VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur Admissions 2008-2010 batch

Hi guys and galz, Go ahead and shoot ur admission queries about VGSOM here… Kunal

Hi guys and galz,

Go ahead and shoot ur admission queries about VGSOM here.......


Can u tell me the min rank we need to get to get call from IIT-khg.


Hi Sunil,

VGSOM has a unique way of evaluation of the candidate. It looks at the rank as well as the Statement of Purpose (SOP) that you will be asked to submit at the time you make your application. However, a rank of below 1000 coupled with a good SOP should get you a call.




In addition to what Kunal has very rightly pointed out, VGSOM also puts a decent amount of focus on your work experience. So , a good(i.e. better than decent) background(academics+work ex) coupled with a good JMET score and a well written SOP should do the trick.

Sonia Dalal
Class of 2009

I have seen somewhere that VGSOM gives calls based on profiles only. People who get rank of 3000 also will get a call because of the profile.

Plz throw some lite on this.



Do not think about the rank part too much till the results of JMET are out. You stand a fair chance if you have an optimal mix of a decent JMET rank+good acads+quality work-ex+a good SOP. However, it is true that VGSOM gives a lot of weightage to the parameters other than JMET rank.


Kunal Sharma
Placement Committee,
Class of 2008
VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

hey Sunil

well 3000 is a bit optimistic figure...but i can tell you VGSOM gives a good amount of weightage to work-experience and acads other than your rank (as already said). Last year nobody got a call above 2000 and last to last year ppl upto the rank of 2500 or so got also depends upon the applicants who choose to apply for VGSOM. So dont be excessively worried.


A couple of queries..

1) Is this the website for VGSOM --
Haven't been able to access it for some time.

2) Apart from the stuff written on the website, how has your experience of the place

3) Placement scene? (I wanted to see this data first on web and then ask questions
but as I said, have not been able to access the site)


Hey Nitin,

Taking up your queries one by one...

1. Yes, that's the link to VGSOM's site, but its been down for a while due to the maintenance work going on.

2. Overall experience has been rattlingly awe inspiring . VGSOM focuses on the overall development of its students. So, besides academics we get to attend a lot of enlightening lectures with orators from diverse industries, who give us insights into the real world, helping us relate our classroom learning to the real picture outside.

Students are encouraged to be team players via formation of student committees,case study groups and clubs(eg. Marketing club, finance club, etc). Professors always provide the required support and backing with their proficient and adept understanding of the issues. Besides, VGSOM has 1 yr PGDM and 2 yr PGPM programmes for Air Force and army officers respectively.They attend classes with the regular PGPM batches, so having them in the class always adds hugely to the classroom learning.Their live experiences help in conning theoretical lectures better.

Our students have won the toughest competitions in the bestest institutes including IIMs,NMIMS,DMS IITD,SJMSOM IITB,IMT,IIT chennai,etc.Our students have shone bright in the past and the future seems only brighter.

IIT Kgp by itself is so enterprising in holding various competitions and seminars that one never gets to feel idle. One is often left wishing for more time to be able to participate in the diverse competitions that take place on campus.Besides the literary ones, there are plentous sports events.I could literaly say that"IIT Kgp is a sport person's heaven on earth".This is no joke, we have a campus spread over 1600 Acres, with the bestest facilities available next to each Hall of residence.Ther is an Olympic size swimming pool, besides the regular basketball courts, volleyball courts,TT, badminton courts, lawn tennis courts, soccer and cricket grounds. You name it and IIT Kgp has it.

VGSOM is special and to quite an extent different from most other MBA institutes. We have a 6 month long internship cum dissertation program as opposed to the regular 2 month internships in the other colleges. VGSOM focusses on the practical learning more than the classroom learning, hence it has devised this 6 month industrial learning program. VGSOM also has an exchange program with University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA.Our students had the opportunity to meet the legend Warren Buffet and attend lectures and interact with him at length.

VGSOM has produced legends, who are today heading esteemed organisations like HSBC analytics, Birla Management Corp etc.

3.Placements have never been a problem at VGSOM, we'v had 100% placement since inception.For the batch that passed out in 2007, the finals had averaged at 8.78 lcs.This yrs data would be out officially in a few days.The link would be available on the site,once its up.

Rest, Kunal would be able to throw better light on the placements query...

In case of any furthur queries, plz feel free to throw them here,we'd take care of them...


The link's up....plz check out...

VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur

and the link to placements of the batch of 2007:

VGSOM, IIT Kharagpur - Placements report -2007

The details of the placemnts of the batch of 2008 arent out yet, they will be officially declared in a few days.

hey guys...

Here are a few PG links guys that might help you all get an insight into the life at VGSOM and also help reslove certain instinctive queries...

life at vgsom:

old admissions query thread:


S now u since u already have the links to what we intend to tell the aspirats on the overall experiences at VGSOM...

There will be more to add on here as a few more days some queries regarding ranks and cut-offs..
Request everyone not to think about any cut-offs or something like that before actual ranks are out....

dear seniors at vgsom.

my jmet rank is 1048 .
my profile is as understated
i am in final year BTECH frm NIT raipur with agg % of 75%
quite active at college level clubs and good extra circus.

can i expect a call from IIT KGP??
pls reply........

hello seniors,
i got a rank of 5662, i m from sc category.can i expect a call from iit khp.
my sectional brekup are:
section1: 6
section2: 20.75
section3: 6.75
section4: 7.5
OA: 41
my XTH MARKS:66.8%
XII MARKS: 60.6%
B.TECH: 60.98%
i am a FRESHER

AIR : 760
Section 1: 12.5
Section 2: 27.5
Section 3: 6.25
Section 4: 8.75
Workex- 24 months
Very Good Acads
Decent Extra Curriculars
Any chance at VGSOM?

JMET 2008 Results - Organising Institute: IIT Kharagpur

Registration Number: 153605 Application Number: 914816 Name of the Candidate: ANKIT MANSINGHKA Category: General Person with Physical Disability: No Section 1 Marks: 11.75 Section 2 Marks: 29.25 Section 3 Marks: 11.25 Section 4 Marks: 7.25 Total Marks: 59.5 All India Rank: 309 Congratulations!
You have Qualified in JMET 2008 Examination!!
You will receive your Rank Card soon!!!


wat r my chances????

Hi puys,
My result goes like this.. total 39.5... rank 6600... I have two years of work exp with Patni Comp as a Software engineer. Are there any chances for me?

Hi Seniors,
I didnt get my JMET admit card and took the Printout of the same which does not contain any Reference No / Application no.
So I am not able to check my result.
My Details :
Name : Anirban Bhattacharya
DOB : 29th Dec,1981
Regn No : 153023.
Could you please send me mine application no as soon as possible so that I can check my result

Hello Sir...

I've got AIR 1834... n am having decent acads with 19 months of work-ex in IT as of now...
Do I stand any chance of getting a call? which institutes shud i apply??????

Thanks in advance!