WAT-PI Tips for IIM's 2018

I am currently a student at IIM Calcutta and willing to share my experiences and tips for WAT and GD-PI

With the CAT results having been declared lets gear up for the next hurdle in place the WAT and interview process. All you need is single minded determination and focus. I will keep updating the forum with daily tips about the same and post relvant WAT topics and my interview experinces from last year

 WAT tip of the day  

A WAT is conducted to test a candidate’s ability to think critically, communicate his idea and provide a neat structure to his/her thoughts.  

1. Follow the sequence of Introduction- body - conclusion

 2. Focus on the first few lines probably start with an anecdote and make it attention catching 

3. Be well structured with the sequence of your thoughts 

4. Take care of the time limit since you will only be allotted 10-15 minutes for the same. 

5. Don’t give polarised opinions on sensitive issues 

6. Practice one WAT daily 

I will soon upload a list of topics that you can start practising 

Post any relevant WAT related queries on the thread  

Best newspaper or app for interview preparation???

 WAT Tip of the day regarding Handwriting

Try and be neat in your essay and maintain appropriate spacing so that it is legible for the evaluator. Also avoid cluttering the page and cutting points. Make a rough note of points on the backside using a pencil to avoid cutting  

 PI tip of the day

Introduction Prepare a brief introduction for you self because 90 % interviews will start with this ice breaker question and the answer for this will help in leading the further course of you interview. 

To be frank an introduction is basically a self-advertisement similar to any other audio video commercial where you will be endorsing yourself. Avoid providing details already present in your form such as your home town and under Graduation College. Use a narrative style to weave an interesting story about your major life events. Highlight events that you would like the interviewer to further question you.  

Word of the Day

GDP (Gross domestic production)

•We can measure the value of all goods and services produced

(GDP) by either working on the lower loop: expenditures on

goods and services at market values. This is called the

expenditure method.

• Or, equivalently, we can measure the value of all goods and

services produced by looking at the upper loop: incomes

earned from the provision of productive services by factors

of production. This is called the income method, calculated

at factor costs.

• Equivalence of the income flow and expenditure flow, both

measure GDP

• The equivalence is best understood by realizing that each

transaction is somebody’s income and someone else’s



CAP shortlist is out, you can check your result here " https://cap2018.iimrohtak.ac.in/index.php ", 

Congratulations to all the shortlisted candidates for crossing the first hurdle. Next in line is WAT-PI. You need not worry as we are here to help you. We will be sharing the WAT-PI kit shortly.

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  List of WAT topics 

1. Should sports bodies be managed by sports person? 

2. B school education is only affordable to rich people 

3. Men the forgotten gender 

4. Given the potential of art forms to create social unrest, should art forms be aligned with social responsibility  

List of GD Topics

1. Are coaching classes destroying educational system

2. Future of solar energy in India

3. Online education vs Traditional form of eduaction

4. Are women better global leaders than men

WAT tip of the day

1. Length- do not exceed 200 words max 220 words

2. Start with a fact

3. Take a stance

4. Support your assertion with examples/ facts

5. Strong Conclusion

6. Clarity of grammar

7. Take care of basic spelling and grammar

GD Tip of the day

Please prepare certain abstract topics as well 

ex- The color Red

GK Topics

Doklam Stand off 

The 73-day stand-off between India and China in Dokalam plateau ended after India and China withdrew their troops from the area on the 28th of August 2017, just days before Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to China to attend the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) summit from September 3 to September 5, 2017. 

 Troops of the two countries had been locked in a standoff in Dokalam since June 16 after Indian troops stopped the Chinese Army from building a road in the strategically key Dokalam region, a disputed area between China and Bhutan. Tensions in the region have been high since after Bhutan objected to an attempt by Chinese troops to build a road on the Doklam plateau. Indian troops stationed in Bhutan under a special security arrangement intervened to keep Chinese troops at bay. India said the action to construct the road changed the   status quo over tri-junction area—boundaries falling between three countries like in Doklam— and expressed concern that the road will allow China to cut off access to the northeastern states in India. China’s neighbours in South-East Asia, who had territorial disputes with Beijing, would be watching the Doklam developments closely. That the Doklam standoff ended the way it did is being seen as a diplomatic victory for India and the Modi government. More importantly, it has initiated recalibration of the terms of engagement between the two neighbours who have always shared an uneasy relationship. 

Kindly evaluate this issue in context of impact on Indo China relations

The most popular interview question for B schools

Why MBA?

 A lot of interviewer may put forward this question to evaluate your interest. Be well prepared with this answer beforehand and avoid giving generic answers. Try connecting the reason to your life experiences and avoid mentioning monetary gains. Focus on other learning that an MBA can provide you.  

List of GD topics

1. Air pollution a national problem

2. Indian e commerce

3. Indian education system needs to be revised

4. Are elections in India trully democaratic

How to crack a Personal Interview

Follow the basic pointers to excel in every PI

1. Articulate and presentable

2. Smart

3. Focussed and goal oriented

4. Ability to think on your feet

5. Display your scholastic abilities

How to introduce yourself

1. How you have evolved

2. Where you want to take the discussion

3. Strengths

 Why MBA Now? 

Follow the given approach to tackle such kind of question Post engineering- domain expert- restrict yourself in one domain 

Successful career requires knowledge of multiple domains  

Management provides understanding of core business and diverse learning  

List of WAT topics

Bollywood movies are made by asses for the masses

Poor performance of India on air quality index

Bharath Vs India

@tyagiritika Please give a list of all possible current affairs topics.