University Of Washington B-School R2 Applicants

Any R2 applicants for University Of Washington B-School ??? Please share your interview experiences…!!! Can anybody please suggest about their interviews questions…and what is generally expected of an applicant ??

Any R2 applicants for University Of Washington B-School ???

Please share your interview experiences...!!!!!!!

Can anybody please suggest about their interviews questions....and what is generally expected of an applicant ??

hey mandeepsingh, I have applied in R2 to Washington Univ. Havent heard anythin frm they? did u get an interview call? whts ur profile like ?

I scored 680 in my GMAT and hav 5yrs engg exp in telecomm.

how do we check the status of our application? is there some web-link or we simply wait fr their mails?

You will receive a mail from them for interview invitation..
Me too applied in R2 and just received an interview invite from them 2 days b4.

My Profile :
Gmat : 670
Exp : 3.5 yrs (IT/Telecom/Supply Chain Management)

All the best !!!

How is UWMBA in terms of placement for Indians(as Internationals) especially in IT sector? I heard that Seatle is host to many good IT companies and UW has the best MBA program in Washington state. Do you guys have any first hand info?

My profile: 9+ IT exp.(4+ International), GMAT 690, AWA 6.0, attended very good undergrad (Engg)Institute from India.


Didn't have any first hand knowledge about the placement scene about the internationals but yes UW has an excellent placement rate of more than 90 percent.
Yes, seattle houses many IT/Telecom companies and UW enjoys a great reputation in washington. I think its the same thing as FMS in Delhi :-)

Hope so it will be a good option....Any interview experiences please share i have mine on 16th...

All the Best to both of you !!!!

guys pls let me knw when u submitted ur applications - i havent heard from them yet. I have used a fee waiver so i was a bit concerned.

Profile - 730/5.0
3 years experience

I submitted my application on 9th Jan.

Hitesh its not OLIN its UW B-School...i think u r talking of an application fee waiver of too applied there but in 3rd deadline and that too coz...was getting an application fee waiver....

Did anybody of you have any inputs on how a formal personal interview takes place ??..

Any guidelines plzz.....:-)

oops - u r right mandeep

ne insight on olin - as in is it really worth it
i hv an interview call


u have a great GMAT so try to make use of it....for getting a tution waiver...
OLIN is a good school u should give ur best shot to the interview....

That's altogether a different issue....would u be accepting an admit from OLIN or the u already have an Admit at some other school for this coming session ???

In case u have it...then u can definitely change ur perception for OLIN....go for Top 15 nothing less than that....

All The Best !!!

Please pour in your comments for a face-to-face personal interview.....

thanks a lot mandeep

gmat score is good but the exp. is a bit low - 3yrs
i hv given the CMU interview - but thts like my top school
waiting for Austin reply

i have an HEC paris - admit
how wld u compare HEC to US b-schools ranked between 15-20

do u hv any admits yet

3 yrs are not less dear...with a 730 and decent acads u can manage an admit to darden/ross/cornell much as i know....

HEC enjoys an excellent reputation in France....but the job scene post not that good in france...(france has least employment rate in southern europe)....

CMU tepper ???? or CMU COX ???

If its tepper...than its obviously gr8 Austin too is a good bet....all the best...!!!

I'm a round 2 applicant so....waiting for the interviews ???

Please share your interview would be of gr8 help....!!!!

bhai log.....
has anybody heard from the adcomm....about R2 results....??

Have Round 2 results started pouring in...!!!...

pls. share your experiences...

Got waitlisted at Olin. I'm 690/7yrs/ IT/ decent UG/ decent extra curr/ No volunteer work
Funnily though, the interview with one of the faculty (Prof. Rao) went extremely well, he even emailed me back saying how much he enjoyed the conversation and wanted me to buy him a scoth at St. Loius... but then, interview is just one of the inputs that are taken into consideration...

What are you fols doing about the WL? Just waiting it out? I have asked a couple of my (Amru) colleagues at my office to call/ email Evan to put in a good word for me...

Well I second Hooga and I say it again Olin results has taken everyone by surprize..
In my case too the interviewer (Michelle) told me how much she enjoyed talking to me and would like to see me in Olin in fall then again I guess intervieweres have very little say in admin prcoess. they just give their inputs on the candidates..and the dean / adcom makes the decision..Olins' was the best intrvw ive had so far and when i hung up i had that punch-in-the-air kin of feeling:...well this is just to tell everyone...YOU NEVER KNOW !
all the best for ur admits and plz post here if you make it thru Olin this year (Suddenly Harvard sounds a lot sweeter and easier now 😃 )