Vanderbilt Owen 2008-2009

I have submitted Vandy app for Early Action and eagerly awaiting the results this Friday. Has anyone received the result yet?

I have submitted Vandy app for Early Action and eagerly awaiting the results this Friday. Has anyone received the result yet?


I have just received an admit with 20000 scholarship. (i'm trying to figure out if it is for each year or in total)

Congrats man !! This is great news. 😃 How did you receive the decision? Was it through mail?

Thanks.....Yes I received the decision by email..All the best for ur results mate!!

hitesh congrats ...... can you please share your profile and interview experience

Hi Raj,

Profile: GMAT 720, WE: 4 yrs by sep 2009 (IT), acads: lower average, EC: average
Interiew was by Courtney (telephonic). Interview questions were mostly general: Why MBA, Why now, Why Owen, What specializations will u take up at Owen, difficult situation in office and how did u deal with it.
Interview was very cool....seems to be a nice lady, Courtney.

Congrats Hitesh!!


This thread is so quiet.. seems there are not many applying to Vandy this fall.. or are there?

Hitesh, congrazz on your admit !!

Can you (or other people who have submitted the Owen app) help me with two queries?

1- I cannot see any question on any page in the online app, where I can upload my resume. Where do we have to do it? Or do they not ask it at all? What did you guys do?

2- In the "preliminary declaration of finances", we just have to make a declaration right now, correct? That is, we don't have to submit any proofs, we just have to say that we will get funds from so-and-so source (among the given types).. please confirm

Thanks and best regards,

Hi Rahul,

I think there is a section where u are asked to submit your resume. I am not sure where, but I'm sure there is a section. Just go through the application carefully, u should be able to find it.

Yes, you do not need to submit any proofs right now - just mention the source of funds.

Hi All,

Just had my interview with Lauren Rowe.. It only had the usual questions - resume walk, why did you leave past company, cross-cultural experiences, why MBA, post-MBA goals and how you might best serve them..

But I'm getting mixed feelings about it.. I don't know if it went well or not 😞 In particular, she did not respond with a lot of enthusiasm to the questions I asked her - about entrepreneurship opportunities, VC funding, taking classes outside Owen.. I would advise interviewees to really come up with more distinctive questions..


Hitesh (or any other 2009 admitted student), can u please tell me how many days after the interview did u receive your admits? Or was it on the decision deadline only? Thanks.


Hi Rahul..I applied for the early decision round. I interviewed on the 30th of October and recieved my decision on November 21st - which was stated as the last day decisions for that round would be sent out. All the best


My name is vignesh and I am a first year MBA student at Owen. If any of you need any help or info regarding the school or placements shoot me an email at [email protected]. Will be glad to help you out.

all the best



Hey guys,

I applied on Jan 5, interviewed on Jan 20 and haven't heard anything back from Owen.. Looks like a long time..

I know the decision deadline is 6th March, but I thought Vanderbilt has rolling decisions.. and many January applicants in BW forums have received admits already.. Does it have to do with us being international applicants?

Vignesh, thanks for your offer of help.. would you have an insider's take on this (my post above)? 😃

Hey Guys

I am Sundar and I too got an admit yesterday from Vandy with scholarship.
Profile: 680/BE/Marketing/Decent acads.
I met Consuela Knox at Bangalore (I am from Chennai) during MBA tour and gave my pre application interview.
I submitted my application in 1st week of Jan without TOEFL. I had no interview after that. Got my TOEFL score on 4th Feb 09 and decision on admit yesterday.

Please feel free to mail me at [email protected]

So I can see Hitesh gas got an admit. anybody else? May be admitted students can discuss about funding etc.

Btw, Mr. Vignesh - very kind of you !


Congrazz Sundar !! How much schol have you received? And how were you notified of the admit decision?

Hey Rahul
Its 20K USD per year !

Hi Guys, I got an admit to vanderbilt too ! :-)

But much to my dismay, I can't see any mention of scholarship anywhere.. I was rather hoping I'd get schol from Vandy.. :-(

I have got one automated mail with the subject "your application status" which mentions the admit.. Sundar and Hitesh, can you tell me if your schol offers were also mentioned in that mail only? Or did you get another mail for that? Is schol offer mentioned somewhere in the online app status?