What to Wear on the Day of GD/Interviews??

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Suit pehen na zaruri hai kya?

What is the dress code for Female candidates??

1. Salwar Suit also counts as formals...?

is there any temporary accomodation provided for candidates coming from different states to rest or change clothes etc before the gd/wat/pi actually starts? this is w.r.t to iim's, fms, iit-d/b. I mean, i can't really travel from bangalore to fms in suit and stand straight in line for the rounds to begin, if you get my drift.

do girls need to wear tie with coat n pant??

If you have right answers, go even in just a shirt and trouser, it won't matter. But if you don't have right answers, go in all the blazers and ties, it won't help.

For men, Is it acceptable to wear Formals without Tie and Blazers? Does it have any disadvantage?

Will this suit do? XD

what for girls?

is wearing saree fine for gd/pi?

Is a black pinstriped suit optimal?

Is wearing a suit really important? Shirt and trousers won't do?

For PI-WAT SNAP: Light blue shirt with bold-white stripes along with dark blue suit with dark blue trousers, black belt and black formal shoes (wid laces). Will that b ok? @bespoken

Is a suit an absolute necessity? would a formal shirt without a suit do?

can we take a bag ?

colour of pant and blazer should be same ?

it doesnt matter if you wear a blazer or not, but wear a smile on your face πŸ˜ƒ

Hi I am more comfortable and confident in Formal shirt and trousers and a tie. Its fine or Do I need to buy a suit or blazers ?

If all candidates wear suit /blazers and I am only with a formal attire will be negative ?

for female candidates, what are the options available fro choice of clothing? Shirt & trousers with black formal shoes or a salwar suit or a saree..right? correct me if I m wrong.

Hi guys will a suit work out without a tie ????

is it necessary to wear a tie as am uncomfortable with it...