want 2 get into an ivy league b-school!!

i’m a student of first year engineering… nd it is my dream to study at an ivy league b-school… so i want the proper guidance…right from the beginning… i guess i hav sufficient time in hand…to work things up… so plz guide m…

i'm a student of first year engineering..... nd it is my dream to study at an ivy league b-school.....
so i want the proper guidance...right from the beginning....
i guess i hav sufficient time in hand...to work things up.....
so plz guide me...plz provide details about gmat nd scholarships....
nd what all it takes to get there....please ill be great full

Wow! you are atleast 8years away from a business school. You should work on answering Why do you want an MBA? Why not an Engineering career? What specifically in the business world is attracting you to an MBA? are you sure you are not wasting your time and money pursuing an Engg degree? Would you be better off going for a BA/BSc degree which is cheaper and using the money saved to start your own business?

If you have concrete answers, then here's the first learning for you - stick around and read up. Do not expect to be spoon-fed. That was fine when you were a kid. Not anymore. Self-reliance - read up stuff and ask questions. There's a great thread that covers everything about the exam. If you are looking for profiles, look at the many b-school threads where people have posted their profiles. How do you compare against them? B-schools want to see Leadership, Experience and Knowledge/Street-smarts. Work on building stuff like that. Enjoy your engineering degree. These 4years will never come back.

sir , first i'd like 2 answer why engineering ...when i could hav saved money by bsc or bcom!!
i come from a middle class background...though my dreams are high....but reality is that before all that ill hav to ensure my self that at end of the i can atleast ensure my self bread and butter of my own......nd bsc or b com... wouldnt promise me a job...but engineering....does(relatively more than bsc)....so i'm doing engineering...to create a base or a background....so that i have something at last....worst case scenario.
a landing pad ...for the flight of my dreams.
2nd...why an mba???
the very simple answer is money.....plus...my own business after i've collected enough to start one.
and some other things which i;ve come to know about business....convincing people...branding..nd most important...making people buy your stuff.....be it talks amongst friends in school..or products...... but i hope to learn more...cuz i,ve just started exploring.nd am a rookie

Let me clarify first-off that my intention is NOT to dissuade/discourage you but to get you to think carefully.

So why an international b-school and not an Indian top10? their ROI is unbeatable!

Let us say that you are 7years away from a B-school application. The average fees today is approximately 80Lakhs over a 2year period at an Ivy-League. While loans are available, depending on the school, they are getting trickier to get. If you are a middle-class aspirant, think very carefully about what you are probably going to ask your parents to do - invest their life-savings in you getting an MBA. I ask again - as a fresher why not aim for a top10 Indian MBA and then get a 1yr MBA from a top b-school like IMD,INSEAD,LBS ??

At the very least however, you should have 5-6 Lakhs of your own. It will make life a lot easier. Irrespective of whether you go to a b-school or not, 3years after you graduate AND have held a job for that long, you should have saved atleast that much.

Honestly - your answer is what I expected you would say. Money is a good motivator and at your age and experience level, it's probably the only one. But there is a lot more to life than money.

Does your current work make you happy? Steve Do you read a book a week? Do you get enough physical activity to call yourself fit? Do you volunteer your time at a charitable organization simply because you want to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than you? Do you get consistently good grades? Do you have strong extra-curricular activities outside of your college? Are you a leader?

Read this Text of Steve Jobs' Commencement address (2005)

sir first i'd like 2 thank u.
nd sir...i'd like to tell.... i hav very vague idea bout all these...nd thus hav joined the forum...to get proper guidance .nd to have a clear and a more matured view...about these things. nd i'm finding every suggestion of yours very helpful.
sir...its like i want to try atleast to get there.... though i know its a very very tough job.
nd regarding indian mba.
sir i'm taking indian mba into equal consideration.
but regarding the ivy school thing.... i just want to work as much hard for that...nd see if if it comes true.
nd i expect suggestions criticisms...even abuses...which would be helpul for me.