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Best mock test series for XAT 2020?

How can we prep for varc section of xat as it has got poems and out of the world vocab. please suggest a legit way.

Cat ke fuckup ke baad let's begin for XAT

Suggestion for DM: Practice the last 10 years papers. See how they expect the answer to be and attempt using that logic.

I got 16 out of 17 right in 2019 XAT. 99.26 percentile overall.

I am targeting PGDM general management from XLRI as I have 8 years of experience. Can someone help me understand what cut off is safe to get admission there. Also, is it better than exec. MBA of SP Jain. Thanks

Hey guys, Now that CAT is done and dusted, the next big thing you can aim for is XAT. Shoot for any queries related to the process, pre-admission, life at XL etc. :) - Ronit Ray XLRI BM '19-'21

From where can i refer dm questions? Thanks in advance

Is there any DM book by IMS?

A senior asked me to refer that but can't find it.

DM Q You are the SDM of your city and you are faced with a peculiar problem. Winters are approaching and at the same time, you are supposed to clear the slum which is situated right at the periphery of the city. City residents who live nearby have complained of the sanitation and cleanliness challenges posed by the slum-dwellers and want them to be evicted. On the other hand, the slum dwellers are requesting that they won’t be able to change homes in the middle of harsh winters and also it will be tough for their children to relocate in the middle of the academic year. They wish to continue to stay in the same location for another 3 months. The residents allege that this is a move by the slum dwellers in order to stay put and not move. What should you do in the given case? 1)You should ask the slum dwellers to move. 2)You should allow the slum dwellers to stay in the winter months. 3)You should introduce a cleanliness drive in the area and ask those slum dwellers to leave immediately who do not follow the instruction. 4)You should try partial transfer of slum residents and shift some of the dwellers to permanent low income housing (depending upon availability). 5)Both 3 and 4 Ans : 5 . My doubt is that if we implement 4 that still can be an impediment to their children's schooling right ? Thoughts ?

Are there any DM workshops or seminars happening online or in Bangalore?

Best test series for XAT in the market?

XAT 2019 QP! available with Anyone ?

Hello people!! Now that we have only 1 month left to prepare for XAT, we have articles specially curated on how to approach XAT and the various sources you can refer to. Please have a look to form your strategy. This one is for quantitative aptitude -one of the toughest sections of XAT https://insideiim.com/xat-2020-quant-review?src=NikitaTayal

GMAT OG CR is good enough for XAT DM? If so practising GMAT OG would do for XAT Verbal ?

Can somebody help in this?

Where can I find official answer keys for previous paper? Every coaching has a different key for DM. 

I can find the papers on official website. But not the key.

So 95 percentile in XAT 2019 was at 35 marks and 99 at around 41. What was the reason for such high cutoffs ? As the institutes were predicting max 30 for 95. Was it the DM section which had some similar sets to past years ? Or was it an easy VA or QA ? QA cutoff was 12.5, for 90 percentile ,the cutoff for BM. Ppl who took XAT 2019 please elaborate.

Guys any reviews about DM1000 Giving xat for the first time and DM is alien to me! Also if someone can tell me how to prepare for DM on their own.

Hello people!! XAT is now less then a month away. For those who performed well in CAT, great!! But for the one who are not satisfied with their performance on the D-Day, XAT presents a chance to redeem yourself and be on the way to premier institutes like XLRI and SP Jain. XAT, being the mother of all MBA exams brings separate challenges for the engineers as well as non engineers. I have tried to cover all the points and formulate strategies for both the groups in this article. Read to get to know crucial points and resources to study from. P.s. XAT 99.139 percentile and XLRI-HR convert https://insideiim.com/strategies-to-crack-xat-by-xat-99-139-percentiler