xat previous years papers thread

All the members are requested to agree on doing a common mock/previous year test each day. Scores,strategies, questions etc would be discussed on a daily basis. ATB!!

Lets discuss one previous year paper/mock here on a daily/alternate day basis starting from 21st december... what say?

@himanshuk15  @purvijain  @debasiscat2013  @chinki93   guys come here to discuss XAT last year papers which we attempt as mock..we will discuss scores,questions and tips to improve

so guys..on 21st we discuss XAT 2008 scores ..is it fine??

sorry guys, m late. Anyways 21st-XAT 2008, have made a note of it.

Are u giving it in timed format or just like practice paper(without time) ?


20-xat 05 21 - xat 06 22-xat07 23-xat08 24- xat09 25- xat 10 26-xat11 27-xat 12 28-xat13 29-xat14 30-xat15 31, 1 and 2 any three good mocks, everyone agrees?

Haila, yahan pe to bahut janta h.... 😃 😃

@pulkit_malik Can you rename the thread as Xat Previous Year Paper Discussion 2015? Will be easier.

Joinging in from chennai ! Bhai log please give me company. Didnt find anyone in Chennai yet who is serious about XLRI and ,therefore, XAT 😞

Hello friends. Done with SNAP now. Onto XAT! One quick question: What is the most trustworthy source for past XAT papers?

Solved XAT 2009? Anyone?

XAT 2008 score discussion karna hai ?? btw maine XAt 2009 bhi kar liya as mock today... if anyone wants we can discuss XAT 2009 today..

hello guys, which paper is decided for today? and guys where can i get most authentic solutions for xat papers?

XAT 2009 attempted as mock score... my scores Quant: 10.75.. Decision making :  14... and Verbal  8..00 ... overall  32.75....  :(....    verbal main did many questions wrong in haste.. attempted 21 with 11 wrong.....    @pulkit_malik  bro u attempted XAT 2009 as mock ?? if yes then can u please suggest how to improve the score...

Just attempted XAT 2010. My score: Verbal: 18.25 Quant/DI: 8, DMLR- 4.5! 😞 . Lagta toh nhi ho payega XAT mey bhi kuch. I find English of XAT relatively easy. But i'm really struggling in ARDM. Any advise would be really appreciated.

XAT 2011..dene se achha hai mat do 😐

QA 16.0 😞

VA 16.50 😞

Easily the toughest paper so far 😐

I'm giving the previous year papers as per the time limit for each (minus 7-8 mins for not filling the OMR). I have a few doubts (particularly in DM) in some of these papers. If anybody has attempted these papers, we can discuss. Let me know.

My scores have been -

2015: OA = 28 (QA 10.5, DM 8, VA 9.5)

2014: OA = 32 (QA 11.5, DM 10, VA 10.5)

2013: OA = 37 (QA 15.5, DM 12.25, VA 9.25)

2012: OA = 39 (QA 12, DM 10, VA 17)

2009: OA = 34 (QA 14, DM 9.75, VA 10.25)

2008: OA = 43 (QA 20.5, DM 14.5, VA 8)

Those of you who are giving mocks of coaching institutes, which one would you suggest among these - CL, IMS (old 5 or new 2 or both), Oliveboard? I saw a fair amount of repetition in QA/DM Qs in some of the old pattern IMS mocks and hence wanted to know which ones are good (having the least repetition). Thanks!

isn't xat 2013 decision mking answers the most controversial? :?