Will be taking GMAT on 20th april....Last minutes tips need

Hey puys, Hey moderators i know there might be similar threads in the forum…but i needed my own thread…please dont close this thread before 20th April I have my GMAT scheduled on 20th of April. I have given 6 Manhattan online test(wh…

Hey puys,

Hey moderators i know there might be similar threads in the forum...but i needed my own thread...please dont close this thread before 20th April

I have my GMAT scheduled on 20th of April. I have given 6 Manhattan online test(which i got access when i bought the Manhattan SC book)..The maximum score that i could manage on those test was 660( q49 v32) with 2 months of preparation..

I have to take the GMAT prep test(i was suppose to take one of them this weekend but I fell prey to viral and it ruined my plans) ..will be taking soon..

Please give your valuable advice on how to reach the elusive score of 700+ ..

Also i have not done much preparation in AWA and my writting skills are not so good...so please give me tips on AWA where to study sample AWA from....I have planned to give two dedicated days to AWA in these 2 weeks that i am left with....


Can you pls brief on how was your preparation so far so that it would be helpful to anyone to guide you in the right direction.

My call on this would be:

1) Take as many tests as possible. Seems that you are OK with quant and facing a problem with verbal, as in most of the cases.
2) Now try to identify your weak areas. Was it RC or SC or CR..Doesn't matter...whatever it is...but you have to start working on your mistakes.Why you failed marking it right? What is the underlying principle? And how can you overcome that when you encounter such a question again? This is all you need to do about your mistakes. Write up all your learning in a book or a document, and keep it for the last day reference. This will not only add value to your prep, but also boosts your morale

3) Do not strain yourself much.Carry on your preparation in a cool and composed manner. Do not try to panic and rush through things. This was one good mistake an MBA cannot do.

4) Do not worry about the score..whether it is 600,700 or 800...just worry about your mistakes and the way you take up to rectify them next time.I still remember my friend's words - when you start aiming for a score, you are bound to score lower than that...so don't think about it. The only thing you can do is...give it the best of your shots !!

5) And a good quote which i read in PG itself...(i don't remember where..but thanks to the writer)
a. Focus on first 10 Questions,
b. Find your weakness and spend more time on those questions.
c. Stay calm GMAT is not end of the world, Brad Pitt never wrote GMAT.
All the best !!

Thanks Mudra!!

Yes actually i am loosing my cool as the D-day is approaching....yes i think it is to some extent due to my too much thinking abt the score...so i will stop thinking like that...

Out of these 14 days 8 days i have to work becos my leaves were not approved....so that is one more thing that is eating me...how to save those 8 days and use them for preparation.....

I want to give as many tests as possible...

As far as my preparation goes....I have referred following books and material

1) OG11
2) Manhattan SC
3) Kaplan Premier
4) free-gmat-flashcards.pdf from beat the GMAT
5) Princenton review

Most of the material i got from my friend except for Manhattan SC...


Perhaps you need to stretch your hours a bit more during these 8 days...Don't worry about the leaves. I knew people who were working till the D-day and came out with flying colors in GMAT with 700+ scores.

So, first you need to take out is the excuse for hardwork. I don't mean that you aren't, but convert every possible pebble in your path to fire your desire to excel well on the D-Day.

Taking more tests will help you actually to get relieved of the D-day pressure. So plan to take as many tests as possible in these 8 days and give a 2 day solid drill down to your fundas, and again come back to write test. And if you are not scoring well than the previous test on any day, there is no need to get disheartened. Feel good that you were knowing your mistakes well before your GMAT. And don't forget to work on your mistakes.

You are going through enough material to crack a 700+.
OG11 - Take care of the RCs and DS sections here
Manhattan SC - Good for rules..try to apply and find them in as many questions as possible.
Kaplan Premier - PS is the best material here.
Princeton review - Don't forget to practice the PoE in this. This really works !!

I would like to see you banging up GMAT on 20th april.

If you are taking it to your heart, remember one thing - A soldier should never lose heart until he dies...

If you are ok with anything, there are a lot more things than your GMAT which can give you better satisfaction. A great GMAT score doesn't save your life from sorrows or a bad GMAT score doesn't ruin you either.

Have a cool prep !!

hey Mudragada,

My D-day has arrived...since you have taken GMAT please tell wot i have to take(as i know only passport will be required) to the test center

Please give some tips on AWA....

Sorry man !!

I was not able to check my PG for the past 4 days. Really sorry...

Hopefully by this time, you would have given your GMAT !! Hoping for the best !!

Hi Mudra

no man my worst dream came true , my GMAT was ruined.

AWA and maths went well but then when i had break in maths i had some pepsi which i had with me and that was the worst mistake of my life.After having the pepsi my brain which was at its peak after giving AWA and quant became relax and the pepsi also did somthing to my throat and in the whole verbal section i was just trying to adjust my bad throat.i felt bad since i was distrubing other candidates also..actually i was already having some problem with my throat...i should have cancelled the exam....

i got mere 620 with q48 v29.....even my quant score is less only.....