William and Mary: Mason School of Business 2008 Admit

Hi, I have an admit from Mason. Wanted to discuss about this college. Is there anyone planning to join this school for their 21 month MBA? I didn’t find thread for this school…so creating one…redirect me if any thread already exists…


I have an admit from Mason. Wanted to discuss about this college. Is there anyone planning to join this school for their 21 month MBA?

I didn't find thread for this school..so creating one...redirect me if any thread already exists..


I had an interview with Kathy from William & Mary on 13 Feb 08. She told me that I will get results in about two weeks time.

If I get an admit I am planning to join this school for 21 month MBA.

Can you tell me how long did you admit took after your interview and wat is your profile like and how did you interview go?


I was interviewed by Kathy on Jan 14,2008 in Mumbai. I got final decision on Feb 10, 2008.

Gmat -700
work ex- 3yrs by Aug 2008
Interview was very good.

What did u like about the school? Pls share your profile.
What are your career interests? I want to pursue consulting..what abt u?

All the best for results.. ur interview was telephonic or what? coz she interviewed me in person during her India visit..

Hi y2j_rocks,

I got an admit from William & Mary.
She interviewed me thru skype. She told me that I am the first person being interwied this way. I had a great interview. Basically I am software guy with a little experience in business development as well but I am thinking about switching careers and moving to finance as I think I can do justice to myself by moving over to finance as I have always liked playing with numbers and am very good at it.
I liked their executive partner thing and Baton fund for investment bankers.
I am seriously thinking about joinin the school just waiting for the schols.
I am also waiting for my Babcock interview in March as I rate it over W&M.;
Wat are your plans and rating of W&M.;

GMAT - 680
Work Ex - 30 months
Toefl - 107


Congrats on admit!

This is lower ranked school. Placements are okay. Yeah even i m interested in Exe. Partner and CAM thing. and waiting for scholarship info. Any idea when the decisions would be out?

Hi folks,

I also have an admit with William and Mary. Good to find a few peers. Well I would recommend joinig the Mason community on orkut for more updates from alumi's and current students.

I am looking to persue consulting myself. I have admit from Thunderbird apart from Mason. I am though confused and not sure which one would be a better offer.

I agree that the placements arent the greatest. Infact the internship prospects are worse.

Though, I heard from the folks from the current batch that the consultancy placements arent a problem but internships for those looking to do it in consultancy could be a problem.

The only thing pulling me towards T-bird is the prospect of exchange program with other good schools.

I hope to see you guys at orkut though...

Take care

All the best

Hi Guys,
This is Michael from Bangalore..
I got an admit to Mason school in the mid of Jan... Bcos of the high fee structure I had some difficulties in accepting it. Now I got some good scholarships from them. Did any of you get a scholarsip notification.
Are you guys surely joining Mason. I have an admit with Katz School(Univ of Pittsburgh) as well...
Iam quite confused...

Please pass me your numbers... I can get in touch with you people...
My number is 9886388756,


Hey Machael,

Congrats on the schol and admit.

Well I am awaiting schol's decision myself. I have admits form George Washington B-school and T-bird. I guess the one that offers the best schol/deal, is the one that would incline my decision towads them. Fingers corssed though, cause I personally am in favour of Mason. Lets see how it goes. I guess these were the first round of schol decisions, and they would be comig up with another coupld of rounds... lemme wait n watch in that case.

i recommend you to join the active community on orkut for the Mason B-school.

I am in Malaysia dude. Incae u still need my number, its 0060 16 955 1239.


Hi Guys,

Nice to see a thread for Mason business school admits. I too got admit from Mason. Yesterday i got aid decision from Mason. The schol amount is very nice. But i have to wait for decisions from IIM. We need to pay a deposit fee of 2000$(1000 for admit+1000 for schol) by April 1:sad:. IIM results will be out by April 11, so planning to postpone the payment of the fee. If i wont get any IIM, then i'll for sure join Mason.

There is an Orkut community for Mason, which has a good number of members. If you are not a member, make sure that you join that as seniors from Mason are also there to answer your queries.


Hi all,

Guys. require your help and suggestion.

This is Adhiraj. I also applied for Mason school and Kathy interviewed me in January 08 when she was on her visit to India. There she told that the results shall be out maximum by March end. In the meantime, in Feb, i received an email informing that my candidacy interests them but require some more information. This suggests that i might be on wait list. However seeing at the above blogs i find that many of you guys have already received the admission letter and also the scholarships.

my question was:
1. is it ok to opt for this school with the fees that is displayed on their website?
2. I am not willing to spend so much and can spend upto 60000 USD maximum for 2 years mba with living expense. are the fees really that high?
3. considering the current situation in USA with less jobs and ppl opting to come back to india with sliding economy of US, it is worth to do MBA in Mason now?

I hv no other calls but waiting to hear from Zicklin - Baruch (NY).

My profile:
Exp - 3 years
GMAT - 590
TOEFL - 102
Done BE in electrical and right now doing Marketing job in International business in Siemens.


Hi guys,

congrats to everyone who have got offers from the school....
i had applied to the Mason School meeting their March 1 deadline. It has been a month since then and I still haven't heard from there till date. They have mentioned it on their website that the admission decisions would be out by today i.e. April 1.

Can someone suggest as to how should I go about with the school?



You can contact Mrs Kathy Pattison ([email protected]) or Lois Fraley ([email protected]) and ask them about the admit decision. Best is to call them and find out. contact number is 757-221-2900. Kathy is a very nice person and i'm sure that she'll answer your query.

By the way, did u finish you interview?


thanks chandu, I would surely give Kathy or Lois a call. And I still haven't finished my interview!!!

I have got my interview scheduled for Apr 7th. Ms Kathy Pattison would be calling me. can anybody let me know wat kindof questions can i expect?


Hi All,
My name is Shobhit and I have received the admission long back in Feb. I have received some scholorship for 1st year of 10000$ and GA for 2nd year.
Have anyone talked with the current students about the prospects at the school? And being an international student chances of getting internship and job?
Please suggest

Hi Guys,
There is a community on orkut... Search for Mason Community...
You will get a lot of info... These questions have already been answered thr...



I am Saroopya from Mumbai currently in US on H1.
I also have got an admit from Mason School Of Business.
I needed to know how to go about with the I-20 & financial docs..

- Saroopya

Hi Saroopya,

Congrats for getting admission to Mason. I dont know the procedure of converting H1 to F-1. But there is a group at Orkut http://www.orkut.co.in/Community.aspx?cmm=28581275 where you can get guidance from the seniors. From the past threads which i'm following, there was a guy who is in the similar situation, he is in US with L1 status and planning to change it to F-1. You can contact him at http://www.orkut.co.in/Profile.aspx?uid=17282804180143282666 .
Otherwise you can contact Reves center, WIilliam and Mary for further information

Hope this may help you


Thanks a lot for the information... The info on orkut is really helpful...