VIT-AP School of Business for BBA

VIT Launches BBA at Amaravati, AP Campus.

Apply Online. Last date:  15th May, 2018 


Unique Curriculum

  • Liberal Arts Courses– Anthropology / Sociology, Psychology / Social Psychology, Theatre and Literature.
  • Science, Engineering & Technology Courses – Environmental Studies, Past & Future of Technology, Perspectives in Physics, Problem Solving with C++/Python, and choice of any two courses from Computer Science, Electronics and Communication and Mechanical Engineering.
  • Unique Courses – Ethics & Values, Systems Thinking & Dynamics and Design Thinking & Innovation. All BBA students will have the option of joining Discovering Self and Globalisation and Culture workshops (highly acclaimed courses from IIM Kozhikode).
    Other than these innovative workshops are planned every semester on culture, development, ecology, economy, gender, global issues, innovations, rural India, start-ups, technology, theatre and so on.
  • Field work every year– Students will go on field work on variety of themes such as a. Cultures of India, b. Appreciating Rural India, c. Heritage and Current Social Reality, or d. Dynamics of Entrepreneurship.