Waitlist For IIM A

Heyy Guys… Any idea whether the wait list for IIMA will move this year or not??..I’m waitlisted 4th… :frowning: Also any guys leaving A for B???..If yes…way to go guys…good choice!!.. :wink: Cheers and No Sweat!! -Gaurav

Heyy Guys...
Any idea whether the wait list for IIMA will move this year or not??....I'm waitlisted 4th... :(

Also any guys leaving A for B???....If yes...way to go guys...good choice!!.. :wink:

Cheers and No Sweat!!

Hey gaurav,
me in the same boat man....although me waitlisted 10.....we shud get a clearer picture sometime soon i guess.any idea as to when(if it does) the list will be announced?

I am waitlisted at 8th slot..Did anyone of you receive any official communication from IIMA ??

Heyy Prabhu,
I guess they'll consider the waitlist only if a certain minimum number of people decline the offer for admission...and that number depends upon the buffer that they have this year.

Also, I read somewhrer that the hearing for the fee cut is on the 11th...thats tomorrow...and once the fee is decided..i guess the selected ppl will have to pay up in another 15-20 days...so my guess is that we'll be intimated (hopefully!!)...by the first week of june.

There's a decent chance for the waitlist to move this year if the fee at A is not reduced...plus with Infy and a few other cos. sponsoring candidates at B...there's no reason why we shouldn't keep our fingers crossed!!

Till then...its IIML for me...

P.S: No official letter or anything from IIMA as yet!

Hi Gaurav,
It does depend on the buffer which they have.This year the total seats number 270 i guess...and i guess we will come to knw abt the calls n all from the pgites there....keeping fingers crossed...best of luck to u too......i guess u r better placed man.

the_dawg Says
Till then...its IIML for me...

Man its atleast ok for u For me its back to coding


P.S:Yeah no letter yet.

the letters have started coming... i havent got mine yet but a friend of mine has got it.... and they have given the old fee structure itself it seems... so it doesnt look like they are waiting for the court hearing...


Heyy Guys,
Some good news for all A waitlisters!!
I know of 6 ppl already who've converted their A call...but are not gonna take it!!

If you guys know of any such ppl...add to the count...it'll give us a better idea.. 😁


as far as i knw i do not knw anynoe personally gaurav...only the odd bit here and there abt a hundred percentiler no going in for A......in pg itself there hav been posts of 3 guys not taking it.....r they included in ur count of 6???
and r these 6 pukka not goin?
P.S:yeah i knw too many questions ... but better to be sure..watsay?

Ohh...there's some redundancy then...the 3 are from PG only...but i know 3 ppl who're doing MS this year...and i've told everyone i know to tell me if they know someone who's not taking A..so the news keeps comin...:)

And let the questions come mann...we're in the same boat as you said...and i dont think there are too many optimists in this case...so even 1-2 ppl is good enough to provide some hope!
Keep posting,

Did u read Philip's post on the other thread gaurav abt the number of calls given out this year? Its 264.....does that mean tht they dont have a buffer this year arnd?? Yeah even 1-2 will make a BIG difference. How many seats in A this time around?
Keep posting

Got official communication from IIMA for waiting list...Just informs to wait till June 30th and be prepared to join immediately (with a few necessary documents)whenever called. No need to do anything right now except keeping fingers crossed.Course starts from June 23rd..


That sounded so good mann..:)

Hii every1 ,
I have been waited listed 3 for IIM A . As of now out here ( Kgp ) i know of no1 who's not joining A ( of the seven ppl with A calls here ) . Might come 2 know of sum1 in Calcutta , through IMS or TIME. Will keep every1 in this thread informed .
As of now i am still indecisive abt B or C ...though more inclined for B . The non-refundable deposit for B is 20k ( last date ..28th may ) . Haven't got my letter for C as of yet . Could sum1 plz post these details abt C , if u ppl have got the final letters .
Well , dunno whether A will open the waiting this year ..but if its true that A has asked us to wait till 30th June ( as Neophile pointed out ) ..then it'l get might messy to shift out from sum place like B or C to A . Anwayz ...still nething for a wait confirmation i guess !!

Chalo ..happy waiting guys .
Luv .


launcelot Says
Might come 2 know of sum1 in Calcutta , through IMS or TIME. Will keep every1 in this thread informed .

That wud be gr8.Yeah i got the letter too today. Says they might send it latest by June 30th. Donno wht to read frm tht statement. Hopefully means good
keep posting ppl.

I have a question on waitlists.

Suppose an SC/ST candidate doesn't take up an IIMA final call, then whom do they call? Will it be another SC/St candidate or will they call WL no. 1 (general category)???

Hi vibhavan,
No idea abt though..... i guess they wud go in for Gen guys .... can someone clarify on this?

Heyy guys,

According to a senior from IIMA...the list of 264 students given to them is only of the students of PGP 2004-06...

So if there are 260 seats for PGP this year (same as last yr)...all we guys can hope is that roughly 10 ppl decline the offer...which just might happen!!
(10 so that all of us here can get through.. )

and already there are abt 5-6 ppl who might not take up the IIMA seat.

Anyways...this message was just to keep the hopes (if any)..still alive..:)


Heyy gaurav,
As the number of calls given is 264 indicates that they hav given a buffer amount of 4......so doesnt tht mean 4 ppl hav to leave for the waitlist to be called.....yeah since there r already 5-6 ppl known and countless unknowns lets hope for the best.

Some gud news i guess.....Heard tht there is another guy in here who will most prob leave A for B....got to knw yest night.....any more news guys....do post if u do come across sthing.....