XAT Error : please select valid .jpg photo

Hi guys,

I Am getting error while uploading photo and signature while applying for XAT 2015.

error : please select valid .jpg photo

Hi have tried to upload photo and signature in XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test) by using various methods. However, none help. Can anyone help me. Below are the methods that I have already tried:

(All the photos were in JPG/JPEG format)

both photo and Signature for XAT for were under 50KB and in JPEG/JPG Format

Photo was below 50 Kb and Sign was below 20 Kb.

Multiple combinations of Photo being in 45 Kb, 42 Kb, 35 Kb, 30 Kb and 25 Kb AND Sign being in 45 Kb, 40 Kb, 35 Kb, 30 Kb, 35 Kb, 30 Kb, 25 Kb, 18 Kb BUT None Work.

I am in stress not what what will work !!

I have also tried multiple resolutions along with different sizes making sure that all were under 50 Kb.

Kindly help me ........ !!