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removing everything

removing everything

what do these kids do when they are under the NGO? i mean do they study or what?
if they dont mind working for 16-17 hours a day its bcoz of they have a money problem
which cannot be solved.

i think in the same incident some kids fleed from the NGO in just a day by jumping off the wall.

Could you plz give a more detailed plan of whats going to be done? how will the NGO treat the kids? Do they have the necessary infra to support such huge nos? any websites of NGOs that we could visit? etc etc


Hi All,
I would like to highlight a concern about some atrocities committed on children who are made to work in zari workshops. I have been in the areas in Mumbai where such things are going on in a large scale. Places like Kurla, Govandi, Madanpura(near Mumbai Central) are the foremost involved ih these activities. the kids are lured from their hometown mostly Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh with the promise of good work and money that would supposedly be paid to their parents back home. here in mumbai they are made to work for 16-18 hours a day(and we thought we work hard for 8 hours a day checking mails) for 6-7 days a week. With the only remuneration being given is some Rs 50-100 odd at he end of the week. This is the biggest shame on our society and its the duty of all of us to eradicate this evil from our society.

A few days a go the some 150-odd NGO collaborated with the police to raid such establishments in Madanpura area and freed some 400 odd kids. What we can do is to collaborate with these NGO's on this and help them to release such kids from the clutches of the misery that they have been thrust in to.

Considering the all of us have our own commitments towards our work and social service is not a full time job for us. we can limit our role to that of a facilitator between, contacting the NGO's and providing them with the addresses and locations of such sweat shops, anybody who can more than that is welcome. In personal capacity I can lead a minimum of 20-30 such sweat shops where 100s and 100s of kids aged 8-14 are exploited by their owners. We can prepare a comprehensive list of the NGO's that were involved in the raid and bust last week and another list of the places where the next raids should be focused and then swing in to action.

I hope all of you would show interest in this issue and would take up the cause with me.


I too got some queries regarding the same...
wat this NGO is going to do.. will they make them study...
where all this NGO's working i really dont have any idea regarding the same...
pl calrify...i m really very much interested...



didnt wanted to be insensitive but felt that thats the bitter reality why the kids are
working in the first place. You and I are priviledged to have 16-18+ years of formal
education and then earn a living but these kids are not that fortunate! thats why
the query.

anywho,thanks for the links!

Sorry to be blunt, but that is prolly one of THE most insensitive statements that I've ever come across !!! The prevalence of such social evils is, more often than not, a direct result of such insensitivity that abounds !!! Who are we to decide if their "money" problem cannot be solved..Have we given them an opportunity to decide..Or should we condemn them in this manner forever !!!

Where is the NGO, MVF situated and which all areas do they work in ? I am sorry if I missed something but I didn't understand the context of "remove everything"..can someone help?

Vipin_Singh Says
Where is the NGO, MVF situated and which all areas do they work in ? I am sorry if I missed something but I didn't understand the context of "remove everything"..can someone help? , primarily active in North Andhra Pradesh :)