VGSOM, IIT KGP GD/PI experiences[2008-2010]

Hi friends…Starting a dedicated thread for VGSOM GD/PI experiences.Kindly post your experiences here.Will Post mine shortly.

Hi friends..Starting a dedicated thread for VGSOM GD/PI experiences.Kindly post your experiences here.Will Post mine shortly.

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SLOT: 1:00pm
Reached at 12.45 pm
Process started at 2.40pm

We had a presentation follwed by the GD...

Had a case study..Was about one page long!!!
Had a pretty good GD...Spoke 2-3 times and made good points...
Overall i was satisfied.
SUMAARY + DISCUSSION + WRITTEN SUMMARY = 1 per person + 5-7 + 1 minute
Total members 17 of which 2 were absent!!

Now the PI
Faculty (F) , Other Guy (O), ME (M)

M - Good evening (was 4.30 pm)
F - Good Afternoon
F - So tell me something different in ure Xth , XIIth and Engg cerificates...
M - Sir the way my Name is written was very different
Smiles all around.....:D:D
F - (Still smiling) - So u have three different ways of writin ure name.
F - Where ure Mom Dad from
M- Punjab
F - So u were born n brought up here in Mumbai...
M -Yes sir
F - U the only Child?
M - No sir younger sister at XYZ college...
F - Good...Why have u quit ure job..
M -Gyan
F - Hmm seemed happy with my reply....Good acads i must say!!
O(All of a sudden) - give me ure attested copies of the transcripts (They eventually kept the copies...didnt do it for anyone else before me)
O - Lots of xtra curriculars good...Accha tell me why has ure percentage fallen to 70 in engg...
F (interrupts) - arre Mumbai and Pune university 65 is like 90...relax..they dont give marks...
M :D
O - Name 3 business leaders...
M - (without thinking) Narayan Murthy, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet (Dunno why i said these names)

O -What is WB`s company name
M -Berkshire Hathway
O -Anything unique abt WB
M -Chairty work etc etc Gyan....
F -Tell me about ure work exp.....
M- Gyan...
F -Interesting....I`m done..
O - Yeah i didnt realize that we overshot the interview time!!!
F - Pleasure meeting u young man....
M - Pleasure is all mine sir....

Was a feel good interview..Lasted for 10 mins...I`m hopeful!! Lets see


Was a feel good interview..Lasted for 10 mins...I`m hopeful!! Lets see

Oh MAN, u had a gr interview.
do u know what Panel u were with.
Just asking for some reasons.
Please do not open any new threads for GD-PI purposes.
All discussions pertaining to GD-PI should be kept to the main thread only:

Please refrain from opening new threads for all small purposes, it becomes very difficult for us and for the candidates to keep track of!!

Well puys, I think today was the first day for the process. Had my center at SJMSOM, IIT Bombay. Here is my experience:
We were asked to reach SJMSOM at 8 am. Saw a group assembled in the corridor of the main building, had a chat with a few. The presentation about the college begun at 8:25. The placement figures of 2008 were also mentioned. The professor who took the presentation was particularly enthusiastic about the cultural events that take place at VGSOM. Then in the middle of the question answer session the dean of the institute came with another faculty. We were given our badges and taken to the GD rooms. There were 51 people called there, out of which 3 batches of 17:wow: people were formed! Although I found that 2 people were absent per batch, but 15 is a very high number for a group, and we all feared a fish market as we went to the room around 9:20.

The prof who had made the presentation was in our panel. The panelists clearly mentioned their scorn for fish markets and clearly said that there are no marks for argumenting/raising one's voice etc. Instead there were marks for speaking well and following discussion dynamics. We were asked "To behave like a group of executives; assuming that you are the body of top executives of this cable company". I think that was the only reason why our GD didn't turn to a fish market. I later found that the other 2 groups had exactly the same case study and managed to make it a fish market.

About the case:
This cable company in the US has a market in 3 cities in the north east, but at 12% growth rate it believes that it is not growing well in the north east region. So it acquires a Tuscan cable company. They find that at the end of the year the growth rate in Tucson is only 2%. So how would you analyze the situation and what could be the reasons for it? Then a background of the company was given, where it was mentioned that the Tucson company had only a 20% market penetration whereas the company had about 45% penetration in the 3 cities. That the company had tried promotional schemes like free HBO/free Disney channel for one month without much success. That the Tucson households are spread far and wide which increased the maintenance costs. Their operational costs and fixed costs drivers were mentioned.

We were all given 5 mins to study the case and to make points. We were asked to speak for a few seconds each (called at random). I was the second last person asked to speak, and by then two of my points were already spoken :-|, but I still managed to give a structured intro (possible causes, short term solns, long term solns). I must have got marks for mentioning "combination offers" like getting a connection free with a new TV; and "brand loyalty" of tucson cable consumers. I observed that they were cutting those short who were speaking in a comma comma comma fashion (not ending their points).

The GD started with causes, and revolved around the various marketing strategies that the company could follow. After a lively discussion on the causes (local culture, competition, etc) we discussed quite a few interesting alternatives. As soon as we began long term solutions we were asked to stop!:dontgeti: It must have been only 8 minutes. I was very disappointed as I had an excellent point about a long term solution that I could not mention. But I am glad that the GD had a flow, did not become chaotic and almost everyone contributed.

We had to write 3 points each on the paper that we were provided with. I asked for a clarification and they were supposed to be the points that the group agreed upon. We had to mention our JMET regn no and the panel provided it to those who couldn't remember.
We were asked to go back to the seminar hall in the ground floor. As my no was 16, I went for breakfast at a canteen right outside the building with a couple of my batchmates. The interview calls were serial. I will discuss about the interview experience in the next post.:D

Coming to the interview process.
The Panel that was present for our GDs was the one that took our interviews as well. We could interact among ourselves so it was a very chilled out atmosphere. The interviews in the beginning were lasting around 15-20 minutes, the later ones condensed to 10 minutes. The panel in which the dean was present had longer interviews in general and HR focussed interviews.

People were usually asked about their work experience, job profile, details about the client, their learnings etc. Few people were asked about the Budget, but mostly general things, like the GDP of India, VAT, Tax, "your take on the budget". A few people were also required to give an extempore!! Well they were asked to speak for one minute on topics like "nano" and "Give me 3 reasons why I should NOT select you" :sly:.

Freshers were asked about academics. But they were given the initial opporunity, they were asked questions like "Which is your favourite subject?" or "What did you study during Engineering?" effectively moving to their strengths or their area of preparation .

My interview began at 1:30 pm, with 13 people being interviewed before me and went something like this (As usual, P1= panel 1, a senior professor with 25 years of industry experience and more than 5 years at VGSOM, P2 = panel 2, a prof specialising in finance and accounts with 10 months in VGSOM and 10 years overall experience, and M = me):

P1: So...Abhishek.....are you hungry?
M: (Understood that this is an ice breaker question, smiled, and asked them if they were hungry)
P1: Oh yes, I am very hungry, but don't worry as this will not affect your interview and your chances in any way :D
So....your surname suggests that we can trace your origins to a remote place in MP or Ujjain or Bihar or UP?
M: Sir my parents are from (a state) but I have been born and brought up in Mumbai.
P2: What is your take on the recent activities against north Indians like you in Mahrashtra?
M: (Without getting emotionally charged up) Sir I think that it is very unfair.....
P1: (Interrupting) Oh yes.....very unfair....
P2: I think that the educated Maharashtrians do not support them...
M: Yes sir, in fact I have a friend from college who is one and condemns their actions. I believe that the core issue is not what they have brought up, but it is that Mumbai's resources are under pressure from immigrants, but they are targetting a particular section of the society. Also the methods that they have used are wrong. Violence is wrong.
P1: Yaar tumhare marks kaise hain.....which trigonometric graph does this represent?
(Taking out a sheet of paper, dividing the XY axis in 5 horizontal lines)
Ye tumhare 10th aur 12th ke marks hain....close to 90. Aur ye itna bada drop hua graduation me?
M: Actually it is not easy to score in Mumbai University.
P2: (Looking at P1) Achha...bahut kanjoos university hai (smiling)
M: (Went on to mention that the university topper from my class had got 80%, and that he was the topper of the entire university.)
P1: So if I go by your graph, it will go further down in MBA?
M: (Smiling) Sir it can go upwards as well. (Serious) My point is that now I am very motivated to do an MBA and I am sure that I will perform when the time comes.
P1: Yes yes, you are very motivated, that's why you got 157 rank in JMET. So you must have attended this (pointing to the floor of the college) interview as well?
M: No sir, I didn't get a call from SJMSOM, probably due to a low sectional score in DI.
P1: (Half looking at P2) Oh, they consider sectionals?
M: (Thinking, C'mon, you don't know that?:sly:)....As far as I know.
P1: Which college did you study in?
M: xyz college, in Mumbai only.
P1: So you are an abc Engineer (designation). Ah that guy who came in some time back was also the same. (Decided not to ask me the ramayan about the job profile as I am sure the "other guy" would have already told him, and by 13 interviews they might have got terribly fed up)
P1: (Reading from the printout of my form) Poetry....hmm....Mr. Poet.
P2: Which languages do you write in?
M: Mostly English.
P1: Photography? Which camera do you have?
M: Minolta.
P1: Digital?
M: Not digital. But it has zoom lens and great quality. I don't get the feel of good photography with digital cameras.
P1: Which model is it? SLR?
M: No sir. I don't remember the model but it is not SLR.
I got this interest from my father who was an amateur photographer. He had a few photos published in magazines, newspapers. He has taught me a few tips and tricks.
P1: Who else is in your family?
M: Blah...
P1: You will come to Kharagpur? You will stay alone?
M: I have stayed alone for 3 n half years (details), so I think I can adjust.

P1: Wow, tum kya nahi karte ho.....(Noting down a couple of things that I mentioned in the extra curriculars sheet, in his notepad)....Igggg (society)?
M: I was an event coordinator of the society as well as its most active participant in college.
P1: .......bbbing, cccing, ddding, trekking
M: (Smiling) Sir this could be a reason why I didn't get so many marks during graduation. (Serious) The trekking passion started after I joined xxx company. We got many opportunities there.
P1: What about reading?
M: Yes. (Went on to name the last 2-3 fiction books that I had read, almost forgetting the name of one author, but recollecting it before it was too late).
P1: (Showed some knowledge about one of the fiction authors that I mentioned, then quickly moved on). What about non-fiction? Do you read any?
M: I am currently reading India Unbound by Gurcharan Das. (Details about the book in one line).
P1: What does Gurcharan Das do?
M: (Lost a point there, as I haven't researched about him, and haven't reached that part of the book yet )
P1: He was the CEO of xyz company, then he quit and became an author and what not.
M: Nodding.
P1 and P2: Ok that's it. Thank you. (long pause, then almost half willing....) Would you like to ask us something?
M: (Had framed the question after their ppt) I wanted to ask you that you have a 6 month project.....people coming from engineering background, many opting for different kinds of roles, like HR.....So how does the company trust the student for a 6 month job?
P1: (Went on for a minute. Began with how MBA students are serious, are looking for a change in job/profile. Ended with an example of a student who had got a ppo for an HR role in a biggie company last time around after his 6 month stint).

Overall an ok interview except for that mistake, but it did not deviate from the weird pattern of my interviews. 4th interview in a row that did not have "Why MBA?" "Tell me something about yourself". I am seriously thinking about changing the way I fill forms/sops .
Well these cliche questions were not asked to many today, only 3-4 candidates that I can recall. I do remember someone being asked about Entrepreneurship (I am guessing they picked it up, as usual, from his SOP). Psssst..there was a certain Pagalguy creature in our batch :D...a certain ModSaurus

Regarding document verification, absolutely none happened. One of my batchmates asked this at the end of his interview. They looked at his call letter, saw the list of documents required, then said that they don't need to look at anything. But just to be on the safe side, it is better to carry all the certificates just in case you need to substantiate something.

Oh MAN, u had a gr interview.
do u know what Panel u were with.
Just asking for some reasons.

I was with panel B

Hie!! Had my VGSoM GD and Interview at IITSoM in the morning batch.

GD :eh:
It was a Case study, 10 mins to read, 1 min per person to speak followed by 10 mins of Group Discussion. I would rather term '17' as a crowd discussion rather than group discussion. 😐 Anyways, was okayish. My contribution was okayish. Nothing to lavish, nor dismal.


Panel - B.
P1 - Panelist 1 (10 months at VGSoM - Accounts and Finance)
P2 - Prof. Sinha (24 years in Industry followed by 5.5 years at VGSoM - Operations and SCM)

I enter the room, Prof. Sinha asked me to sit.
Me - Good Afternoon.
P2 - Good Afternoon. seems you had a long wait! (I was last to go in from the morning batch)
Me - Yeah, sure was.
P1 - Hmm. tell me about yourself.
Me - Blah blah ....
P2 - Ok ... now you have claimed all this work-ex? How? Tell me, what did you do at Om Computer Systems?
Me - It is my company. Founding partner.
P1 - Who were your clients? When did you start it?
Me - Blah blah ....
P2 - So, interesting, you are an entrepreneur. So, what are you currently doing?
Me - Siemens, Indian, AG, etc.
P2 - Hmm. So, where in Germany do you stay?
Me - Nuremberg.
P2 - What is Nuremberg famous for?
Me - Nuremberger and Nuremberg trials.
P2 - What is Nuremberg trials?
Me - Trials on the Nazi regime after WW2 were held in Nuremberg by the international tribunal for war crimes. Since then, they have come to be known as Nuremberg trials.
P2 - And, what is Nuremberger, never heard about it!
Me - A pie. With dry fruits and resins. :)
P2 - Ok, next, what did you do at IMS?
Me - Part-time faculty for QA and DI.
P1 - So, you like statistics a lot.
Me - Yeah, a little bit, yes. (Although with his Fin background I thought I was in for trouble, just then, Prof. Sinha jumped to my rescue. )
P2 - So, what do you do at
Me - Moderator.
P2 - Hmm.
P1 - So, what are your interests?
Me - Hmm ... Logical Reasoning, Puzzles, Stock Markets.
P1 - Hmm. What kind of investor you are?
Me - Long term.
P1 - Define Long term.
Me - 1 year + .
P1 - Ohh! Then, because of the recent fall in markets, you would not have been effected.
Me - :eh: Everyone is effected! The only difference is, I can sleep at night!
P1 and P2 -
P2 - Hmm. Interesting profile. So, tell me, any other calls?
Me - No. Havent applied elsewhere.
P2 - Why?
Me - Blah blah .. which only you and IIMA offer!
P2 - Hmm. Ya.. that's true.
P1 and P2 look at each other. Blank faces. Nothing more to ask. Thank you and All the best.
Me - Good day!

Roughly 12-15 mins interview. I was happy. Now, I don't know how they would rate it! :)

All the best to all! 😃

Had my VGSOM GDPI today at SJSOM .........

The reporting time was 8:00(were asked to report half an hour b4 8!!!)...but the process started at 8:45. Mr. Gautam Sinha faculty of VGSOM with 25 years in the industry did give a very informative presentation about VGSOM........

The GD started at 9:15....we were 17 guys in one group....two blokes decided against we were 15 for the GD....The GD was a case study based wherein a US based liquor company is facing problem in booking profits because of increase in distribution cost....the case had many other angles like some states allowing free availability of liquor while some controlling liquor trade....

we were given 5 min to prepare our points....then each one was supposed to speak for a min (la extempore)....i was the first person asked to speak:lookroun:....guess i did welll....we overall had a good GD...didnt turn into a fish market.........


Had Mr. Sinha(S) as one of the panelist...the other seemed junior(J) to Mr.Sinha....and me Vendetta(V)

S: What all calls u have?
V: blah blah

S: So u have work ex in xyz company... how is the company doing...which dept u r from...
V: blah

S: hmm things surely have changed since my days in ur compny?
V: sir did u work for xyz company?

S: smiles ......1978....long back...
V: :-P

(i guess this was the ice breaker..l8r on it was cool)

S: so what drives you in life my son?
V: reading....basically current affairs...

S: so whats happening in Sri lanka?
V: explained abt the Karuna and Prabakaran faction....imminent declaration of war by Mahindra Rajapaksa on the peace truce negotiated by the norwegian peace convoy has failed.......blah....

J: so who do u think will be victorious?
V: depends...if some nations esp India help SL....then LTTE may be defeated...

S: what needs to be done by India?
V: increase patrolling on Tamil nadu Coastal area.....

S: what is it called?
V: Palk Strait

S: so what kind of books u read?
V: blah....

S: tell me something abt Fountain Head?
V: blah....theory of objectivism....blah....

J: so tell me the news in ET editorial page yest?
V::crazyeye:...sorry sir cant recall

J: PPP...does it ring any bell?
V: Purchasing Power Parity.....:lookroun:

J: Nope.....
S: Pakistan Peoples Party?
V: I give up...

J: (triumphantly) public private partnership....
V: oops yeah...sorry couldnt remeber.....

S: its was nice meeting u....
J: smiles.....
V: thank you sir...(looked at both)

over all a chilled interview....the faculty were extremely cordial.....never felt like am in a midst of an interview.....all the best to others!!!

My profile

JMET Rank 173
10th -- 90%
12th -- 78%
BE -- 61.28% (till 7th sem)

We were called in the SJMSOM IIT B at 7:30 but the proceedings began only at 8:30. First we were given a presentation on VGSOM by some professor of VGSOM.
After this we were given our group numbers. 17 people in my GD group.(MY god 😞 , fish market is inevitable)

Fortunately or Unfortunately I was sitting on the same chair and in the same room as my place in IIT B interview:xmas: . (What kind of message is this God). The GD was a case study of a cable company having operations in 3 place and a fourth was also taken over in tuscan, But the tuscan one was not performing well. The were several more facts given to analyze the situation in detail.
We were given 1 min each to speak on the situation. (This was a disaster for people sitting at the end, still I think they managed to come up with some new perspectives) .
After speaking for 1 min each, we had a GD on the same case for 10 min. 1 of the guys in this made 10 entries (if there was credit for this he could have got selected before giving the PI, if). At the end they asked us to write 3 take aways from the GD.

I made 4 entries. I hope the panelist have noticed me..

The panel for the interview was the same as for the GD.

P1: Dean of VGSOM
P2: A silent observer (Professor from VGSOM)
M: Me of course

M: may I come in
P1: Yes please

P1: Anvay how many siblings do u have
M: answered

P1: So is ur father in Business or service
M : gave him

P1 : where did u do ur schooling from?
M: Blah blah

P1: What do u think about global warming
M: (Thank God, this was not technical:grin:) gave him

P1:What are its causes?
M: gave him
P1: what is being done
M gave him

P1: what is ur goal in life
M: blah. Blah.

P1: what do u think about this years budget?
M: blah blah

P1: do u have other calls
M: yes but only from JMET

P1: what will u join
M: will decide once the results come out

P1: how will MBA help u?
M : blah .. blah..

P1: do u want to ask us anything?
M: No.

P1: U can go

It was a pretty cool interview (I dont know what this means , are they not interested). Fortunately no technical questions were asked. I am keeping my fingers the way some of the panels were asking technical questions.

My GD/PI was scheduled on 03 March topic of GD was same as mentioned in previous post however, there was no fish market in my group (thank god for that . . . ). I made 4-5 entries apart from 1 minute initiation that was mandatory for everyone. I introduced two new points other guys took those points forward. Overall I rate my GD as 6/10

Below are PI details

P1: Prof who gave presentation
P2: Accounts and finance prof

P1: So another one from same company, are they not treating you well
(actually another guy from my office was in same group)
Me: (smiling :grin:) No sir they are treating us well but I just want to icrease my horizons

P1: So you are a telecom engineer ...tell me whats the frequency of waves used in microwave
Me: Sir I don't remember the exact range but its in MHz.

P1: You must have asked the guys who came here before
Me: No sir I have a reason, blah blah ...

P1: So how does microwave heat the substance
Me: No idea sir :(:(

P1: Tell me if two ships need to talk under water what freq will they use
Me: told

P2: some more question on same line
Me: tried to explain

P1: So Rohit what do you do at your free time
Me: Sportsman

P1: What was the high time of your career as sportsman
Me: Told

P1: Did you played for your college
Me: no, but I played for my branch

P2: Are you a member of your office team
Me: No, I prefer jogging nowadays

P1: What books did you read recently
Me: Told

P2: Apart from loan waiver tell me something from budget which will aggect your life
Me: Told two main headings which I think will affect me

P1: Something from budget that will affect your company
Me: IT company tax exemption sunset clause

P2: Is your company under STPI
Me: told

P1: Which book you read recently
Me: told

P2: Why that one
Me: Because its not a fiction ... its something we see daily but never recognize it

P1: Reading my surname .... do you belong to Punjab?
Me: Yes sir

P1: So how is pune ... facing any problem coz of recent incidents?
Me: No, its just political common man does nto want to disturb anyone

P2: You told about jogging, how many kilometers
Me: told

P2: Why more on weekends I thought people sleep on weekends
Me: sir I jog in evening so strech myself a bit on weekends as I don't have to wakeup early next morning

Ok it was nice talking to you

Thanks sir

Hi everyone...!

About me-
B.E. - (Electronics) - CPI = 9.12 (on a scale of 10), gold+silver medal(which i forgt 2 highlight) ( Sardar Patel Uni.)
JMET rank-467
FRESHER(in the final sem)

Venue-SJMSOM-3rd mar..

I must begin with some criticism about the arrangements. We were given a reporting time of 8am and told to reach atleast half an hour early i.e. 730. I reached at 645 with all my luggage. Expected a waiting room atleast. I was the 2nd one to reach there. We stood outside SJMSOM with no representative from VGSOM till 8.30. Finally, a professor from VGSOM arrived and we were settled into a room where a short presentation followed. We all were really impressed by the address of the dean.

The case study had 17 ppl, and they expected no fish market......!:robot: Well, our group was lucky, we had no fish market. First, each one had to speak on the case and then a short discussion followed.

Now for the interesting interview..
panel-R- Mr. Gautam Sinha( if i correctly remember the name)- huge experience in operations
L- Dont remember the name, but he was from Finance.

me- May i come in sir..?
R- ya, plz, have a seat..
R-So, Kaushal Vyas.... Tell us abt urself.
m-told, and interrupted on academics.
R- 9.17 CPI...!
m- now it is 9.12.( he was plotting a graph in thin air taking my 10th 12th n BE scores)
R- from where are u doin ur grad..?
R- so do u remember ur subjects..?
L- He is in the final year, so he must..
R- No no, every one says that they don not remember much..
me- I remember them sir..
R- what happens in this microwave oven..?
me- Sir i can tell u abt microwaves but not the working of this oven..
Told abt microwaves, their freq and devices used.
R- Ok temme abt the communication in these satellites.
me- told, but he was not ready to accept my answers, dunno why..? And told me to check my knowledge again. I think he was trying to stress me out..
R- Ok, do u know abt this Thyratron, sry thyristor..?
me- told, on which he counter questioned and was satisfied this time.
R- Ok, i have asked this to many but not got the ans. But u look to be the lucky one.. What is the frequency in the submarine communication..?
me- I told that it must be in Mhz or Ghz.
R- Not ready to accept, it is 40 hz. check the websites and come to me( Ok, i ve checked it out and it is very low,
L- So u have made some project..?
me- told abt it and offered to draw the block diagram..
R- I m fro mech and he from finance, so we wont understand it..

They were almost abt to finish the intrvw, when i jumped in with
Sir, i want to do an MBA because i want to become an entrepreneur in solar energy. Can i elaborat it rt now...?
R- (looking at his watch) Ok, go ahead..
me- started and interrupted-
R- ok ok, but what do u wanna do..?
me- told..
R- but that is very expensive..
me- told abt the cost and was asked abt finding the cost of electrifying the interview room with my projections..
me- gave the cost but mad a little blunder which eventually corrected.( i quoted $3 mn per KW, which was actually $3 mn per MW)
R tried to stress me out with things like- u need to go out there and then learn.
I came up with alternatives for his every contention and so was finally told that
R- oK we can continue that afterwards, rite nw v need to complete this work, when r u leaving, can u come afterwards..?
me- Sir, i have a train to catch after some time..
me-It was nice meeting u sirs, thnk u..
R,L- Twas nice meeting u too...

Some one else was askd abt Israeli-palestine conflict( because he said that he was following it), some one abt football( again fishing the intvw), abt plans 30 yrs down the line....
Perhaps i was the only one in the morning batch with no work-ex. and also the youngest...
I thought it was kind of good, but still don't knw wat to xpct - thanks to my blunders in that submarine case and stating a distorted figure in the entpnshp ques.

Seniors, if u can, plz throw ur comments abt it..

ATB to the other puys for their intvw....

well hi everyone ,my interview was on 8th 8am at VGSOM,KGP.
My profile
10th 93%(AISSE TOPPER of school)
12th 92%
Engg 78% FRESHER
case study was on a canadian logging company which takes land on lease.It has a product mix of 2*4'and 2*8' logs.The 2*8' logs earn more revenue.
It is given that -
(sry i dont remember the entire thing)
1.Land is leased for 99 years.
2.Profit depends on revenue.
3.The land they have got is quite productive,and they hav good quality of trees which produce a good amout of 2*8' boards.

The company is making a lot of money..
1.why is the company making money??
2.Is it sustainable??
3.Is it replicable??
we were asked to speak in order for 1 min..then there was a gd onit for 10 mins...
overall it went all right.:xmas:

Now coming to my PI
I was in panel 5,there were 3 profs in my panel all from VGSOM.
1 very smart lady teaching finance i guess P1,one marketing prof P2,one HR prof P3

Entering -
P3-Take ur seat...
Me-Thank u sir..
P2-Tell me abt urself
Me-blah blah...
P2-why being a lady u chose mechanical engineering and how will u connect mechanical engineering with MBA??
P2-u like automobiles
Me-yes sir
P2-ok if there will b no petrol left what will be the alternative
ME-told abt solar cars,then can try bio fuels n all explained...seemed lil happy n interested...
P2-ok incase we hav to use tidal,solar and water ...can we use??
ME-told ..i guess im answered it rather examples n latest growth in this field...
P1 was goin thru my SOP..
P1-u said u like much hav u scored in ur maths paper...
show me ur marksheet...
Me-showed(thank god i hav a very good score,i guess dat made her lil sad)
P2-ok prove that anything to the power 0is 1..
Me-{her expressions were such that i forgot this basic maths also)
she did it for me....i said ya..thanx...gave a sweet smile
P3-what is marketing??
Me-told....n told about the 4 Ps of marketing..
P1-who told about 4 ps??
Me-cant recollect....
P3-what is the difference between product and service??
Me-tried explaining with example..
P3-put it into words..
ME-told...n put a good point..
P1-u said u liked automobiles...y carburettors are not uysed these days why fuel injection system??
Me-tried explaing...
she inturruped..was not convinced....
asked me about a compressor in a refrigerator...
Me-told .....
(later i came n chked my text,i was correct...probably she was trying to stress me a bit)
P2-what do u think abt the faculties here??
Me-told something he can never forget in his life...
P2-what is TQM??
P2-asked to draw some diagram in TQM??
me-sir i have never heard of it...
P2-u have been AISSE topper??
ME-yes sir...
P2-tell me abt t scholarship u get??
P3-have u heard abt reva car??
Me-yes sir....its a small car segment car..
P3-do u watch movies??
Me-yes sir a lot....
P3-so u r an outgoin personaliy??
me-told something...n told i dance...
P2 looked interested-which dance??
P2-who is the most famous odissi dancer??
P2-good n in ladies...
Me-told....n told that even foriegners r interested..told abt a foreigner lady who dances...i cud just tell her name n not t surname..
P1-her full name...
Me-madam it is a very hard to pronounce name...i cant recollect...
she smiled....
P3-asked where all i have been n all...
P3-what does ur father do??
P3-asked about geology...
P2-u hav any other calls??
me-had my ximb interview yesterday...
P2-how much in xat u need to score for gettin ximb call??
me-told n told tht orissa domicile students need a bit less marks...
P2-he asked me which one will i choose??
P2-why??ximb is in ur home city...
Me...gave him all gyan...told iit brand is very imp..then vgsom has been doin very well n all..told i hav done my engg from i want to study in a place with people from more diveerse places come,n in ximb again like my engg u hav lots of
P3-u know both P1 n P2 are oriyas..
Me-sir even i am oriya..i hav no problems with them..but during studies probably i wud like it with people frm all backgrounds...
P1-any questions??
Me-no madam....thank u...
she was still hoding my folder...
me-madam my folder...P1-so how much hav u scored in ur engg??
P2-ur university doent give much marks i think..u hav scored well ....
(i think he liked me )
P2-how ant faculties in ur college??
P1-oh ok....
P1-ok thank u.....
Me-thank u sir...
still P1 had my folder
me-madam my folder??
P1-oh sry..
she gave me..
Me-thank u madam....

It was a bit lengthy for me..but i guess it went well....

I was given slot on 14 Mar 1pm but I already have MDI interview at that time. I mailed VGSOM to shift me on morning slot same day .But there is no positive response from them as of now. Can I attend it on morning slot same day ? I don't have other option as MDI is not ready to change its slot.

Venue: IIT KGP
Date: 08th march, 2008
Time: 13:00

I reached at IIT KGP on 7th of March and let me tell you that the process was very well organized and seniors were really helpful. Special thanks to Mandaar,Vandana, Pankaj and all others.

I reached at VGSOM at the scheduled time and the process that was scheduled to start at 13.00 got late because Profs were busy in giving tough time to the morning slot candidates. However at 13.30 the process started with the small presentation about VGSOM given by the seniors.
After the presentation we were divided in groups and my bad luck was so bad that I got the first number in GD/PI.
Whatever MANDAR was the coordinator of my group and he directed us towards the Panel 1.


P1 A finance prof in late 30s passed out from VGSOM itself in 1994
P2- Dean of IIT KGP, a finance prof ( A real shooter)
P3- A lady in late 40s , economics prof
P4- an old man in late 60s,Former director of IIT KGP popularly known as Big Dady of IIT KGP. Seniors tolds us about him that unki aankhon se apne aap ko bachana mushkil hi nahi namunkin hai

We went inside and were told to sit as per our numberings. As I was the first one so I was a bit nervous.
Then we were given a case study about a company whose products were of highest quality in the market but still it had the lowest share. Not going in much details of it.
The profs told us in the beginning itself please make sure that it is a group discussion and you will be marked as per your team performance. So it was a very healthy and no fish market discussion.
Then it was my turn for PI. I entered into the room and greeted them.
P2 How is the process at IIT KGP
Me- Gyan
P2- When did you reach at IIT kGP
ME- sir yesterday at 7.00 ( I knew it was an ice breaker, The tough ones are about to come)
P2- Please tell me about yourself
Me- (thanks god after giving three interviews this was my fourth one and believe me this was the first time when I was asked this question) I just sold myself telling everything
P2- you told tht you were carom champion in college
Me- yes sir
P2- Then tell me the name of two international carom teams
Me- Clean bowled:confused:
P2- Ok no problem you told that you were member of college cricket team. Whom you like most in cricket?
Me- MSD sir because of its leadership blah blah..
P2 seems convinced But now he bowled a bouncer again
P2- Do you know balance sheet ?
Me- Yes
P2- what are the things in Balance sheet? What about annual report? Profit loss statement?
Me- answered (P2 seems convinced..)
P2- what is happening in INDIA these days? Then some tech questions..
Then all of asudden P3 came in between
P3- Ohhh you have written a lot of big things in your SOP(like Hedging,Forex market etc..)
Me- inturrepted in between and told him about my plans
P3- Ok
P2- do you know what is quantitative model?
Me- never heard..
P2- do you know what is a model? Then What are softwwares model? SDLCs? Etc
Me- gyaan..
P1 Your SOP says you are good in quants ? what made you think like this?
Me- blah bah blah
P1- ok tell me what is the difference between a differential equation and a difference equaion?
Me- explained him Differential equation but what is difference equation I never heard this?
P1- ok
P3- given a chance will you go back to IT industry after finishing your MBA?
Me gyaan
Thn it was the time Big daddy came..
P4- you told that your dad is an industrialist and you plan to join him after doing your MBA ?
Me yes
P4- then tell me how a MBA degree can help you in doing that?
Me- gyaan gain..

After this question they exchanged looks with each other and gestured that they are finished.
P2 Do you have anything to ask from us?
Me- Yes sir. VGSOM offers a 6 month internship which is very unique compared to other IITs or B school. Sir I want to know what is the industry perception abut it. Do they encourage it or against it?
P2 & P3 can you be more specific?
Me- sir I want to know that during Final placements is there any discrimination between a 6 month internship guy and the one didnt go for it?
P2 and P3 explained this to me.
P1- What you think about it? It should be there or not?
Me- Off course sir and some Gyaan why it should be there

Panel ok dear thanks a lot . You may leave now.
Me- Thank you sir.

I came out happily as this was the first time my interview lasted for around 25-30 min.
Really no idea how they perceived it? Comments awaited

Hi puys,

Just finished my VGSOM GD/PI at IISc Bangalore.

JMET RanK: 864
B.E: 79.26

20 months work ex in IT

We first had a case study which was about some firm performing badly, profits on the decline etc. The case was to provide betters ways to motivate employees and provide better compensation.

Interview: There were two professors

Here are some of the questions I was asked...

1. Introduce yourself
2. Tell about work in IT
3. Why MBA
4. Did U learn any mgmt subject in Engg

I said Managerial economics and financial accounting

5. What is supply demand relation?
6. What is Break even point
7. What is meant by payback
8. What are the diff methods of payback? which is better payback or NPV method?
9. What is balance sheet? components of balance sheet?
10. They asked me what else I learnt in accounting? i said Ratio analysis, fund flow cash flow

11. Then I asked how to conduct fund flow cash flow analysis? ( I passed this question)

12. Then they went to sports(Phew!). I said I love cricket and tennis

13. role model in sports
14. IPL - pros and cons

End of Interview.

Overall I am happy with my performance.

All the best to all puys who have their VGSOM interviews!!!

Thanks and regards,

Any idea on when the results come out?

MachiaVelli Says
Any idea on when the results come out?

As communicated by the seniors i think the result will come at around second week of aprill
Seniors please correct me if i am wrong.