Worth doing MBA from SINGAPORE INSTITUTE OF COMMERCE - Singapore ?

hi all this is my first post to forum. hope i get reply soon . i am planning to do MBA from *SINGAPORE INSTITUTE OF COMMERCE (SIC) *- Singapore… i have 3 yrs IT exp and also i have got offer letter from SIC for course… i h…

hi all

this is my first post to forum. hope i get reply soon .

i am planning to do MBA from SINGAPORE INSTITUTE OF COMMERCE (SIC) - Singapore..

i have 3 yrs IT exp and also i have got offer letter from SIC for course..

i have applied for VISA now ...

plz advise is it worth doing here or not ?

plz reply anyone ....

Is it from Victoria University?

yes its from Victoria University

go to ::Welcome to Singapore Institute of Commerce::

yes I know about it. Have you conformed whether they have placement facility this year?

The MBA programmes that command respect locally in Singapore are NUS-MBA, NTU-MBA and INSEAD-MBA; ofcourse SMU-MBA has just started this year.

THere are possibly other programs like the one you are mentioning and also there is Singapore Institute of Management etc.
These are not looked very favourably in the Singapore job market.

Just because it is a degree from Singapore, don't assume that it will be treated on par with the above.

Given the difficult Singapore job market just now, think carefully before you take up this course.
You may get a visa to study and look for a job after completing the degree; but getting a job, particularly in the currrent job market may not be that easy!

Appreciate your advise mate... But , the whole recession would not be forever.... Assuming that vp1983's MBA gets over in a year.. Things would have improved by than....

The recession is a cycle which happens every 5 years... ( Check Data List of recessions in the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia ) ... Education is a long term investment... I don't say you should not consider these factors but your decision should not be only dependent on that....

Another impoartant factor to be considered is that there is still a requirement of skilled and talented people across the globe... You can just factor that it's recession so every one will loose their jobs.

For Eg: In 1994 there was Harshad Mehta Scam.... 1997 Asian crises ( Thailand Devalued it's currency ) 2001 the Technology Buble... And now in 2008 Sub Prime Crises.. It's a cycle Guys....

Thumb Rule:
Before Analysing the losses in Short Term , Analyse the Benefits of the Long Term...

I have seen every one on the form... All ways saying it's recession Job Losses and all and blah blah...... But would this situation be forever... Think about Guys....

I think know is the best time to study Whatever you want... With the soo called recession affectig every one... There would be hardly any Hikes or Increament this year... So might as well you upgrade your skills and be ready to accept new challenges....
Also, the statistics you have indicated are about averge cycle length based on historical recessions in the last few decades.
THis recession is not like any of them according to the experts; it is being called "the great recession" by experts and nothing like this, the experts say has been seen in the last 50 years.

People don't expect any significant recovery till next year; even then recovery in employment will be much slower, particulurly in places like US, Europe and Singapore.

So, while it is true that this is not the end of the world, this may not also be the right time to venture into the great flood; may be we can come out of the Nova's Arc after we see the signs of green leaves in the pigeon's mouth.

I don't think it is such a great idea to veture to do MBA in a relatively unknown school in a small city state, which is just now going through a 10% shrinkage in its economy and is unlikely to recover till next year.

Yeah , these are the same " Stastics by the Experts who were of the opnion that the recession would not affect Asian countries and if they knew this was coming what were they doing ? Could they not prevent it from happening....

Shrinkage is happening every where.... Those countries which are affected all massive by themselves that is why their problem are big... So let's not get it that this the biggest recession in 50 years and 100 years. That is because the economies are soo big.... So the problems will be bigger...

I would like to comment only on returns perspective of doing a MBA in discussion below:-

Vishal is trying to tell that 'The sensex figures go up and down periodically' as far as historical data reveals (The cause may vary from Harshad Mehta in early 90s to the current recession)

let me ask you something Vishal.. How many people across the globe lost their jobs and living for Harshad Mehta siphoning the money from stocks? I guess merely none...But the current recession has snatched 2.6 Millions Jobs by Jan 9 2009 across the globe.. I don't know the current figure..So i hope you would realize the severity of the recession we are going through..

So while you pass out after spending 20 Lacs in ISB, which is one of the best institutes in our country comparing the US Business schools..you would already acquire a burden of 43,000 Rs per month for five years on your shoulder..

You may even land up with 8-10 Lacs Rs/annum job (which people are getting now after 4 Yrs of exp and joining ISB) or with much lower rate from what has been mentioned above or in worst scenario with no jobs (Reports like this is there)...then God save you ...

The markets are not looking good to revive at least for next 2 years..
The pay hikes will be sluggish for next five years..:p

Try to understand one thing that MBA institutes are there for making business for god sake and they are not going to reduce the course fee for the recession..

It is you who will be affected if you misjudge the situation here..Many people write articles about how MBA from good institute have changed their lives... 'you can always be good analyzer sitting in Air conditioned room in Delhi in the Month of May and explain the people sufferring outside about the benefits of an Air Conditioned room.....'

I believe it is good to hang on with the current jobs people are doing and once you see the grass in piegon's mouth,you come out from your boat..?

I go with NOTHING1954...:cheerio:

The long term return of doing MBA is absolutely unquetionable but you also need to consider if you will be save enough mangoes to eat when you will not be able to walk (i mean when you retire)... So timing is important in everything...:clap:

Education investments cannot be compared with SIP or MF investments.. It can give you a much better return .. it may not... !!!:cheerio: