Weather head School of Management Fall -2013

Anyone from India for Fall 2013 at Weatherhead School of Management.

Anyone from India for Fall 2013 at Weatherhead School of Management.

HI I got an Admission to Weatherhead School Of management

will you be joining Weatherhead?

Guys any inputs on Weatherhead?? How is the school for a consulting career?

How are the placements for international students??
As per the Ranking Poet and Quant and FT it is in among the top 50 business schools in America.
Placement is a bit of issue in US for international student not only in Weatherhead but all the other colleges except the Top 10 in US .

School is mainly know for Organization behaviour and Operation.

Are you planning to Apply?
@Debakalpa : Thank you!

NO dude. I am just trying to check.

Placement is an issue. But I have been clearly communicating what I want and I have set some realistic expectations. I have applied to Katz and finished an interview with them. I will probably join Katz if I get an admit. 😃

Hey guys. Congrats on your admits. have you accepted their offer? Have they offered any of you any financial aid?
I'm still waiting for my answer. i had my interview with Deborah and she was very optimistic and said she'd do her best in the board meeting to convince them. I'm so stressed out waiting to see when they are gonna tell me if I'm accepted or not that I can't do anything😴. (I haven't heard from any school other than concordia which doesn't say anything about financial package. so I really need an admit with some funding). Wish me luck.👍

Hi Iam Akhil frm hyd. Got an offer with WSOM with 50% tuition waver. Anyone who has got an admit an accepted the offer?


Hey guys,

I got my admit yesterday with a 40% tuition waiver. I want to know if the schools offers anymore scholarships. even with the 40%off the 2year expenses is about 80K which is very high. I wonder what other financing options are there? like scholarships, TA/RA, working on campus, internship, in-course award, etc.
Does anyone have any idea about this stuff? Any former or current students here who knows about funding?

Anyone joining Weatherhead ??

Hi everyone,
Do you guys have any information about weatherhead GLOBAL MBA?
+ Part of the program will be in "Xavier Labour Relations Institute" in Jamshedpur, India. Can anyone tell me how much would be the living costs in that city? (Food,rent, etc.)