Vlerick Leuven Gent Management 2007 Intakes

Hi All, Any aspirants for the Belgium’s most renowned B school? Currently ranked 26 glabally by the economist and have been tripple accredited.

Hi All,

Any aspirants for the Belgium's most renowned B school? Currently ranked 26 glabally by the economist and have been tripple accredited.

Hi Anand,

My name is Hari, and i have got admission to Vlerick and a few other schools in europe(french schools like EDHEC/Grenoble and Solvay in Belgium..am now in the process of taking the final decision .. Noticed that you are in Brussles....so, its a pleasure meeting you here on this forum.. any opinions/advise on vlerick is welcome .. so what do you think of vlerick ..noticed that vlerick is not included in the 2007 FT rankings ..any guesses why??

Hi Hari,

Can you please post your profile and GMAT scores on which this college recruited you?

Well being in brussels helped me to research Vlerick quiet well. Surprisingly Vlerick couldn't find a spot in the FT ranking this year, unlike the previous 3 years. There are no placements, but the the curriculum and faculty is excellent. Join if you have already know French/Dutch that way when you give interviews in or around belgium, then you are bound to crack it well. if you plan to hit back to India after our program then you can join it. But HEC is much better placed than Vlerick is. Solvay is best for the localites here an dit is close to where I stay, hardly 10 mins, in the heart of the city. Cause any placements here, mostly prefer the french or the dutch. I was anyways not keen on Solvay, but more on Vlerick. Keep shootin your queries.



Thanks for the info.I have 6 years of experience in Banking, currently working in Citibank Singapore for last 3 years.Was in HSBC before that.I am a project manager right now and handle cards marketing.

About the FT ranking,I checked with the school, and they said that that they have some admin issues with the FT survey response,basically they screwed up..

Actually rankings make me very confused, because the school is at the top in the "jobs in 3 months" category on the "Economic Intelligence" ranking and in the top 50 overall ..

Need to clarify on your post, is Vlerick know in india??Actually i am planning to come back to Singapore or may be go to Dubai.I am just interested in doing a good course with a good Alumni netwrok and ROI seems pretty good considering the program fee.

Are you a Vlerick Alumni??

Hi Aanand,

Good to see your thread on Vlerick. Well I am joining the class of 2007-08 for IMBA at Leuven. Now one of my worries comes from the fact, when you say that french or dutch has to be known. I still have 3.5 months before the class actually starts.

Infact, I have been to Brussels and Leuven as well for a short business trip. I chose Vlerick over Cambridge, HEC and Queen's for the only reason, ROI ranking.

Well, now please guide me for some homework that I can do in the coming days.

Hope to see you at Brusells !!


Is this thread alive ? Anyone up there for the class of 2008-09... ??

Post your queries and the responses will take care of itself. I haven't been active much offlate mainly due to travelling. Let me know how I can help you.

Hi Anand,

Great to see your reply. I just wanted to know about the job opportunities in Belgium and EU in general ? What if, if one returns back to India after Vlerick MBA. I think Vlerick is not know in India. I'm basically looking into working in EU for at least 3-4 years before heading back to india and hows it out there? I checked one of the sites , i think topmba and it was mentioned there that 100% of the students get job in 3 months after graduation.. is this stat really true ? How do Indians generally perform ?

Thanks a lot .


rocksaint Says
Post your queries and the responses will take care of itself. I haven't been active much offlate mainly due to travelling. Let me know how I can help you.

Hi Anand ,
My name is Sudheendra . iwas contemplating applying to the Vlerick IMBA for their 2009 MBA edition . I have abt 16 months of work-ex in a IT company, till date, and my GMAT score is 710 .
I jst wanted to know if it was worth applying to Vklerick if my ambition is to work in Europe after my graduation . How easy or tough it is to land a job if your knowledge of French or Dutch is limited ?
Hope you would oblige .


Working at brussels and planning to pursue an MBA - Part time, I have shortlisted vlerick and solvay but more inclined towards vlerick due to rankings but not sure if these rankings apply even for part time program, As I,m based in brussels it's more convinent to take up classes at solvay , Is there a big difference between Part time programs between solvay and vlerick


Hi Sudheendra,
I was speaking to Mary Roll, head of careers for the Vlerick MBA, about European job opportunities. The school has one of the best placement records amongst the top schools in Europe, and is trypically #1 for ROI. With Brussels next door and also IMEC (a mini Silicon Valley) the class of '08 has had great success with post-MBA job placement. Vlerick is part of the K.Univ. Leuven, now over 600 years old. Much like Cambridge in the UK the school is a target for the hi-tech, biotech and applied sciences companies, as well as major electronics firms.
So with such a broad industry base I shouldn't think the Vlerick MBA grads are as worried about the Lehman, Merrill, AIG fall out.
Hope that helps.

I have got an admit for 2009-10 season, has anyone else also got an admit for the same. Also can anyone please throw some light as to how much of an impact does knowing French/Dutch have in getting a good job. I have stayed in Belgium for some time and had found that its very important to know one of these languages, so what kind of options can a person not so proficient in these languages look forward to.

This thread is a little misleading (2007 intake is an anachronism). I've just got an admit "2009-2010" from Vlerick. From what I've heard it helps if we know some French because the Dutch folks seems to always know English. There is quite some time to pick up the basics. It's supposed to be quite hard to study a second langauge (French) during the course. I was just speaking to a Vlerick Aluminus and he was saying that knowing French was more important than knowing Dutch with respect to getting a job out there in Belgium / Europe.


You might want to look at this latest ranking by the Economist Int. Unit.


What is the GMAT score required for Vlerick Leuven school?

From what I've read I think 640+ is helpful for Vlerick.

Thanks for the quick reply. Right now my experience is 2+ years. (29 months) I browsed the web site and found the eligibility as 3 yrs. By June I will be completing 3 yrs. Can I still apply? Have there been applicants like this before and were they accepted?

I have also recieved an admit for the 2009-10 session. I have got around 4.5 years of workex. When I had applied I had close to 4 years of workex, my GMAT score is 640. Whats your profile answerfortytwo?

5.5 years work ex right now. Core Mechnical Engineer and in a Mech company. GMAT - 710.

I actually spoke to a Vlerick Aluminus a little while ago. He's been praising Vlerick big time.

Sanjeedq, do you know anyone else expected to join the 2009-2010 batch. Indian or non Indian.
I guess the best person to contact is "Ms Charlotte De Volder", right?