Which MBA specialization to choose?

Which MBA specialization to choose?
MBA programs in India have been offering specializations in marketing, HR, and finance for the past several decades. With evolving technologies and resulting changes in consumption trends, there is a need for trained professionals to reconfigure business processes. This necessitated Super Specialization MBA across the globe, such as Data Analytics & Business Intelligence, E-Business, Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Sustainability Management, and Food & Agribusiness.

A Super Specialization MBA’s employment scope is significantly high as compared to the regular MBA specializations. The remuneration at the entry point starts with an average of 7.5 LPA. Further, the salary scope for an individual with a Super Specialization MBA with subsequent years of experience is substantial as the demand for such trained professionals is higher.

Prestige University offers super-specialization MBA programs that would serve to close the apparent supply and demand disparities of trained professionals.

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