vijaya bank final allotment thread

hi guys… we shall discuss about our vijaya bank :slight_smile: ::

hi guys... we shall discuss about our vijaya bank :)

hi guys... first of all congrats

Good that you opened a thread. Let's gather every possible information on Vijaya Bank's work life and policies before stepping-in for training.

To start with, Vijaya bank is a Karnataka based branch with about 40% of branches in its home state.

Expect the training to commence on no other city than Bangalore - the headquarters.

oh great... 😃 u r from ?

@Sathya_Rajiv check the pay details of bank other than sbi :)
@ramram4625 Sent you a ping yesterday and shared my mobile no. too. I'm from Porur, Chennai. I guess you are in St. Thomas Mount :)

yeah... i m from mount.. but i didnt get ur no bro..

@ramram4625 Sent you a ping a minute ago. please check..

hey can nybody tell me where is the training center of vijaya bank?

dunno bro... 50% bangalore... remaining % dunno

@ramram4625 bro no is 9715612667,,,pls give a missed call
@moz_rupert gave a missed calll bro..

Probation & Bond Info (from last years PO recruitment notification):

a) Probation: Two years for Probationary Assistant Managers in JMG-S-I.
b) Indemnity Bond: The Probationary Assistant Managers in JMG-S-I joining the services of the Bank are required to serve the Bank for a minimum prescribed period of 3 years from the date of joining the bank and are also required to execute an indemnity bond of Rs. 2.00 Lakh (Rupees Two Lakh only) at the time of joining the Bank indemnifying that they will pay an amount of Rs. 2.00 lakh to the Bank, if they leave the service before completion of the stipulated period of 3 years.

@Sathya_Rajiv so we have got a good bank with less work pressure

hey guysss i am frm delhi nd got vijaya... do u think vijaya will gv me posting in delhi/ncr being a girl... plzz let me knw i m really worried

@nids1412 Dont worry.. You may get home posting.. But in training i think yu hav to be out of delhi... but dont worry nothing is sure till we get that mail from our bank
@nids1412 hey m also frm north india..concered over same issue..