XAT 2017 Verbal Ability Preparation Group

Hi all,

This group is specifically created to practise the verbal ability section. Feel free to post VA+LR questions here for healthy discussions and solutions.

P.S- It would be great if you mention the source of questions and the OA.

@akashmohan @Apjoshua64 : The pitch is all yours. Please inaugrate.

Plz explain

Please advice how to prepare for xat VA?

http://imgur.com/a/oYEy5   ( @jmd_zoltan )

A must read pdf (2 -3 marks ayega ye pakka)


any good source to pratice CR questions?

Is anyone , willing to share Xat mocks .I am ready to pay some token amount. With just a few days left I am not willing to pay for the entire course . If anyone interested, please PM me . Area : Kolkata.

Mitron! Please proceed to this Question only if you have taken OMET10017004 by TIME or do not intend to take it near future-

Fact Inference Judgement is here to haunt you back! 😂 

Fact - a known matter of direct observation, or an existing reality or something known to be true

Judgement - an opinion or estimate or anticipation of common sense or intention

Inference - logical conclusion or deduction about something based on knowledge of facts.

(1) With the gradual and continuing fall in air traffic, domestic airlines in the country seem to have hit the rough patch.

(2) As an instance of cartelisation, the domestic airlines have together gone in for a fare hike

(3) It is unfortunate that private airlines have chosen to push up the fares even as the price of Avaition Turbine fuel dropped sharply over the past months.

(4) The data provided by Directorate General of Civil Aviation shows that domestic traffic in january this year was down by 14.65% compared to what it was in the same month last year.

Post your answers below in comments.

XAT 2010 verbal section:

Total questions: 31

Correct: 12

Wrong: 12

Marks Obtained: 9 (didn't take -0.05 into consideration) kya karing mitro?

Plz provide the reasoning behind ur answer as I don't have the OA

In 1998 more citizens from the country of Monrovia migrated from Monrovia to neighboring Abstania than during any prior year. In 1998 the number of reported violent crimes in Abstania increased dramatically over 1997. The unavoidable conclusion is that Monrovians who migrated from Monrovia to Abstania were responsible for this increase. 

Which of the following statements, if true, would most seriously weaken the claim that Monrovians were responsible for the increase in violent crime in Abstania during 1998?

  • (b) In 1998 no Monrovians migrated from either Monrovia or Abstania to any country other than Monrovia or Abstania
  • (c) In 1998 the number of unreported violent crimes in Abstania increased as well.
  • (e) Each year more violent criminals are apprehended in Abstania than in Monrovia
  • (d) In 1998 fewer Monrovians migrated from Monrovia to Abstania than from Abstania to Monrovia
  • (a) During 1998 more violent crimes were reported in Abstania than in Monrovia

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Mark Twain was responsible for many striking, mostly critical________, such as 'Always do right. That will gratify some of the people, and astonish the rest.'_________ can sometimes end up as________,but rarely someone would use them as an___________. 🙆🙆😕😯 A) epitaphs, Epitaphs, epigrams, epigraph B) epigraphs, Epigraphs, epitaphs, epigraph C) epigrams, Epitaphs, epigrams, epigraph D) epitaphs, Epitaphs, epigraphs, epigram E) epigrams, Epigrams, epigraphs, epitaph 😭😭😭😭😭😭

While the________ of the play was appealing one could help feeling that it was_________, intended to________ the awe of the audience than achieve any_________ artistic truth. A) garrulousness, gratuitous, generate, germane B) grandeur, gratuitous, garner, genuine C) grandeur, gerrymandering, garner, generic D) grandeur, gratuitous, generate, generic E) gallantry, germane, generate, genuine

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is this group still active