Vizag steel mtt 2017 Ceramics

vizag steel 2017 mtt ceramics

Now the main question is " How to raise the objection". I couldn't find any link for that. 

If anyone know how to raise the objection plz. provide details..

 I have found these question's answer are wrong in the answer key.
1) nine cricket fans are watching a match ... JKLMNOPQR......     

      i) who is sitting in the centre of the row?

      ii) which of the following statements is true?

2) To worship the rising sun?

3) Avg. question,find the value of y?

4)  a boat goes 16 km upstream in 2 hours and downstream in 1 hours.......

5) the distance between two cities a and b is 330 km. a train start from  a at 9 am.... 

What is your opinion about these question and is there any other nontechnical or technical question with wrong answer??? 

 Can anybody plz send me the mail which you have sent to vizag steel for the correction, so that i can also do the [email protected] 

Expected cutoff for gen category for ceramics

  • 110-120
  • 110

  • 120

  • 130

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Objections can be sent on this mail @rgodara

[email protected]

Any one having doubt and want to place objection in ceramic questions?

My score is 142 (general) . can i get interview callMy score is 142 (general) . can i get interview call 

  • My score is 142 (general) . can i get interview call

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Anyone having any idea about reexam.

    Let's start guys !!  

 How was  the  ?


Ceramic engineers say Ur Expected score..??

  • <100
  • 120-130
  • 130

  • 110-120
  • 100-110

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Let's discuss some Technical and non-technical question of vizag question paper

In technical paper there was one question regarding isotope can 

Let's discuss some Technical question of vizag question paper

 Our group is unexpectedly 

Anybody selected from this group