Why Executive MBA is the Right Choice for Working Professionals

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As you plan your journey to transform your career, explore the opportunities to upskill, and choose a program that will give you the best return on investment, you may be having a lot of doubts - Is this the right time to do an MBA? Should I leave my job to do an MBA or can I pursue a world-class MBA program without quitting my job? Which MBA program is the right fit for me? Will an MBA help me in my entrepreneurial journey?

Interact with the EMBA Alumni and Admissions Team to learn more about the value of an MBA in today’s competitive business landscape, and learn more about how EMBA in Product Leadership can help you accelerate your leadership journey.

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The goal of EMBA-level business education is to combine theory and practise, enabling you to fill up knowledge gaps and address some of the most critical problems facing company executives today. "Students are exposed to relevant, practical answers to problems in real-life situations.