Welcome to CEU Business School!

If you are looking for MBA options outside India, CEU could be a great opportunity! Located in the heart of Europe (Budapest Hungary, being voted as the 2nd best city in the world), it's very well funded with great international student body (approx. 40 countries), with small class sizes (approx. 30 students), with excellent faculty ratio and quality. Faculty have taught and earned degrees at such institutions as Harvard, Yale, Indiana, Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial, INSEAD, Tilburg, NTU and Sydney. Tuition and living costs are very affordable in Budapest, and all major European cities are within easy reach.

  It is not all about studies... there is much more to life at CEU here is a little glimpse...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oScyuMt2X4 

From the historic building to the the new state of the art campus. Classrooms equiped with the cutting edge technology await our new cohort joining this Fall....


First of its kind FinTech Management degree launched at CEU, Budapest. Find out more here: https://business.ceu.edu/fintech-dual-degree