XAT GK Preparation/Discussion

With less than a week remaining for XAT, here are some mock GK questions you could try out...

Keep posting more of such questions please!


International Anti-Corruption day is on

  • December 9
  • December 7
  • December 6
  • December 8

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  John Glenn recently died at the age of 95. Who was he?

  • First American to fly in space
  • First American to go to Mars
  • First American to go to the Moon
  • None of the above

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Union Government launched Stanpan Suraksha mobile app to promote 

  • breast feeding
  • none of the above
  • child protection
  • child adoption

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Who has been appointed as the new director of Nehru Memorial Museum and Library?

  • Shakti Sinha
  • M L Mehta
  • Mahesh Rangarajan
  • Bhanu Singh

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Which short film won the first prize at the Swachha Bharat Short Film Festival?

  • Sarkarmi Rathi Wado
  • Chembuku Moodindi
  • Nahna Doot
  • Murga

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How to prepare GK for SNAP 2016?


Aptitude tests are not just about doing Maths and English correctly, as much as it is about the test taking strategy. Here is this link for one-to-one strategy sessions for #SNAP by a couple of IIM Lucknow grads, and serial 99.5+%ilers. Book fast before the slots run out. It is going to be one of a kind.

P.S.: Since the slots are limited, please do not book a slot if you are not seriously interested, and won't attend the session at your appointed time.


in SNAP 2016,do i need to focus on static g.k.? as i read somehere that only last 2 years affairs are coming in snap 2016.is it true?

Any reply from the institution regarding the gurgaon fiasco on test day?

Guys does anyone remembers, how many LR que were there in the exam and what was the marking scheme for that ??... Because I read somewhere thr were 30 que of 2 marks each... But what I remember is tht thr were 40 que with 1 mark each

Does GK in XAT has negative marking? I checked instructions, which says only about first three section of part-1. Nothing is mentioned about part-2's GK...

How are people concluding the fact that there is no negative marking in XAT GK when there are no official instructions ?

  XAT 2017 answer key available at https://goo.gl/xHhdbf  

i just saw XAT 2017 exam analysis here http://www.edmyt.com/cat/xat2017examanalysis.html - seems legit

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