What I've done in my life...!

You’re not a loser…! Just think hard and you’ll find that , “Yes…! I’ve done this or that”. Share that awesome experience of your life which makes you feel proud. It’s good to boast about something when you’ve done very few things…! …

You're not a loser...!
Just think hard and you'll find that , "Yes...! I've done this or that".
Share that awesome experience of your life which makes you feel proud.
It's good to boast about something when you've done very few things...!
Just kidding. This thread is all about your smallest achievement which is unknown to everyone yet.
I know my English is bad but hope you'll get the idea behind this thread.

P.S. Rules...!
1) You need to reply what you want to say , comment in this post is not strictly prohibited...!
2) Make it one liner or essay kind , i don't have an issue with it.
3) Make it original. (pata chal SRK ne twitter pe apna experience sher kiya aur agle kuchh hi minutes main wo WIDIML pe aa bhi gaya...!)
3) if you don't understand what is this thread all about , PM me I'll try my best to make you clear about topic.
4) Don't use heavy slang and abusive word. I'll delete it. Period.
5) Thread creator is GOD. mg

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I've never celebrated my B'day alone. My mom used to cook for at least 10-15 underprivileged children and give them some return gift everyone. I , my parents and my friends are so proud about it.

Once my college professor told me that "u talk so much that even a dumb person will start talking if he sits beside u" Entire class started 👏...n i was like 😲-->😍-->lookround-->mg

That statement made me proud 😁 it was more like an achievement for me 😛 still people haven't forgotten it!! mg

Aise hi ni hu BAKAR Express mg

Is this thread good enough to be on PG...?

"Never regret the things you've done in life, regret the things you didn't do when you had the chance..." 👏


Hey finally after a long struggle i have succeeded in my aim....got the job that i have been searching for yooohooo

@AshuIIMA i was about to start a thread named "My dil - My Diary" similar to this one and i found this...:)

what did i do in my life?? does it really matter?? Is it useful to anyone on this planet?? This was one of those questions which kept on provoking me till i met my junior in my university. He was from the hindi medium. A very calm, innocent and reserved person. I used to teach dance in the college and on one fine day he joined. After few days he wanted to talk to me.

He told me that he was totally worried about his Btech. He was unable to understand anything in the class and you know the characteristics of the faculty in our colleges :D...So he wanted to give up and wanted to back to his native. I asked him to be with me for 6 months and i told him that if he could not improve, he can leave the university as he wished for.

I had started preparing for MBA entrance examinations by then. had given a few aimcats too. My first aimcat %ile was 57. Second was 90 and third was 94. And my scores fluctuated between 75 to 98. I told him about this. Fortunately i could convince him for this deal 😃 and then we started our action plan. I asked him to read "The Indian Express" daily and note down the unknown words. Also i asked him to study one unit of the usual Btech subjects. He used to meet me daily at 7 pm in the evening. I used to conduct a short test on whatever he studied. He did this for a period of 3 months.

On one afternoon he ran to my room searching for me with bated breath. He was so happy that he topped in an internal exam of a subject whose lecturer is known to be the best in the whole campus. Even he beat the usual toppers. He gained confidence and started planning on his own.Eventually he cleared the 1st year examinations with 75 %.He called me up and told me when he received his degree. I understood that our experiences might help others somewhere down the line. It's just that we should be open to find the needy.

Few months back, i got a call from an unknown number. I hesitantly received the call and surprised to know that he's the one who called me up. He said "Sir, mera gate ka results aaya hain aur mera rank 2000 hain...ye acha nahin hain aur ek baar doonga... is baar coaching leke acha rank le aunga"...:)

It's a bliss to have tried and failed and it's a sin to have laughed at others' failures...

Of late i have noticed many shares on FB which says about maintaining a balance between work and family. And not to run after the monetary benefits. Yes it's partly true. But we are missing one of many facets of life. Just think for a minute : A person who is in his late 20s or above working his ass off day and night trying to earn a handsome amount of money, why is he doing that? I met a few people who had no comforts in their childhood. They didn't enjoy like the rest of the blessed ones just because of paucity of money. Now he's got a chance to earn money, not for himself but for his beloved ones so that his family might live in a comfortable life if not luxurious. His kids can have a decent education if not a world class one. It's not that he's greedy and selfish. Yes there are a few people who are completely engrossed in making huge exchequer. But in my opinion he's ambitious. This is completely my personal views not to hurt anyone. 😃

Nice thread , one quote comes to mind which I read somewhere(If anyone knew the source please pm me ) :

" Anyone can be a hero for a day , it's the everyday struggle that wears you out "

After doing long time struggle i got the Job in my field...

When we achieve something, It's permanent, it can't be changed.
But failure isn't.
We always have scope for efforts...!
Try harder.

Words Are Powerful :
Language is a powerful tool for directing and manifesting energy into form. We can change our lives in a matter of moments by changing our thoughts and the words we speak. Our words are powerful, so powerful that they create our reality. We are creating our future as we speak it! God created the Universe first through a thought and then with the spoken word, “Let there be Light”. Our internal dialogue has an enormous effect on every aspect of our lives. Consider everything you think and say to be a prayer. Our words are powerful especially when we speak with very strong emotion. We literally speak things into being. Our words can be used to build or destroy, for light or dark purposes, to build someone up or tear them down. The words we speak and hear shape our lives. It is very important for us to become aware of how we are speaking. The universe always follows our command regardless if it is negative or positive. If you are struggling with negative thoughts and feelings, words and affirmations are a great way to reprogram yourself. We are very powerful creators and speaking things into being with strong emotion brings them into manifestation much quicker. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the affirmations focus your energy on your heart and repeat them with attention, conviction and strong desire. Stating “I Am” before every statement is a very powerful command.
I AM a conscious Creator.
I AM one with God and all beings.
I AM one with the Light.
I AM a divine spark of God.
I AM beautiful.I AM magnificent.
I AM eternal.I AM full of courage.
I AM abundant.I AM grateful.
I AM aware of my thoughts, words, feelings and emotions.
I AM a high vibrational being.
I AM made from love, therefore .
I AM love.
Every morning before you get out of bed use words (with emotion) to affirm your intention for the day: “My day flows with ease and grace”
“I Am grounded, balanced, kind, peaceful and joyful”
“I ask for my highest good to always be served.”
“I exude peace, love, joy and compassion everywhere I go.”
“All of my work is done with appreciation and gratitude”
“Infinite intelligence leads and guides me in all my ways” Become aware of your words. When you recognize you have stated something negative immediately say something positive to counteract your negative creation...

Everything is possible if you think positive about it.

Ye thread kab Bna 😍 Koi Light dalega Thodi se rolleyes

Because of my low grad score I was not allowed to attend campus of very good companies. But on this day I got the chance to prove my self for the very first time. I was very much nervous though I've already decided to prepare for CAT and get a call from good B-school , and went for it.

I cleared the aptitude scoring above the cut-off. Then appeared for the Tech & HR PI. It was my very first experience for the job interview. And I gave my 100%. When I came out of the PI I don't know why but I feel proud on myself. I feel like , it's ok if I don't get this job because I've achieved something. At least I overcame the regret that I was not eligible to sit in a campus placement. Now I can focus on my CAT preparation happily.

No regrets no nothing. Feeling satisfied. 😃

I'd rather regret the things I've done than regret the things I haven't done. 👍