Whitman(Syracuse) 2009

Hi, I have been offered a place in Whitman MBA Fall’2009. Anyone else for Whitman???

I have been offered a place in Whitman MBA Fall'2009.
Anyone else for Whitman?????

I've received an admit as well!
I am yet to receive an update on the Financial Aid front though!

Hi...congrats SarangDD..you can mail them at [email protected] and ask about ur financial aid.....so which other univs u hv applied....

Thanks Kunal!
I've mailed the concerned person regarding my financial aid.
The other univs, which are yet to respond to my app are Hofstra (NY) and Univ of Connecticut!

Any news on ur financial aid pkg??????

33K for first year....5K for second year...and a graduate assistantship in second year...subject to good performance in first year....
where do ya stand on the Financial aid front?

20k for the 1st yr...and a graduate assistantship in second year...subject to good performance in first year....so r u planning to join.......

As of now yes!
but still waiting for replies from the other univs....
if they offer something better...then things might change!
but as of now...YES
wat @ u?
have u applied to any more Univs?

Hey Guys,

I got an Admit. Waiting for the package.


Thats cool!

Thanks SarangDD

so r u plannin to join...or waiting for a few univs?
and if possible share ur profile as well!

Hey, sure. I just typed everything in my previous post.

The link is



So u've quite a few things on ur plate!!

hello guys !!!

I have also received admission to whitman MBA fall 2009. I have received merit schol of 33 k for first year and graduate assistantship subjected to good performance in first year.

I am thinking about joining syracuse. Please guys let me know what you think about this university for MBA..

Its a decent univ...
good for Supply Chain Mgmt!
BTW....has any one of u submited the financial docs...
I've a query on that...
The doc which needs to show that we can fund ourselve for first year, now needs to show the amount which is excluding the schol amount....Is my understanding correct?

sarangdd, I have not yet sent my financial docs.

I have the same doubt regarding the financial statement. I have mailed to syracuse regarding the same and will post here as soon as i receive reply from them.

BTW I am interested in supply chain mgmt. Are you also interested in SCM ? Which other schools have you applied to? Have you decided to join Whitman?

I've sent a mail as well to those guys....waiting for the reply!!
And as I mentioned in my earlier posts (in the same thread), I am awaiting reply from Hofstra and Connecticut!
Wud go for Hofstra (if I get an admit), only if costs arnd 8-10L lesser than Syracuse!
Nothing much to choose between Connecticut and Syracuse (Ne thoughts on this folks!!!???)
I am more towards Marketing.....
As of now....looks that may finalize Syracuse (thats the only admit I've!! )

Just received feed back from syracuse!!! The funding we need to show are excluding the scholarship award. So if syracuse requires $43,000 as first year funding and you get schol of $33,000 then you need to show funding of only $10,558.