: There was only one panel.
Panel Members Intro: Three gentleman
Questions: It started with my name (being STALIN). They asked me what do I know about Stalin and answers followed. The prof was satisfied I guess with my answer. Then they jumped onto my current profession (BSNL) and fired questions about today's current scenario and why it's going down. I was almost asked for 10 minutes on BSNL. Then the final question that was put to me was why did I leave TCS and join BSNL. And there is no job guarantee after MBA; would your experience in BSNL help you in getting a job. Then I said I just want to do a Masters and haven't thought on those lines. The prof was satisfied I guess. Overall I feel I have done well; but it's again up to the panelists what they think of me. FINGERS CROSSED.

MISC.: There was no misc questions.

Any other relevant detail from your experience which you feel should be shared: Be cool and don't get stressed. Freshers be ready with your academics and work-ex people need to focus on their domain knowledge.


@saish1111 didnt get what you meant....Interesting but no Answers? :P
@staaalinnn i guess u are thru ... šŸ˜ƒ all d best... :)