US NEWS- B School Ranking-2007

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Masala Dosa Says

wot the hell is this supposed to mean????

hello... whats the purpose of this thread?????

I think he meant April fool

mods please close this thread, this is actually more than spamming.

I dont know what the person who started this thread wanted to post, but Official US news rankings will be out on April 1st (yeah ).

Here is the unofficial version of the same (from BW forums):
1. Harvard
2. Stanford
3. Wharton
4. (tie) MIT
4. Kellogg
6. Chicago
7. (tie) Columbia
7. Haas
9. Dartmouth
10. UCLA
11. (tie) Duke
11. Michigan
13. (tie) NYU
13. UVA
15. Yale
16. (tie) Carnegie
16. Cornell
18. (tie) Emory
18. UT-Austin
20. UNC
21. Purdue
22. Ohio State
23 (tie) IU-Kelley
23. Michigan State
23. Minnesota
26. (tie) Rochester
26. Wash. U. St. Louis
28. Illinois
29. (tie) USC
29. U. Wash
31. (tie) Texas A&M;
31. Notre Dame
31. U Wisc-Madison
34. (tie) ASU
34. BYU
34. Georgetown
34. Ga. Tech

Yello guys
i didnt mean any April fool
one of u have posted the ranking
i saw it on BW and downaloaded the PDF file
damn its too big
6.2 MB
may be it didnt get uploaded to this forum