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Vista, the three day business fest of IIMB, has grown through the years and has become the flagship event. This event of colossal status attracts thousands of footfalls and hits in its real and virtual venues every year. And this year, like eve…

Vista, the three day business fest of IIMB, has grown through the years and has become the flagship event. This event of colossal status attracts thousands of footfalls and hits in its real and virtual venues every year.
And this year, like every edition before this, Vista promises to grow, become bigger and better. As the events unfold one after the other, the entire campus descends into levels of frenzy- unseen and unmatched by any other before. Come home then to the stage that shall see the brightest of minds clash and the best of brains get back to business with a bang.
Scores of events drawn from Marketing, Finance, Operations, Economics, Strategy and IT means there is something in there to tickle every gray cell. And with India and the world going through choppy waters and smooth sailing not yet a given, Vista this time shall echo a flavor of an 'India at Crossroads', an India which is taking its first halting steps towards recovery and beyond. And in the midst of a truly revolutionary summit, in our effort to stay in sync with the shifting times and to show our solidarity with the scores of initiatives taken to go green, we at Vista intend to do just the same.
So where will you be, come this January 29th to 31st? Bangalore beckons, for here's where all the fun and the action shall be.

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Website: IIMB Vista 2010
Blog: IIMB's Vista 2010::India's Premier B-Fest
Twitter: Vista2010 IIMB (vista2010IIMB) on Twitter
Facebook: Vista 2010 @ IIMB | Facebook

BZZWINGS For most MBA grads, a B-Plan is more like a Plan-B! If you belong to the complement of this set and are serious about entrepreneurship, then what better venue to put your plans to the test than one of the most fiercely competed B-fests of the country? BzzWings is the open theme B-plan contest at Vista. Select teams will be short listed for the final round, and they will be allotted mentors from our Knowledge Partners to assist them in their preparations. This is done to help the contestants spruce up their plan before entering the contest. At stake is attractive prize money and of course pride !! Do you have that entrepreneurial streak in you? Come and fight it out at Bzzwings! Give wings to your dreams!!For more details: IIMB Vista 2010 Deadline: January 14, 2010Contact: Rohit Sharma[email protected]

Facebook, Youtube, Orkut & Twitter - the web 2.0 tools promise the change of online marketing. With an ability to reach large audiences networked across geographies, they provide new opportunities and new challenges. VISTA challenges you to use these new age marketing tools to spread a message on a cause which affects 'you, me and everyone else around us'. The rules are simple - choose your channel, spread the message to as many people as you can on the channel and if you reach the largest audience, you are the winner. Are you game?
Mashaal is an off-campus event only.
Round 1

There is only one round in the event wherein the candidates have build the marketing plan and develop the campaign. The campaign has to revolve around any 'environmental cause', further details have been provided at
Teams have to send in their marketing plan along with appropriate links of their campaign by 29th January 2010. Winners will be intimated at the end of this period.

Entries are to be submitted by 11:59:59 pm on 29th January 2010.
Gautam Attravanam
[email protected]

Mahindra & Mahindra and IIM Bangalore are proud to present Vista 2010
Fast Forwards: FX trading

Death, taxes and trading are the only constants in life.
Fast Forwards gives you the rush and thrill of Forex trading. If you think you are good at identifying those elusive windows of opportunity, if you think you can think and act faster than the guy sitting next to you, this arena is for you.
Knowledge Partner: FXCM (
  1. The event is online and will last for 6 trading days
  2. All registered participants will be provided with a link from where they can download the FXCM platform and a short video on how to operate the platform
  3. Login information will be made available to registered participants only
  4. Participants will be allowed to trade individually and based on change in portfolio value at the end of each day (EOD time will be communicated with login information) a daily winner will be announced
  5. Based on the portfolio value at the end of 6 days an overall winner will be announced

Overall winner: Rs.20,000
Daily winner (for each of the 6 days): Rs.1,500
  1. Registration ends: 19 January 2010
  2. Trading begins: 20 January 2010
  3. Trading ends: 27 January 2010

For more details, please check


Kush Shah ([email protected]) +91-9986588065
Mahindra & Mahindra and IIM Bangalore are proud to present Vista 2010: India at the Crossroads 29th to 31st January 2010

Online @ 9

Wanna get paid to have fun? Quizzes, crosswords and other brain teasers lined up every day. Crack them and win cash prizes. Remember that you would be competing against hundreds of enthusiasts across the country. If you think you are one of the quickest wits east of the Radcliffe line, be [email protected]


Ananda Kumar C
[email protected]
Kaushik Sriram
[email protected]
Sriram C
[email protected]

Vista 2010 is proud to present a GD/PI workshop to help all aspirants make the grade.

Making into an IIM is a dream come true for scores of students who take the CAT and Vista gives them a unique opportunity to interact and learn from the folks who aced the process. The programme is planned to equip MBA aspirants with critical inputs in areas including the current economic scenario, communication skills and facing personal interviews.

GD/PI Workshop: Sunday, 31st January

We also have a session on the "Current Economic Scenario" on Friday, 29th of January to bring you up to date.

Please visit our website at for greater details.

Welcome to Shootout! So these are your first steps towards proving you're Master class when it comes to thinking Football. We hope you have found your feet in the pool you have been allocated to, which will contain five other hopefuls- all vying for the top honors, just like you.

You shall now be given a sum of money, which shall have to be spent on buying players (forwards, midfielders, defenders and goalkeeper(s)), field positions you want to use through the matches in your league and coaches.

Total prize money of 30,000 to be won!!!

Registration is open now. It is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Limited number of entries allowed. So hurry up!!!!

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Guys, There is a business quiz @ IIM B on 31st.IIMB Vista 2010 check it out.I am in need of two partners for the same.So, mail me, if u wanna pair up.........