Active discussion for the XIC-OET


Hav u read praitk's blog. ..?

Thanks 4 invite me. ....

Can anyone help me regarding as in how they are preparing for logos, taglines and stuff for OET.

How important is your SOP in the scheme of things? Is it mentioned later in...maybe the interview process??

could you please tell me about the last date of registration for XIC OET?

Hi.. I wanted to know which books should i prefer for xic oet...my exam is on 24th april.. And what should i do to get through...

Hi! Could anyone please guide me as to how shall I prepare for OET? Besides knowing logos, taglines and stuff, what else? What to be prepared under logical and analytical questions?


Can anyone please help me out with the SOP(journalism course). A sample SOP would be of great help.

Hey is the oet and PI on the same date for adma?

Who all are applying for PR course?

Who all had their exams today?

Is oet and pi on the same date for PR? Also, who all had their exams today? How was it ?

Any insight from those who have already appeared for the exam this year?

Anyone from Mumbai?


Sorry, this might be a bit of a silly thing to ask about but is there any sort of a dress code? Is wearing formals an unsaid rule of sorts? Or non-blazer attire is alright as well? 


Can anyone please post their detailed interview experience/review.

Would really appreciate that.

Hi people can anyone share  their XIC OET 2016 experience please My exam is scheduled on 8th May 

Hey! Those who attemped OET, can you share the subjective questions?