WAT and PI Preparation for SNAP 2013

With the short-list being put out for various institutes affiliated with SIU, it’s time to boost the preparation for WAT and PI. Let’s gather all the expected topics for WAT and all the expected questions for PI. We can also put our own essa…

With the short-list being put out for various institutes affiliated with SIU, it's time to boost the preparation for WAT and PI. Let's gather all the expected topics for WAT and all the expected questions for PI.

We can also put our own essays for the proposed topic and have discussion on them, but please abstain from "Bakar".

PS: The rules of this thread will be in-line with general rules on PG, no abuse(personal/public), no advertisements and no fights.

Following are some of the WAT topics listed by me:

1. Corruption(in India and across the world)

2. Financial Crisis in Europe

3. Fall of Lehmann Brothers

4. Violence against women(in India and across the world)

5. LGBT rights across the world

6. Elections in India

7. Rise of AAP

8. Various scams in India: a. Adarsh Scam, b. 2G scam, c. Coal allocation scam, d. Satyam scam, etc.

9. Diplomatic relations of India and USA

10. Business Ethics

11. Companies Bill 2012

12. Importance of CSR(Corporate Social Responsibilities)


13. Arab Spring

14. Lokpal Bill 2013

15. Food Security Bill 2013

16. Hyderabad Blues: Is Telangana a good idea?[http://blogs.wsj.com/indiarealtime/2013/08/06/opinion-hyderabad-blues/]

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Well.. the thing I would stress on the most for anyone attending PI sessions is.. Don't have standard answers. You'll come across many websites lisitng out the most probable questions and answers that would be asked in PI, do go through the questions.. but not the answers! The interview panel would have interviewed atleast a thousand guys in their experience and by book.. every one of us should be different. The reason why I want to do an mba and why in so and so college would be very different from others. The interview panel can detect standard answer like the foul stench of a rotten egg from a mile Away. Have your own answers. Let it be very genuine and unique. The latter part would be taken care of if you introspect and be true to Yourself In finding out answers. Like why mba, etc.. all the best fellow puys. Do share other 'common' important things. 👍

Hi Guys.. please suggest how to prepare for wat/pi for SNAP.

I went to TIME but they are charging something like 5k. i cant afford this much 😞

any suggest is highly appreciated 😃

Hi guys ,

whats the WAT's duration ...??? rolleyes

Ok guys, here is something which I have arrived at, through logical reasoning 😛 :

Since the WAT portion is divided in 2 parts, i.e., 10 marks for "Creativity in the essay" and 10 marks for "Content in the essay", most probably the topics given for WAT, during the WAT-PI process, will be Abstract.

How did I arrive at this? See, Essays are mostly of 3 types: 1. Factual, 2. Abstract and 3. Case based

- For factual essays, more than creativity you need the knowledge of the subject. So, the factual part is inclined more towards "Content" and "Creativity" will be less.
- For Case based essays, it's more towards deriving a conclusion or deriving various implications of the given case. So, here also "Creativity" lags behind "Logic".
- But for Abstract topics, like the one asked in XAT, one needs to use as much creative points as he/she can. One needs to include various aspects of life and surroundings in the essay and link them to the core of the topic.

Hence, I feel the topics that will come in the WAT-PI rounds will mostly be abstract.


I found this link while 'googling' for Interview experiences at Symbiosis. Hope it helps those who need it.


If anyone can help me in figuring out what should we write objective in our bio data. Normally we write objective when we apply for a job, but in this case it could be a 2-liner SOP or something else
Since we are not given any particular format.

Puys, plz tell me if we need to give our choice in the PI regarding the one we wish.

are we supposed to arrange the docs in any particular format. Do we need to put an index in the beginning. Pls suggest. Dis will be my first PI/WAT.

Format of Biodata for SIU Interview(for those who might not have received):

Hi Puys,

i have a small query.
can i show a bonafide letter mentioning - "I have been working in xxxx company since xxxx date
and this letter is issued on my request so that i may complete my application formalities for higher education."
i work in TCS.. and my HR says , they dont issue work ex certificate and this bonafide letter must suffice.
please suggest if this info on the TCS letter head would suffice
TIA. i guess there will be many symbi aspirants from TCS 😛

hi guys!!

Plz can anyone tell me what job profiles are offered by hospitals or companies or org. in SIHS ????

If there's a topic say "NaMo should be the next PM"
Can we take a neutral stand ? Or we have to write in for(of the topic)?
@Dmalhotra1990 @rks012

people ... lets start ou own lil WAT session for us .. v cn cum up wid a topic ...post on it fr a day ... and review each udrs ... wt say ?

i had mentined 3 months for the workex.. but i had written it with regard to the work with NGO.. and they didnt pay me for this...will there be some problem on this . in the interview ??? guys pls help.. #deeplyworried!!!

Topic for tomorrow:

"If someone is drinking to drown their sorrow, tell them that sorrow knows how to swim"

Do share your essays guys and gals! :)

PS: A lot of creativity can be surfaced in this topic :mg: ;)