Vocabulary through mnemonics

Hey Puys, As we all know vocabulary plays a large amount of role in your CAT prep as well as prep for other B schools. But many a time we face this condition that we encounter a new word then look out in the dictionary but after a week we reali…

Hey Puys,
As we all know vocabulary plays a large amount of role in your CAT prep as well as prep for other B schools. But many a time we face this condition that we encounter a new word then look out in the dictionary but after a week we realize that we don't have even a hint about the word. Learning new words through mnemonics do help to make the existence of the word with the right meaning in our subconscious mind. A strong vocabulary would definitely benefit us in our lives.

With every word please provide a mnemonic to remember it no matter how lame it sounds the target is to get the word in our memory.

Lets nail it puys mg mg mg mg mg

Salubrious -
Meaning : healthy, related to good health.
Mnemonic: Salu bhai is known for his good body(health).

Meaning : not openly acknowledged
Mnemonic: Co(covered) overt.

Meaning of Overt : done or shown openly.

Meaning: lowest or unsuccessful point.
Mnemonic : Nadir(Gir).

Can be remembered from girna i.e falling to the lowest point.


Meaning: fond of company ,sociable

Mnemonic: gre-gari(gedi)ous . Gedi means ghumna(in punjabi) so a person who hangs out alot is gregarious .

Skulk :

Meaning: keep out of sight with a cowardly motive.

Mnemonic: Skulk(skull) . Skull is usually hidden from the outside world. So can be remembered as something that is hidden or out of sight.


meaning: Someone with uncooperative attitude towards authority or discipline.

mnemonic: Re-calci. Imagine an uncooperative person asking a shopkeeper to re calculate his bill amount.


Meaning: Ready to accept control or instruction.

Mnemonic: do- sai . Imagine a believer in god praying to Sai Baba for wealth and he is ready to undergo anything i.e being submissive.


Meaning : Noisy and difficult to control.

Mnemonic: Obst- reper. Here we can remember the word by OBST meaning obstruction and REPER meaning again and again. So a person causing obstruction again and again is difficult to control.

Prejury Pre Jury
Meaning-the willful giving of false testimony under oath

Mnemonic - assume a person being bribed to say false statement in frnt of jury


Meaning: showing or having cruel regards for others.
Mnemonic: call-us. Imagine a contest where the one who is called will win a million $. So you can remember this by imaging a scenario where people are fighting for whom to be called first.I.e people having cruel regards for others.

couldn't find bettermg . Open for more mnemonics


Meaning: Filthy,foul.
mnemonic: Sour-did. Can be remembered by the word sour . Sour meaning not up to a great taste. So the word sordid would hint to smthn that is filthy or dirty.mg


Meaning: A state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.
Mnemonic: Quan-dary ( kaun -darre). This can be remembered by a situation where on getting scared by watching a horror movie one would be hanged to death. So people are confused that how to get out of this situation.mg mg


Meaning: The division of something into two parts.
Mnemonic: Bi-fur-cat. This can me remembered by Bi meaning two, so a cat playing with a fur and dividing it into 2 parts. mg mg


Meaning: A person who insists on complete adherence to traditional rules or structures.
Mnemonic : Pure-ist. Person who is pure would completely adhere to his/her traditional rules.


Meaning: The quality or state of being calm
Mnemonic: tran-quilt. Can be remembered by the sense of calm feeling one feels in quilt during winters.mgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmgmg


Meaning: Having no match or not equal. Not matchable.
Mnemonic: Non -parallel . Two are not on the same track. Can be remembered by two lines that arn't parallel.
mg mg mg mg mg
Meaning:unpleasant mixture of loud sounds
Mnemonic: Caco-phone. From phone we can get an idea that its related to some sound. Ca-Co(can be thought of as an unpleasant sound)
mg mg mg mg mg mg

1. “Ahmev Radha, Ahmev Krishnah” - Gulab Kothari (Chief Editor of Hindi newspaper Rajasthan Patrika)

2. An Uncertain Glory: India and its Contradictions - Jean Dreze and Amartya Sen.

3. A Brush with Life- Satish Gujral

4. A Bend in the river- V.S. Naipaul

5. God of Small things- Arundhati Rai

6. Inheritance of Loss- Kiran Desai.

7. Joseph Anton- Sulman Rushdie (Autobiography)

8. “Khushwantnama-The Lessons of My Life “ –Khushwant singh

9. Lajja- Taslima Nasrim.

10. My Unforgettable Memories-Mamata Banerjee

11. "Muslim in Indian cities”- Christophe Jaffrelot & Laurent Gayer

12. My country My Life- L.K.Advani

13. My Music My Life- Pt Ravi Shankar

14. Revolution 2020- Chetan Bhagat

15. Runs in Ruins — Sunil Gavaskar

16. Satenic versus- Salman Rushdi

17. True Colours — Adam Gilchrist

18. The Heritage of Sikhs — Harbans Singh

19. The Jewels of Happiness – Indian spiritual guru Sri Chinmoy.

20. The Things About Thugs — Tabish Nair

21. The Test of My Life'- Indian cricketer Yuvraj singh

22. “Those were the Day and then-The Life & Times of Lal Krishna Advani”-Mira Govind Advani

23. Turning Points-APJ Abdul Kalam

24. What Young India Wants – Chetan Bhagat

25. Ye Jo Hai Pakistan'- Shivendra Kumar Singh. 26. Smritiyan - Garima Sanjay 27. My Journey: Transforming Dreams into Actions - former President of India, Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam (APJ

28. How Not to Make Money -Raj Kundra, the millionaire businessman.