Vlerick MGM program 2013-2014

Hi, Is there any Puy looking to join Vlerick for MGM program for 2013-14 intake ?I have submitted my application and received the acknowledgment. Interview follows soon.Current students, Alumni all are welcome to share their opinions and…


Is there any Puy looking to join Vlerick for MGM program for 2013-14 intake ?
I have submitted my application and received the acknowledgment. Interview follows soon.
Current students, Alumni all are welcome to share their opinions and suggestions :)

Hey guys! got admit in Vlerick MGM program starting September 2013. anybody else in the same boat??

@confusedGMATer Hey, i recently applied to Vlerick...can u plz share your profile
@stinks : i am a computer engineer.2011 passout. non-nit, non-iit college. 83.9 cgpa
employed in Mahindra satyam. experience:1 1/2 years. GMAT:680. (quants: 63 percentile Verbal : 89 percentile). learning French. i m accepted for the Vlerick MGM program 2013-14.looking to get into consulting or event management. how about you?
@confusedGMATer Hey, i am a 2009 pass out, again - Computer Science...!
Then i have around 4 years of experience in business development and marketing analysis in startups. One big problem with my profile is that i have a 600 on GMAT. Though i've applied to Vlerick but i have my doubts !
Btw did u get any scholarship ? and are there any others here ?...
@stinks are you applying for the MBA program or masters? i don't think your score will be a problem if u manage to showcase the rest of your profile beautifully. in your case the work experience should count as a big positive(in case of MBA). i received a 75% schol. don't ask me why. i don't know myself. i made a need based application plus the interview went pretty well. i don't know of anybody in the current batch. guess it is pretty early. i applied way back in october. hopefully, more will come along.
@confusedGMATer well i applied for the MBA. WHOA !! dude 75 is a great number man....
btw do u think me being a girl might add an edge ?...and ya what's the need based application...?
@stinks i know. i guess being an India girl does carry bonus points. worked for me ;)
i wrote an essay convincing them why i m the right fit and how financial aid could be a big boon.
@confusedGMATer Oh that makes two of us !..Those 9 essays were a pain though...i am hoping this gets through n i dont have to undergo any more of this ordeal....btw did u apply elsewhere ??
@stinks i know. 9 essays. took some thinking! i did apply to essec(France) and got an interview call there. but chose Vlerick because of time and roi factor. i had few more colleges in mind but 75 % scholarship had left me stumped(pretty much ;))
@confusedGMATer Heyy...so i got an interview call and am gonna need some help from you !
can u share your interview experience with me ? as in what questions and expectations do the interviewers have ?
@stinks congrats! well..they said they will intimate me over mail when to expect the call. the mail never came but the call certainly did.i was at office. absolutely unprepared! we started on a very light note.discussing the time difference between belgium and India. slowly..he moved onto my work..the reason why i want to cme to Vlerick..why the particular course. which would be my favorite subject etc.. i have no clue how i managed to answer all of that. make sure you dont make up stuff because they will catch you. i mentioned something about strategic management and he kept on asking me questions in that area till i surrendered. then a few general questions about Europe and the crisis. what is my understanding of recession, what is going on in India and China etc.some stuff about IT indsutry.he covered more or less every recent topic. he ended it by saying he liked my english accent.:) i was asked to wait for a week but i got the admission letter and scholarship confirmation by evening 😃 😃 hope it turns out even better for you. lemme know
@Belgiari congratulations on the interview but isn't scholarship essay a part of the application process?? i submitted mine along with the rest of the essays.i made a need based application myself but dint submit any proof.my focus was mainly on the fact that i have the potential but no resources.i dint need to submit a proof for that
@confusedGMATer Hey...i am done with the interview and waiting for the results now !!...Fingers Crossed :)...will let u know the first thing and thanks a lot for the help ! :)
@stinks no problem. will be waiting for ur reply :)

anybody have idea puys.. which campus is better.. ghent or leuven for MGM program..

in terms of jobs, living expenses etc.

Hello Everyone,
I also got admitted to Vlerick MGM. However, I am still waiting for the scholarship decision which will be taken later in May. I think Ghent is much cheaper than Leuven, there is quite a difference in rent prices. Anybody else got a scholarship? Just curious what is the general profile they award. Thanks 😃

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