WORK FROM HOME JOBS - How much are they reliable especially in terms of payment

im in my 30's, well qualified and trying to make some xtra money.

i see ads in leading newspapers. are they reliable?

what questions should i ask them before saying yes? can u suggest some dedicated websites which offer such WFH jobs?


I'm in my 30's, well qualified from Mumbai & in need of some xtra money and thinking of doing some part time

work from home

job like - data entry or recruiting or form filling etc. (please suggest if there are any more interesting WFH profiles)

I have never done this before and nor has anyone from my contacts has done this so i'm not sure how reliable this is.

I have seen ads in classifieds of TOI, mumbai mirror and job portals also and they claim that you can earn around for e.g : 80/- per page for typing, monthly you can earn upto 50k, yearly 2-5 lacs etc

Kindly advise if i can go for this and opportunities like this do pay on time and that there is no scam behind this.

  • What precautions should one take while taking up such WFH jobs?
  • What kind of questions should be asked?
  • Should we sign any stamp paper or bond kind of a clause if they demand?

I would be grateful if you can share more tips. 

i want to take up a job by coming weekend urgently.