What do we actually expect out of MBA?

A happy hello to everyone who is reading this.

I am a MBA students at IILM University, Gurugram. Many of us believe any undergrad or postgrad we do is just for a degree or to get a good placement. But is it actually true? Do we only get a degree and a job from any college?
I enrolled myself for MBA in June 2021 thinking that I’ll get to know more strangers, polish myself, start perceiving myself in a better way, explore more, learn more and be a better and smart individual. It was quite difficult initially because we had online classes but yes I got to go to college after few months. I did everything possible. Got enrolled myself in every other activity, looked for an opportunity to take up position in societies, became a leader, tackeled different situations. I was actually living a MBA life- not only academics but also extra- curriculum.
It’s been not even half my journey and I am proud of the difference I am able to create in myself since I came to this college.

-Shivani Dhiman