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Hi everyone, Congratz to everyone with an IIM Calcutta call. :: You have made it to the portals of one of the top B-schools in the land and ahead of you lies the short but intensively competitive journey to become part of a band of the best in…

Hi everyone,
Congratz to everyone with an IIM Calcutta call. You have made it to the portals of one of the top B-schools in the land and ahead of you lies the short but intensively competitive journey to become part of a band of the best in India - IIMCians!!!
This time we are offering a range of innovative features on our site, to help you on ur voyage to the portals of IIM C. Since almost all our activities here are co-ordinated online via our Extranet, we want to give you a taste of what it means. Shortly, a Special Section of our site meant exclusively for the people with calls will come online. It will include sections with all the info you will need as well as a host of features to enable you to interact with each other and to get your queries answered. This section will be up in a couple of days at most.

In this section , you will find information about our ever-expanding Student Exchange Programme, Summer Placements and a host of other things. We will also be putting up reports of the latest and greatest happenings on the Joka campus. In short, it will be a blast.

In the meantime, CAT Chat will also be happening regularly on our site. http://www.iimcal.ac.in/admissions/catchat.asp We will be stepping up its frequency as soon as our exams get over, by Thursday πŸ˜ƒ
You can post queries at Ask Us http://www.iimcal.ac.in/admissions/askUs.asp

Right now, you can also mail me at [email protected] for any urgent doubts. Just keep in mind, that I am a tormented soul trying to write exams..... :wink:

Well, thatz about it from IIM C for now. Keep in touch with us. Will let you know as soon as we launch our new features. Keep tuned!!! πŸ˜›


thnx ajay.....we wil surely need ur help 2 reach the zenith called IIM-C
BTW........do IIM-C also needs reference letters like IIM-B????

Nope, no such jazz! Simple form.....

Two questions from my side:

What is the typical size of a GD batch?
How many people in the interview panel and are all faculty or alumni/current students also?

1. Typical group size is abt 10
2. The GD/PI panel has 3 members...2 faculty and 1 alumnus.


hi guys

me got thru ABCL til now :)

abt IIMC ...

You have been shortlisted for Group Discussion and Personal Interview for the PGDM and PGDCM (2004-06) programs at

IIM Calcutta.


Registration No. 9320144

Program(s) PGDM and PGDCM


Date and Time(ATM) 11 April 2004 at 11 A.M.

Date and Time(GD/PI) 12 Apr 2004 at 14:00:00


PS : IIMA GDPI on 28/03, IIMB on 22/03 IIML dunno.

hi ,
thanku ajay for helping arnd ....... i just realised i dont know how many seats each of the iim's hav ....... how many is it at C ? n the othrs too ......

n as for math , which areas to touch up on ? laplace , fouriers et all? n do they quiz on physics n chem too?


Hey guys,
I have a weird situation at hand. My IIMA interview is on the 9th of April at Bangalore at 9am and my IIMC interview is on the same day,same centre at 9.30 am.... what in the world am i sposed to do now?? whom shud i ask for a new date? Any suggestions welcome, Thanx,


IIM C is likely to have arnd 245 -250 seats this year, of which abt 55-60 will be DCM.

Abt the clash of timings, you can write to either IIM, they will certainly allow a change of timing, probably to the afternoon. But do it as early as possible.

For the ATM test, basic engineering maths - algebra, some integration/differentiation fundas , statistics and geometry are quizzed. But, it is quite simple, even commerce guys get thru it.... πŸ˜ƒ So, don't worry much.

And nope, very low chance of physics questions.


yup the math for dcm test is real fun!!

no prep required at all....n definitely no physics

its a lot like jee objective math...ull need to do trigo,calculus,probability

tke care ...n start ur gd pi prep if u havent yet....nows when the competition really begins..

Hi ajay/lyndon..

do IIMC asks engg maths for peepz with workex ?/ i mean junta with 2+years out of college ??!!! Do they REALLY expect me to know fourier/laplace etc or is it jus stressing ??!!!..

On second thoughts, the answer maynot matter much to me...one way or the other i aint gonna study em now !! ..but still it helps to know !! πŸ˜›

hope 2 see ya around after the egzams.....rest assured we'll bombard u with more !!!

thnx and regards


one question, i heard C interview is a pretty tough stress one ? correct ?



I am Vijay . I have also got a call from IIM C . have GD PI on 7 April.
I have work ex of 4 months, but for IIMs i m a fresher as i didnt have work ex when i filled the form.
Being a CSE background what Qs i can expect.

And how much does GD matter coz i m not too good in GD, but reasonably good in PI.
How much stress is on acads.

IIM C interviews are usually very casual and cool. So don't worry about it.

Work exp guys, you will be asked more about ur work and ur learnings from it and so on. Not much about ur previous acad.s

Maths questions are not very likely either, although some prof.s might ask a few. CSE guys can expect some basic questions as can Electronics people...since our Sys faculty is the best around. But don't worry, no troublesome questions.

Just get the stuff about you...personal questions, worked out. That will help a lot in all the interviews. Thatz abt it for now.


All you guys and gals with calls from IIM C, here is a nifty thing we have setup for you.
An entire section of our website has been setup for you. It is packed with all the stuff about IIM C that you would like to know...placements, infra et al πŸ˜ƒ It also has a message board where you can post your doubts and get them asnwered by our guys. We will be putting up new features shortly, as soon as our exams get over.

Come to the Admissions page on our site and you can enter from there. The URL is

Make full use of the facility. I will be part of the team answering your questions. We have people with a variety of backgrounds so that we can take care of all the queries you may have. In addition to this, you will also be assigned individual mentors who will be contacting you shortly.

See you all on the board.!!!


hello gaurav Amol here.. so u r through 4 of them nice 65% tension releived ....wel mine is on 13th at bandra kurla complex...i wil need u r tips if possible for u...can u share the GD topic and the interview details...


could u please post your roll no n dob so that i could access the message board at IIMC..plannin to apply for next yr..wanted to get an idea..

i've got calls from both B and C and am confused!!! cud C students enlighten me abt this imbroglio? i've heard that C isn't so gr8 for mkting which i'm more inclined towards. true? also, do u have dual specialisation in B/C ? wat abt placements for freshers?

Got calls from iimB and iimC-pgdcm.

me a freher engg.... not too hot on attending classes..... attendance in college around 50%
would prob. like to major in finance.

How many courses exactly are different b/w pgdm and pgdcm and does pgdm have a second list?

would really appreciate it if somebody could help me with this.