Want to know more about the people who are going to run for a cause at the Mumbai Marathon ? Here is

Want to know more about the people who are going to run for a cause at the Mumbai Marathon ? Here is a snapshot of some of the runners who will be taking part in the marathon with a view to celebrate the human spirit and run for a cause. If you wo…

Want to know more about the people who are going to run for a cause at the Mumbai Marathon ? Here is a snapshot of some of the runners who will be taking part in the marathon with a view to celebrate the human spirit and run for a cause. If you would like to support the cause, you will find more information on the Mumbai Marathon thread on our forum.

Without much ado, here are our runners!

1. Allwin - Yours truly Pagalguy'
An inspiration to today's youngsters; Allwin is the administrator of PaGaLGuY.com, India's largest management forum. At the tender age of 24, he is also the founder Neutral Web, a one of its kind web-hosting company. He loves simulation games and yes, bhelpuri too. He says, "I am running in the Dream Run to show NASEOH to the world. Pledge for me because I am running for people who can't run for themselves". Business Matters at http://www.neutralweb.com/
2. Vishwanath - Simply Supervish'
This 20 year old, smart half-baked electrical engineer is in his Final year of Bachelor studies in Sardar Patel College of Engineering. Mr. Longlegs towering 6'6" not only makes tall claims but also is a die-hard football and Beethoven fan. He says, "There are people who can't stand on their legs. My running is a step towards making that at least metaphorically possible. Guaranteed to finish with minimum strides, VISH me the best and pledge for me". A closer look at Vish only at http://supervish.blogspot.com
3. Puneet - Rocking Puneet'
This Market Analyst at Aventis Pharmaceuticals is also the lead guitarist of a heavy metal band. He has always loved to be a part of a community and he is happy that PaGaLGuY has given him an opportunity to serve the lesser privileged and also run for a good cause. In his words, "Hey you people who love rock and metal music, pledge for me. I shall not let ya down!"

4. Akshat - Better known as TheAkshat'
Akshat Shrivastava, a gonna be civil engineer from IIT Bombay. One of the moderators of the PG forum, nicknamed kid-mod', worships Pink Floyd, Seattle Sound and South Park. He enjoys strumming a guitar, trekking, dramatics and running. This young man represents his hostel in 7 km long cross-races. He considers Mumbai Marathon as an opportunity to pay back and feels that running is the least he can do for people at NASEOH who can't run. He says - "I am the only runner on the forum who says he will run and not walk/ crawl the 7km stretch on 16th Jan. So, pledge for me." Akshat can be reached at http://www.theakshat.pagalguy.com
5. Geetanjali - Giggling Geetu'
.This bubbly computer engineer from MGM College is full of life. A sardarni, she loves reading fiction, blogging and swoons over chocolate. Community work at NASEOH has inspired this young lady to run for her handicapped friends. She says, "How many people have seen a pretty woman run... So, pledge for me." A close snapshot of Geetu at http://geets.blogspot.com
6. Bharat - Quizzer Brat'
Bharat Jayakumar, a future Electronics engineer is from Sardar Patel College of Engineering. A member of the UC winning team of SPCE, he enjoys quizzing, reading, football, cricket, F1 and mass sms'ing! He says - "This Run is prove to myself that I can make my dreams come true and help others to do the same along my path."

7. Ashish - Techie Ashish'
Ashish is from Ghaziabad and has graduated from NIT, Surat. Working with Patni, Mumbai for 2 yrs, he is currently leading a testing team. Apart from IT, Equity markets fascinate him a lot and he has been a regular at PaGaLGuY. He wants to be a part of Mumbai Marathon in order create awareness about NASEOH and raise funds for it. He says - " Also, I need to get more lean n thin so that I can work more efficiently for NASEOH"

8. Gordon - Just Gordon'
Another engineer, Gordon DSouza is from VJTI, Mumbai and is currently working with SIEMENS Ltd. He is running the marathon to enjoy and in that process to share his joy with NASEOH. He says - "It is important that we do not forget the less fortunate ones amongst us, those who may never have the pleasure of walking, let alone running. So as I run, I hope someone somewhere sees NASEOH and patronises the cause." Pledge for this young man who definitely means business - "As I run in this marathon, I will be acutely conscious of my limbs, and will be grateful to the Creator for them." Gordon only at http://www.gdsouza.8m.com
9. Elvis

Elvis is working as an Hr Executive for Infiniity Consultants, which recruits candidates for the hotel, IT and BPO industry. He is running this marathon for a noble cause and says - "How good it would be to run with like minded people, for one cause. I have never done something like this before but I know that this simple run could definitely help somebody". "Well if there is somebody more willing than me, than I feel that person is more deserving for this opportunity! As of now, I am more willing than anybody. So, I would really appreciate it if you could pledge for me"

10. Christy - Colorful Christy'
This giggling young girl, also known as Bubbles', has completed her Bachelors in Management Studies from SIES College. A complete freak of sports brand Adidas, she loves the cartoon series Power Puff Girls'. She enjoys quizzing and adores it when others can't answer the questions. Emoticons mean the world to this chirpy girl and she says - "Hey all, Come on pledge for me, I shall definitely post something colorful for you... promise!" Now that sure is realistic.

11. Poornima - Non PGite
This lady though a non-PGite wants to be a part this Marathon for NASEOH. The thought is what matters, dear. Cheers to you. Poornima is an awesome cook and has completed her BCom studies. She loves reading, traveling, cooking yummy cakes and mouth-watering chicken. She is currently pursuing an IATA course. Being Christy's close friend, she has heard a lot about PG.com and is not yet a PGite! She and Christy are running on Jan 16th for NASEOH and say in unison - "Though we may not be able to help NASEOH people directly, it gives us immense pleasure to help our friends indirectly by running for them." Do pledge for these young women.

Some of the other volunteers running with us for NASEOH are Amit and Sumit. They are busy training for the marathon, hence were unable to pose for this article. So, Pledge for them too.

For More Information, Please contact Wayne. Copyright - Sowmya aka Simba