XAT-Pack : Verbal, Quant, DM, GK-Essay discussion thread for XAT-2016.

1 month to go. 



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some books or pdfs to solve DM questions apart from previous year papers?

guys last year DEcision making questions post karo

In quad ABCD, BC=10 CD=14, AD=12 & angle CBA = BAD = 60. if AB = a+rtb where a nd b are positive integers, find the value of A+B ?

If a, b , c ,d are four different positive integers selected from 1 to 25, the highest possible value of  [a+b+c+d] / [a+b+c-d] ?


Can anyone please tell how and what should I prepare for XAT in the next one month? Exam strategies, preparation strategies, GK, Decision making etc.... Basically anything and everything needed to be done to compete in the exam.....

Do we get extra sheets for rough work in XAT like we get in CAT ??

What will be the time duration of XAT2016 paper? Will it be 3hrs or 3.5 hrs? 

Which of the following is a good book for previous year XAT papers (in terms of the quality of solutions):

1. XAT solved papers by Gautam Puri

2. Jabbling the XAT by R.K.Jha (Arihant)

3. Target XAT by Disha Experts

In the beginning of the year 2004, a person invests some amount in a bank. In the beginning of 2007,  the accumulated interest is Rs.10,000 and in the beginning of 2010, the accumulated interest becomes 25,000 rupees. The interest rate is compounded annually  and the annual interest is fixed. Find the principal amount ?    

XAT - test pattern and how to prepare

Dear readers,

With CAT 2015 now over, many of you must be looking at other MBA entrance tests in order to increase your chances of getting selected to a top b-school. XAT, which is used by around 100 + reputed institutes including top b-schools like XLRI, SPJIMR, etc., is certainly one of the important tests that many students consider. In this article, let us quickly look at the XAT pattern and let us understand the unique aspects of preparation for this test. Do note that XAT 2016 is being held on 3rd January, 2016. The last date for registration for XAT has been extended to 10th December.

First of all, unlike CAT, NMAT, etc., XAT is a paper-pen based test. Students are required to mark their answers on an OMR sheet.

XAT consists of 2 papers - paper one with three sections, namely Verbal Ability, Decision making and Analytical Reasoning, and Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation and paper two with two sections, namely general knowledge and essay writing. The total duration of the exam is 3 hrs and 30 mins, with 3 hrs for the first paper and 30 mins for the second paper. Note that the exact number of questions in each section of XAT has not been declared so far. Last year, Verbal Ability had 28 questions, Decision making and Analytical Reasoning had 23, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation had 33 and GK had 30 questions. Each question carried one mark for a correct answer and 0.25 marks for incorrect answers.

Now that you know the XAT pattern, you can identify the key areas that your preparation for this test should focus on.

First of all, you must attempt some paper-pen mock tests so that you are familiar with marking answers on an OMR sheet. Secondly, start working on the Decision Making portion. For this, you should ideally start by attempting past years' XAT decision making questions. This would help you understand the exact nature of these questions. Along with this, also start working on General Knowledge and do practise some essay writing. You should try writing some essays on social issues, especially issues that are in the news these days. For GK, it would be useful to cover at least the last six months' news items. Also go through important historical information. (Do note that in previous years XAT has indicated that "This section (with reference to the General Knowledge portion) will not be used for determining cut off for interview and percentile but will be included for the final selection of XLRI admission. Other Associate Institutes may also decide to use it at the time of interview and final selection.")

You should also go through the sample questions given in the official XAT bulletin at the earliest possible. This would help you quickly and accurately identify the level of difficulty, etc. that XAT has.

All the Best!

## Pointers for  decision making ## copied ## 

Typically in the decision making section you will get a scenario in which the protagonist is in a dilemma, and you are supposed to choose the best possible decision for him/her. Generally, situations will come from almost all the background, such as Manufacturing, IT, Politics etc. Hence, people having some experience in these backgrounds will definitely have an advantage. Few questions will have resemblance to current scenarios, for instance, political alliance dilemma (something similar to situation of BJP, NCP, ShivSena in Maharashtra), a few years ago there was a question which had a situation similar to TATA NANO's Singur scenario.

One thing you should remember while solving DM section is that always go with the most ethical choice! It doesn't matter whether you have an experience in the field or not, whenever you have a confusion between two choices, one giving you materialistic benefits and other being the right thing to do, without a shred of the doubt go with the option of the right thing to do! While solving question, ask yourself, "What would GOD do in this scenario?" or if you are an atheist, ask yourself, "what would Batman do in this case?"

In most of the questions, you will get an option wherein, the protagonist is not doing anything. This is the option you should out rightly reject. No action is the worst possible decision! Eliminating this option would definitely leave you with three possible options.

And the best possible way to improve yourself in the DM section is to solve as many mock papers as possible, preferably previous years' XAT papers. However, while solving, don't just understand why given answer key is correct; this may work in verbal section but in DM sectionanalyze why other three options are incorrect! What is the rationale behind not choosing other three options? This strategy will improve your understanding of DM section, and will equip you with the ability to eliminate options!


In a certain mixed school, where a special feature was made of the inculcation of good manners, they had a curious rule on assembling every morning. There were twice as many girls as boys. Every girl made a bow to every other girl, to every boy, and to the teacher. Every boy made a bow to every other boy, to every girl, and to the teacher. In all there were nine hundred bows made in that model academy every morning. Now, can you say exactly how many boys there were in the school?


the value of ((1.001001001)^(1/3)) -((1.001001)^(1/3)) is closest to


2) 10^(-6)



# revise#

What is the rightmost nonzero digit of (44!)^(44!) ?

## isko karo ##

*G U N 
P U N I 
H I P P P I 


how overall is 31?


Tamsin regularly buys her lunch at the school tuck shop. If she buys food she always buys a drink as well, but if she doesn't buy food the probability she buys a drink is 0.2. On 32% of the days Tamsin buys neither food or drink. What is the probability Tamsin doesn't buy food at the tuckshop during the day?

Matt starts a new job, with the goal of doubling his old average commission of $400. He takes a 10% commission, making commissions of $100.00, $200.00, $250.00, $700.00, and $1,000 on his first 5 sales. If Matt made two sales on the last day of the week, how much would Matt have had to sell in order to meet his goal?