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Hey Puys. I m working in “Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd” as Managment Trainee…nd nw i hav work experience of 5 months…I have done my Btech from IIT Roorkee(68 %) Pls tell what will be the effect of my moderate CGPA and Work experience

Hey Puys.

I m working in "Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd" as Managment Trainee..nd nw i hav work experience of 5 months..I have done my Btech from IIT Roorkee(68 %)

Pls tell what will be the effect of my moderate CGPA and Work experience

i m currently working in an accounts firm...i wil be having 1 yr experience this coming july....i m sitting for cat 13. i wish to know that next yr when i take admission in some bschool, then shud my work ex certificate be til the date just before i register for cat exam and if not then til which date??since during cat registration we hav to mention about work what if after we quit the job before cat, get the work ex certi from our employer, give the exam and still dont get thru a bschool??then we'd b losing a job and the bschool admission, right??so just tell me til which date wil my work experience certificate be of if i take admission in some bschool next yr.

Hi Puys.....After my post-graduation last year I had worked full-time as a Business Development Analyst for a period of three months with a small consulting firm (less than twenty employees) . I have my joining contract which specifies my designation and salary, however I was paid via direct bank transfer. I had to leave my job as they could not sponsor my work visa ( I was working in Europe). Because of the bleak job prospects currently without the help of MBA placement networks in India I have decided to appear for CAT now. I have a relieving-letter stating my designation, job-duration and salary, however I do not have monthly salary slips and have closed my oversees bank account.

My question, is there any point in mentioning my work-ex on the form, also will the documents that I have be considered sufficient proof if I state the same on my CV for GD-PI stage....Please help me....thank you


One of the big questions, lot of experience candidates have: MBA or MS?

Is there a thread where MBA with work experience has been explained?

Any guidance?

Thanks in advance.

Expert and senior puys mg plz help!

(This has been asked in reference to CAT 2013 exam.)

I have a query regarding work experience. I had opened a company with my brother some years back but I didn't take any salary out of it. I'm it's one of the director of the company.1.) Now, can I use it to produce it as work-ex showing work experience on the certificate signed by other director?2.) Do I need to produce any salary slip at the time of interview if I am selected for PI at any institute or is that only work-ex certificate enough?Please elaborate a bit to explain me if I can simply use the experience certificate instead of joining letters and salary slips.

Will Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in live projects (related to supply chain and logistics) at IIT would be counted as work experience for a MBA aspirant?

Hi I am 27 years old. I am B.Tech(CSE) and M.E.(CSE). I have 2 years of academic (and not industry) work experience. I am Assistant Professor in a private Engineering College. My profession requires me to do research and obtain a PhD degree which I have lately realized I am not interested in. I have keen interest in Personal Wealth Management. Read a lot of economic times and follow similar forums. I have already created a retirement portfolio for myself as I am investing in mutual funds on my own. I aim for IIMA but doubt if my profile is appropriate. Aspiring CAT 2015 after a year long of preparation. Anyone who could help me with my profile evaluation!!

Hi All....I completed my B.Tech(ECE) in 2011 will it make a wron impression in the PI as I will have more than 36 months work-ex ?? Plz help 

Hii allI have a work experience of 1.5 years in a Rig as floor men. I am btrchbtech Petroleum engineering graduate. Will my work experience considered for MBA admissions iiiniiniiiniinniiiiiniiniiiini