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This thread is exclusively made for daily quizzes based on current affairs and Static Gk to target GS Paper I in UPSC 2016 Prelims. In this thread we will post quizzes on daily basis with proper solutions.

Which of the following book is written by Bhasa?

  • Svapnavasavadatta
  • Amarakosha
  • Madhyama Vyayoga
  • Karnabharam

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Which of the following day is celebrated as World Theater Day globally?

Which of the following statements are true regarding the 63rd National Awards?

Statement 1: Amitabh Bachchan bagged the Best Actor award for his performance in the film 'Piku.'

Statement 2: The Best Actress award was won by Kangana Ranaut for Tanu weds Manu returns.

Statement 3: 'Bahubali' won the Best Popular Film award.

Veteran sportsperson Johan Cruyff has recently passed away. Which of the following statements are true?

Statement 1 : He was associated with the game of Soccer.

Statement 2: He used to play for France Soccer team.

Statement 3: Cruyff won three consecutive European Cups with Ajax from 1971.

A UPSC interview question.

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hi, I had enrolled for Insights India Prelims test series..but I wont be appearing for UPSC exam.So, if anyone is interested in buying the same..they can ping far I have given only one test.

Consider the following statements.

Statement 1 : Day of Remembrance for Chemical Warfare Victims observed on 6th May every year.

Statement 2 : This day was chosen as the date for the event's celebration because the Chemical Weapons Convention entered into force on that day in 1997.

  • Both are true
  • 2 is true
  • 1 is true
  • Both are false

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@omidichwalkar @maniza.siddique u both are doing awesome work i appreciate ur work of posting GK GS CA as PCS and other competitive exam on next door these mcq's giving booster to final preparation !!!



Sorry to post here. But I plan to write UPSC 2017, did not register this year. Can anyone guide me to links with syllabus? pattern ? and old question papers?

This will be my 1st short at it.

Hello Puys,

I am a fresher and until now was preparing solo for the govt exams like SSC/Bank POs etc. I had cleared a few prelims last year but the final conversion always remained a far cry.

Hence, I am planning to join a coaching institute to give myself that final edge...!!!

Can any of you help and guide me which institute will be best in Thane/Dombivli(Mumbai) area to serve my needs...??

Any related suggestion and tips are more than wlkm... 

Thanks in advance.. 

Assertion (A): The person with diabetes insipidus feels thirsty.

Reason (R): A person with diabetes insipidus suffers from excess secretion of vasopressin.

  • Both A and R are true but R is not the correct explanation of A.
  • Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A.
  • A is false but R is true.
  • A is true but R is false

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Hi Puys, Check your important feed from "The Hindu" newspaper daily


allahabad high court cancelled the result of uppcs pre 2016

UPPSC 2016 Pre रद्द - अब क्या होगा ? Prelims Result Cancelled by Allahabad HC.

 Hey Puys, follow the thread for Important Editorial article for subjective preparation. 

Hi Puys, Check your important feed from "The Hindu" newspaper daily. 

Session Of Newspaper Ananlysis by Mr Sahil Goyal - Trented

IAS Examination Preparations Videos Online - Trented

 Guys you can also join this thread for daily updates covering major topics from The Hindu. It will surely be helpful in your preparation.