Welingkar Batch 2008-2010 (PGDM/Ebiz/BD/Retail - Mumbai & Bangalore)

Hey guys, Starting a new thread for all welingkar converts! PGDM/Ebiz/Business Design/Retail Mumbai & Bangalore! Rock on!

Hey guys,
Starting a new thread for all welingkar converts!
PGDM/Ebiz/Business Design/Retail

Mumbai & Bangalore!

Rock on!

e the resyults out?

Hi Puys
I am Anand Chaturvedi
I have got through the PGDM EBiz progarmme.

Hey mbagod gud you started this thresd coz im sure all welingkar converts like me after getting through must be having some queries or other especially with the seniors.
Hey requesting some more seniors(except Shashank , we know he is already there) to join this thread too.

I have a couple of queries

1)Is there a laptop policy , wud we be getting a gud bargain on laptops if we buy them through the college.

2)Is it absolutely necessary to attend the foundation fortnight on all the days coz i am working and have a notice period of 3 months after resignation and am having some problems in being relieved from my company.

well i wud like to knw hw good is welingkar mumbai... and the business design course...


Following threads exist already:




E-Biz and retail Program-

The purpose of the thread is not too clear. Please streamline it.


Hi ,

I am Pankaj .
I got thru E-Biz programme at bangalore campus .Its good that now we have a thread for the people who have converted so that we can put fwd doubts / querries .

would anybody tell me wat is the required percentile to get the call from welingkar

Hey Guys
I have answered CET 10
Scored 92 percentile
do I stand a chance to get a call for the GD/PI stages of Welingkar(PGDM/Ebiz/BD/Retail)

I have already applied but getting anxious to know whether I stand a chance.

Guys please let me know..

please tell me about the PGDM course of welingkar is this prg is beneficial from th eplacedment point of view.
how much do we ratenthis prog as compared to regular mba course in We school.

plz reply !!!!!!!1

Hi Seniors,

In the Presentation before the PGDM GD-PI at Welingkar, the packages were claimed to be as follows.
Average :- 6.6 Lakhs (Excluding International Placement) - I had specifically asked to one of the faculties there.
Highest Domestic :- 11.06 Lakhs.
International :- 1,10,000 USD.

Seniors please confirm these figures.

Are these packages for the combination of all the PGDM courses that Welingkar offers?

Also, if someone can give the Placement Statistics for e-Bussiness plus the Highest, Lowest and Average Package.

Is it true that few students have got placements through their personal contacts?

P.S. Correct me if any of the figures that I have mentioned above vary. Thanks in advance. Most importantly, hope I'm not voilating any PGuys rules here by asking such questions. If yes, will take care in future.