Wharton n Stanford Visiting Bangalore in Oct 2004

Hey people im relatively new to this website… Im not sure if all of u are aware that Stanford n Wharton are holding info sessions in bangalore on Oct 8th and 12th respectively… Im actually lookin for people who have signed up for these sessions…

Hey people im relatively new to this website.. Im not sure if all of u are aware that Stanford n Wharton are holding info sessions in bangalore on Oct 8th and 12th respectively.. Im actually lookin for people who have signed up for these sessions...Ive registered for the Wharton session.. But im too late for the Stanford one..The are full...People from bangalore..Lemme know if ur goin n ill get in touch with ya....

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Thanks for the info but I hope u have checked out a thread which just talks about Wharton reception.

hey simba

yup dude ive checked out the thread... The thing is ive registered myself already
for the session..Just wanna know if ther's anyone else out there who's attending it..

ps: my nick is long.. But dont u think its a unique.. 😃 lol

hey Thunder ,

Me 2 registered for the Wharton reception . How do i register for Stanford session dude ?


bro the stanford session is full.... they r not acceptin any more registrations.. So its too late to register. Its happening tomorrow at INFOSYS...R u attending the WHARTON session. Let me know if u r. I'll meet up with u there.
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Hi thunder ,

Im attending the Wharton Session .


HI ppl,
Well, guess its late for ppl like us to register for these sessions now. But, those of u who do make it to these events, pls post ur experiences and any gyan u may have gained on the same thread so that all of us can benefit.

Sandy A.

sure thing sandy.. Will fill u guys in on what happens at the info session.. and if there are any people in bangalore who are plannin on writin the gmat and are plannin to get into the top bschools then please get in touch with me...maybe all of us could work together and form a study circle of some sort... :)

Keep In touch people...
mail me at.. : atouchofcrypticthunder @ gmail . com

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Hey people..

This is for everyone who missed out or couldnt make it to the Wharton info session that was held at the Windsor Manor, Bangalore.

The session was sheduled to start at 7 pm. Thanks to the bangalore traffic jams i reahced the venue at exactly 7pm. The room was packed with probable MBA applicants for the 2005 - 2006 programmes, so i found that i was one of the youngest present there. Anyway the presentation began on time. We were led through the Wharton life, studies and pratically everything to do with Wharton through a slide show that was metted out with humour and preciseness by The Dean Of Admissions at Wharton. Topics regarding admissions, financing your education, life at wharton, method of teaching, alumni etc. were covered quite to my satisfaction. Questions were asked througout the presentation and they were answered by the Dean satisfactorally. Another major topic discussed was what kind of students Wharton was lookin for and how one goes about filling in the application. She, (The Dean) also explained how an applicants Application Form is evaluated at Wharton and let me tell u people it is a really really thorough process of evaluation!!!.. Im not goin into details here because then the post would get very very long.

Anyway, once the dean was done with the prsentation she handed over the stage to 2 ex alumni students who thankfully took the time to come down and address us. One of them was a successful banker who worked most part of his life abroad for banks like CITIBANK,STANDARD CHATEREDetc. and the other was an professor at IIM - Bangalore. Both gentleman spoke about their experiences at wharton and gave, us, hopefuls a little insight into what we were to expect. At this point i must tell u people that the fees at wharton are very high and thats a very big concern for all of us. The fees amount to 100,000$ approx. So since this was such a pressing issue among everyone present it was disscussed by the dean in detail.

After the alumni addressed the gathering there was a Q n A session and it ended with that. All in all i thought it was a wonderful insight into the world of Wharton and it was brilliantly presented.

I really do wish i could have added more specifics to this post but then my time restricts me. I may have missed out a couple of things too. Anybody having questions are free to post your questions and id be glad to answer them. You can also email me at "[email protected]".

Take Care!

vinodkrec did u attend the session ???

Hi guys ,

Atlast I was able to make it after I convinced my manager with some valid reasons :))
In addition to thunder's details some more gyan to all .

The Session was quite an eye opener for couple of them . They Discussed abt programs where in they offer scholarships for countries with Emerging Economy & India is of them with a clause that he/she has to come back post MBA and help in nurturing the economy of his/her country .

About the Appl process , the dean conveyed that they laid more emphasis on Work Exps invoving Leadership Stature , Letters of Reco's & shud be an early bird . Reco's were preferred from current supervisors/employers . If one is unable to obtain from current employer , they have to write the optional essay citing how getting a reco from current employer will jeopardise their career .

Abt Fin Aid , Any student admitted to Wharton will be guaranteed a Loan without the need for COLLATERAL SECURITY & the loan can be obtained after he/she arrives in USA but wharton gives the guarantee letter for the Sake of Visa Purpose . Only clause is one should get RBI pre-approval for taking loans in US .

Total fees comes around 100,000 $.

Also at the max one can expect merit based scholarships upto 10K $ per Year. Two of the alumni one having done a MBA and other Phd .

Dats all for now . Mail me @ [email protected]

Thunder : I did attend the session


I think the IIM-B guy would be Rajeev Gowda who is a Phd not an MBA. This Gowda guy is a big stud. He was the runnersup in MasterMind last to last year. He had his own start-up (CDC) and is in the board of a few other companies. To add to it is a prof in B.

I don't think anyone is going to mind the length of the post atouchofcrypticthunder (pheewwwww........). So go ahead and give ur gyaan........:)


Hi Arun ,

U r rite , This Rajeev gowda is a Phd and he is into politics now ( I think he lost elections this time ) . He is also a prof @ IIMB. He gave a pep talk abt his experiences @ Wharton .


hey thunder n vinod, thanks for the update. Wud be helpful if u cud include some more specifics abt what they had to say abt the adm process, life etc etc etc...

As long as u have the patience n energy to write it all out, nobody here'd mind long posts! :D


Okay guys..

I'll keep posting little tid bits every now and then when i get the time..Vinod I think You can help me out here..coz then topics can be covered quicker.

Okay i'll explain to you a couple of things talked about by the Dean at the info session :


The methodology of teaching at Wharton.

Unlike harvard or stanford or for that matter of fact any other B-School, the style of teaching at Wharton is quite unique. Harvard on one hand teaches through the use of CASES. Wharton on the other hand uses a 4-Tier approach which is best depicted through the help of a venn diagram. (wish i had the diagram to show it to u) The four Tier's are Classroom lectures,Case study, Simulation, Practise (if im not mistaken). Now let me expalin to u what this is. At wharton they believe in classroom training. They want and teach a student "HOW TO LEARN" instead of "WHAT TO LEARN".. Anyway, everything studied in class is then understood better through a live case study(students are given actual cases from organizations all over the world). Everything studied is then simulated and the teaching is put into practise. At wharton they dont just teach u your day to day basics but they teach you how to USE the information you learn in ur day to day business lives.
The methodology i must say is pretty revolutionary.

I must tell u at this point that they r very strict at wharton. The Dean had clearly stated "We (Wharton) will fail u and will keep failing you till you get ur basics right at pre term". This is cleraly outlined by what Rajeev Gowda stated "Gettin into Wharton is Hard but gettin out of wharton is harder" :)...

What Wharton is Lookin for in an applicant and How one should fill the application Form

Wharton are looking for people who know what they want in life and those people who have already crafted and planned a well thought out path for themselves. This is because once students enter wharton there r so many seminars .. so many talks, so many speaker sessions and so many activities for so many diverse topics, that if students have not decided what they want to do they are gonna lag behind and find it very very difficult to cope up. The Dean stated this explicitly "Wharton is not for all you guys and gals sitting here" and i believe there was alot of truth in that statement. Anyway they look at your "ACADEMIC" "PERSONAL" and CARRER life. They want to ensure that the candidates they accept have got it in them to be world leaders.

On the note of filling in the application forms here is a detailed summary :
This was a very important factor that the Dean stressed on. Inorder to fill the wharton form and do it rite,she asked everyone to PLAN!!!. The first bit of advice was to assess yourself as an individual, reflect your carrer path, your achievements, your failures. They are looking to see what ur personal and professional goals are and why uve set those goals. They test your Self Awareness... You need to be very very sure of yourself. You should be able to answer question like "What did You Do in your life" and "Why did u do it". Why an MBA.. Why an MBA from Wharton, why an MBA now? and why do u think you should invest 100,000$ in your MBA programme for yourself. They also check to see your Community Contibution. Be prpepared to answer the "SO WHAT " question. What i mean by that is when you answer the above questions the person who's readin your answers shouldnt be in the position to say "SO WHAT ??".. catch my drift??...

Well thats it for now.. I do hope this is of help to the hopeful applicants. I will put up more posts regarding the various other aspects covered such as financing your education your work experience, life at wharton etc. Any question please write to me at the email mentioned in a previous post.

Take Care people!
Lets all get into Wharton! :)

Hey guys,

I happened to attend the Delhi edition of the same tour (this monday).. Everything same as coupla ppl have posted above ..
one thing which she stressed on is ..
Wharton is the Biggest & the Oldest of the Top B schools. So, ppl who apply should see their fit in a vast community having people from almost every cross-section possible.

The event, to say the least, was organised very well (courtesy alumni Mr. Ambani)..
& hey atouchofcrypticthunder
I guess Rose is Director of Adcom .. not dean .. (if there's any difference)..
Her mail id is *****@*******.*****.*** in case u want to enquire anything else abt your chances of admit to wharton..

Lets all get into Wharton!

If I had any doubts about my chances of making it to the likes of Wharton, this evening cleared it in the most efficient manner..

Edited to remove e-mail ID. PM me in case u need to know it
hey simba

yup dude ive checked out the thread... The thing is ive registered myself already
for the session..Just wanna know if ther's anyone else out there who's attending it..

ps: my nick is long.. But dont u think its a unique.. 😃 lol

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Im back and since i have a little time on my hands im gonna give all u people a lil more information on wharton and gettin admission into a b-school abroad in general..

Okay first of all...."No im not an MBA grad"..., rather ive jus completed my Computer Engg and im currently working for an american concern in bangalore... "Planning to do an MBA??".. yes i am... and from a reputed institute, the like of wharton and stanford et al.

Well i guess its enough of me so lemme get down to some dirty info.. 😃 or so i like to call it.. :)


Okay here is a lil bit of what i had typed out to some guys who had mailed me the other day.. Some of the info might be repeated but im doin this for the benefit of all the people readin this..

* Experience

Well regarding experience... The dean said that they would even
accept students without Work Ex.... But then you cant really believe
anythin and everything she says... The problem is everyone applyin has
work ex so its gud if u have work ex... Anyways Around two - three
years of work ex should be good enough.. The thing is not the amount
of years you work, rather thw quality of your experience. Wharton
wants to know what you did during ur workin years and how you've
gained experience by working.. They will also look at how quickly
youve risen in the organisation and all the stuff that uve done
during your stint with the company. So the higher the post the more
likely you are to get in...

* Nature Of Work

Nature of Work is not really an important criteria. Wharton accepts
a lot of students from various work backgrounds. So even if ur from an
IT firm there's really no problem and it will not deter your chances
of gettin admitted into Wharton. So u dont have to worry... I would
have explained to you excatly how B-Schools recruit but time doesnt
permit me.. Maybe some other time when im free ill send you a mail..

* Educational Qualifications

Wharton accepts students who have done a three year under grad
course . They accept students with a GPA of 3.1 and above.. and the
GMAT score ranges from 660 - 760... So if u fall within this range you
have a chance for being considered not sayin that if u fall below this
score they wont consider you for admission. You must keep in mind the
average GPA of students entering wharton are 3.5 and above and the
average GMAT score of students enetering is 720 and above.. So u must
get above these score to ensure that u stand a chance...

I must stress.... The Application form filling is probably the most
important thing .... ur letters of reco must be very goood.... and
your essays must be really gud... You must sell yourself well to them
and thats what they're lookin for....

* Misc

Wharton organises so called boot camps on campus. Here teams of 10 - 20 people are sent all over the world. Your could be sent for survival training with the american army or you could be even be sent to the Artic to spend a few weeks..!!!
Climbing Kilimanjaro etc are few of the other events that take place in these boot camps.!!.. Funky and cool i thot...:)

Okay on an average the crowd gettin into B-Schools abroad are split up broadly into three categories..

* Consulting
* Finance
* Everything Else

Approx 60-65% of the people come from the first two groups, so every body else fall into the remaining category .. 😃 so now we know our odds.....

Okay Ive gotta run rite now..!! Really hungry :)... Will give u guys more gyan when i get online next time....

So Take Care People!!

ps : Im expectin a lotta Karma for this... 😃