Welingkar Applications CET Percentile Poll

Guysz…for all those who have applied to welingkars with their cet…plsz poll in ur percentile scores here!

Guysz...for all those who have applied to welingkars with their cet..plsz poll in ur percentile scores here!

98.03%le maharahstra open catagory

bruno Says
98.03%le maharahstra open catagory

hey dude....thanksz for the info...why dont u post ur vote mate??

i have applied thru both cat nad cet...

cat %ile = 90.03
cet %ile = 95

dunno which they will consider>??
anxiously waitin 4 da results now!


p.s.: memphesz dude.. jus chill a bit postin on multiple thrds askin ppl to vote might lead to wrath of da mods... ppl who will see this thrd will vote if they want to,.... so jus chill and wait till evening... ppl will vote..

yeah....sorry bro...ii guess the anticipation of a freakin crazy fortnight to come is killin mee!!!!

hi! cet score 105. percentile 94.87
cat 87 %
hope 2 get thru at least 2 welingkar.
may god help us all!

got this mail from welingkar right now

Dear Jay Yogesh Mehta,
Kindly mail us your CET details: CET Application Id (Eg: MB0501234), CET Score and CET Percentile along with your Welingkar Application Number only on [email protected] on or before 19th May, 2005.
Team Admissions

so guyz pls do the needful.




just checked the result.... got 90.66%tile
and CAT 87.55%tile.... what are my chances

very very dissappointed

Well....i got 110 score and 96.83 percentile....applying with only CET score...

do we have to apply to welingkars seperately...or fr tat matter to any college seperately???

hi! guys are there are any more votes left??? keep voting!