UPSC 2015 preparation diary

2maro onwards will start preparation of upsc, Will start with basics and the hindu

2maro onwards will start preparation of upsc, 

Will start with basics and the hindu 

date 05/8/14


chapter 1 of indian economy by ramesh singh.

the hindu ( today d editor article was about role of indian solider in world war 1. ) 

took cgl english test.

mensuration 2 part done. 


the hindu.

economy chapter 2

ssc cgl math and english test

the hindu only 

the hindu only..

some ssc stuff

the hindu...

math test..

and tringo and algbra 

the hindu..

math and english test.

one word and direct indirect. 

heyy puys ! just help me out by telling which coaching instiute is better and which has THE BEST FACULTY FOR GS  (pre and mains ) and what are the things to be kept in mind while selecting an instiute ??

heyy !! can any1 tell should i opt CIVIL ENGG as optional or not \???  

i am also looking for peeps who opted for civil engg as optional !

bhai log preparation start karen :?

Give me the ans of following question 

1. In what cases or scenario  carbon mono oxide, carbon di oxide , Nitrogen or sulfur oxides emits . 

guys it is starts come post any kind of doubt or topic one is going through for UPSC 2015 , me too a candidate for 2 k15 

1. what are reasons of failure of swadshi movement of 1903-08 ??

2. reasons of failure of 1857 movement ?

3. Reasons for failure of Non cooperation movement 1920-22

What is Judicial review ? and How our Judicial review is different from UK and US , quote some example of Judicial review w.r.t Fundamental right and DPSP in India.  

Differentiate b/w the ( civil rebellions and Tribal uprising ) Vs peasant movement highlighting their major revolts  ??? 

Explain the process of appointment , tenure  and removal  of following constitutional bodies , 

1. Election commissioner 


3. Attorney General 

4. CAG 

5. Finance commission 

6. Advocate General of state 

1. Explain why monetary policy of India remain fails to control inflation ? 

Guys can we plan for 2k15 , for me It will be first attempt,  a working profession ,

Only for General studies

Till Nov (With notes making ) ( Cant neglect Hindu +

1. History (NCERT + Bipin Chandra + Vaji ram Hand out (VHO )

2. Eco (NCERT + Ramesh Singh +VHO + Eco survey  )

3. Poility ( NCERT + M laximkant + VHO )

4. Geography   (NCERT + Hussain + VHO)

ARC report + Topic wise (line by line scrutiny of syllabus form month of December ) 

will join any Test series  in jan .... in my intake if any one interested then can sub divide the syllabus  

1. Challenges of Subsidy in India with respect to Agriculture sector ?

2. Discuss how movement of 1903-08 was a mass movement and developed a feeling a nationality among Indian.

Guys anybody preparing for UPSC in Gurgaon, pls msg me.

Among the following constitutional body answer the question given below.

1. Finance commission

2. Election commission


4. Human Right commission

5. National Commission of SC

6. National Commission for ST

7. Special officer for linguistic Minorities

8. Attorney General

9. Advocate General

10. CAG

Q1. Who all get their salary from consolidated fund of India?

Q2. Who are appointed under pleasure of president (as their removal process is not mention in constitution)?

Q3.  Whose qualification for appointment is not mention in constitution?

Q4. Who all are from the beginning (Draft of Constitution) and who all are created Via Constitutional amendment?

Q5, among above given bodies whose removal are based on resolution via special majority in parliament

Q6. Among above whose removal based after review of SC which is binding to president?