WeSchool Mumbai/Bangaluru Case Study and Personal Interview 2016 Experience Thread

Hello Puys

This year many students were finding various difficulties regarding the WeSchool's GDPI/CSPI process, since there was no previous years GDPI  experience thread of WeSchool.

Since this year many of us attended WeSchools CDPI process, it will be really good thing from our side to share our experiences for the future WeSchool aspirant... 

And let this thread be only for sharing our CSPI experience puys and not any other query....


GD was tough as the topic was of innovative ideas about clearing out road ccongestion. I didn't have many points to speak about as I have never experienced driving and neither researched about it. PI was somewhat different cause the panels were asking me only about Retail management as i had applied for it. Not anything about the core pgdm. 

Case studies: Let think  you are working  as Manager in  Tata sky dth. bring with innovate idea for bringing new technology with current version. How can we improve product.

In PI: 

1. Tell me about your self

2. Why business design

3. Your role model

4. What is your satisfaction

5. change in technology in last 5 years

6. future plan for next 10 years

7. Tough thing to handle as Manager in marketing

8.which company or sector you want to work & Why: