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I am a twice 100 percentiler in CAT (Quant.). I have been teaching aptitude (CAT and CSAT too) for the last 6-7 years and I have taught at CL (Delhi), Abhimanu’s and Bulls Eye (Chandigarh). Right now I’m preparing for civil services a…

I am a twice 100 percentiler in CAT (Quant.).

I have been teaching aptitude (CAT and CSAT too) for the last 6-7 years and I have taught at CL (Delhi), Abhimanu's and Bulls Eye (Chandigarh).

Right now I'm preparing for civil services and in between studies I record videos pertaining to various concepts used in CAT/CSAT etc.

I've been teaching at places where they charge fees so high a normal candidate can't afford.

I agree the quality of education served is par excellence, but it ensures candidates who can't afford are left out for sure.

And to top it all maine sociology padh li as an optional, Mr. Karl Marx ki baat suni and then you end up feeling how those with resources are making sure that they stay at the top always by depriving those "have-nots" the access to a better life.

Making these videos is my modest effort to bridge that gap between "haves" and "have-nots".

I don't know if the above thing made any sense, but in short, there is no sinister motive involved.

At the same time, I don't want to spam the forum.

Will start posting soon :)

I'll begin with this ice-breaker video, which can greatly help you in improving your calculation speed.

Feedback from you guys can help make the exercise more useful.

Second concept video of Vedic Maths. About Finding Squares of numbers NOT close to 100.

Enjoy 👍

A video to outline what all we'll be covering in Number System. The list of topics.

Make sure you understand all these topics mentioned. Otherwise what I suggest is that you don't even think of appearing.
Bottom line is, that now when you have decided to pursue something, do it with all your conviction. Yes, do it. And I am sure you'll succeed. ATB.

First concept video on Number System.

Types of Numbers. This deceptively simple topic has been tested so often.

Make sure that on this topic you don't lose your marks/time in exam.

Have a look

Second in series of Number System.

This video explains what Rational and Irrational numbers are.

Also discussed is the technique of conversion from Decimal form to Fractional form.

Divisibility Rules.

Check out the pattern at the end.

Muscle your brain with this beautiful puzzle 😃

P.S. - Required : Pure common sense. Benefit : Development of brain cells.

Pause the video before you Watch the solution. Enjoy Maths (for a change).

I don't know how many of you tried the above puzzle.

Before re-reading the above sentence consider a few examples.
Square of lets say 39 is 1521, last 2 digits being 21 seen in the square of 11 (which is between 0 & 25).
Square of 57 is 3249, last 2 digits 49 square of 7.
Square of 163 is 26569, last 2 digits 69 square of 13.
Of 194 is 37636, last 2 digits 36 square of 6.
You take any number, square it andthe last 2 digits of the square would be last 2 digits of a number between 0 & 25.
Try it and let me know if it's true. Will tell you a technique of how to find that number (or you can find out and share it here).

God that was some post 😃

Shakuntala Devi's departed to ask god a few puzzles.

#RIP Computer Brain.

CAT is just around the corner.

These videos can be helpful to both beginners as well as pros.

I am posting the link to the Youtube Channel. By the name Sleepy Classes.

I have an exam to write in December, so would be infrequent here.

So here is my warmest and sturdiest of wishes to alllll.

Be calm and rule the exam.


What is the maximum sum you cannot pay using coins of denominations 6 and 7.

You have been given that -
- there is a country where these denominations exist and only these two denominations exist, i.e. there is no other coin/note available in that country except of value 6 or value 7.
- that these coins/notes are available in plenty, i.e. you don't run out of money at all.
-there is no exchange of currencies allowed between two parties, for example if I have to pay someone value 1, I can't do this by giving him coin of value 7 and taking in return coin of value 6.

Example - Assuming I have to pay someone value 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5, I can't do it. Or similarly if I have to pay someone lets say 11, I can't do this as well. Also, lets say if I have to pay value 94 I can do this by giving 10 coins of 7 and 4 coins of 6.
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As desired, here's the video for Time, Speed & Distance.

Hi people,

How did the CAT go?

Heard it was easier than previous years.

Well even I'm done writing my exams. And have started making videos on World History and all.

Would love to help in Quant and DI too, if anyone wants me to 😃

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